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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 99,5

099 Raid1

Part 2




The development of the territory is going well.

The idiots of the Religion are attacked, and there was a battle at Lake Zilpen along with a follow-up battle after that, but it has no big impact on the development of the territory.

Regarding the development of the territory, aside from the knighted Peron, the first on the list would be Ud, the reward this time has been given and the situation has stabilized.

In addition to the 6 recruits from the academy, the additional 6000 from the war slaves included within the development increases the progress rapidly.

The newcomer Ignacio demonstrated his ability by operating and managing the slaves.

Ignacio is a 2-meter tall, pure-blooded Dwarf.

That Ignacio had a『Sage’s Wisdom』gift which was only known to me, Lilia, and Fillia.

The Gift is a hidden option that’s not shown on the status plate.

So I look at the gift『Sage’s Wisdom』and show them about Ignacio’s status, to tell them.

When I tell them about this, they only said「I’ve felt that somehow」.

I felt disappointed by his lack of reaction.

Ah, aside from Fillia, the reason I was telling『Sage’s Wisdom』to Lilia is because of her gift『Peerless Swords Saint』.

I mean,『Peerless Sword Saint』and『Sage’s wisdom』their the gifts that shown as the Hero’s comrade, right?

Well, although it’s not a template set, they did have some relationship.

Returning to the topic, Ignacio’s a strong and well-built man, just like his gift said, he is someone that knowledgeable. A dependable man that can say 10 things in a sitting.

Though, I feel that he’s too addicted to a woman.


There’s also Dragan that’s included within my vassal, so she was immediately sent to Brut Island as a magic tester.

Dragan is actually battling against monsters while testing the magic items or their prototype.

I also seriously argued that the act is too dangerous, but Dragan replied that the true value of a magic item can be understood by a life and death test, since no one can make a come back at that statement, they let him be since then.

Being serious about your job is good・・・


In addition, the war slaves that were given to Peron for the development of his territory also proceed.

Ud and Ignacio are the main workers in the development of Eastwood as Peron need to tend his own territory.

Peron’s territory is close towards the Bryutzel frontier in the west direction of Eastwood.

The reason I gave this land to Peron was because of the port development that’ll become handy in the future as the naval development, but before even that, the mithril vine that can be developed can make the territory richer.

Carla which is my direct subordinate and Peron, my best friend will eventually marry so they can govern it together, so I’d like to reward them as much as possible.

Federer has become a Baron, but he said that he didn’t need territory so I gave him money.


This battle resulted in Sagarashi and Cypron Kingdom’s officially under sacred

Kingdom Vandamme’s flag.  Both royals of the kingdoms were given the title of marquis by the raccoon.

In addition, the area surrounding the Geneva Fort which was successfully conquered by Count Beseth became under the Sacred Kingdom’s.

These areas were ruled by the Nation for a long time, so they resisted the sudden rule of the sacred Kingdom.

While regarding Fort Geneva, I heard that Baron Azban was the one in charge and succeed to regain his composure as the General manager. He also somehow managed to control the resisting nobles in the city of Dazm.


The general manager’s job is to monitor the new marquis of Sagarashi and Kipron, as well as to control the Saint Orion religion.

Baron Azban which was appointed as the General manager of the Fort was once a knight from the Bryutzels family under the order of my grandfather, a woman knight.

As Geneva was not only good for political standpoints it also held a military stand, which is why in her merit Baron Azban was given the Fort as her reward.

Still, since my father is the type who mind the performance, I believe she had what it takes.






「Is that for real?」


「would I get anything for telling a lie?」


In the Grandmasters’ office in the Adventurer’s Guild, I am facing the owner of the room.

This Grandmaster was a famous person in the past, but he’s already over 60 by now.

But, there’s no definition of over 60s in this world. Nor what over60s implies. (TN: Pension)

However, he still had the aura which wouldn’t decline even in age.

Such a man is frowning his eyebrows to gauge the truth in my words.


「Here’s the evidence where the Adventurer Guild’s putting the pressure towards the merchant having cooperation with the Explorer’s guild. If the Adventurer’s guild is hostile to us, We’d be taking countermeasure」


To put it simply, don’t be so cocky! I’d complain first before hitting them back.

The grandmaster seems to take this issue heavily, as he’s uninvolved.


「the adventurer’s guild was created because it’s promised to be uninvolved in any territorial dispute. It’s shameless to make partake in any since it’s becoming more profitable in an area」


「of course, it’s not like we could go to the Bruteis territory anymore」


The Grandmaster shows a bitter expression.


「then, I’d like to receive an immediate measure. I’d be expecting 3 days for the matter to be solved」


「・・・Got it」


The Grandmaster had tick marks on his forehead, though it’s not sent towards me.

There’s no need for further pressure here since I already put enough demand, it’s time for me to take my leave.


「would that be enough?」


I brought Lilia along with Filia as my escort, and she’s asked me regarding the case with the grandmaster.


「you don’t need to drive the grandmaster down. As he’s the one who keeps promise, there’s no need to make him our enemy」


「Is that so・・・」


Lilia is a Dwarven woman, that’s captured by bandits. She’s been officially my escort since the Saint Orion war.

Since the war, I’ve tasked her in the bandit extermination corps under Filia’s lead within Count Bruteis territory, of course, she’s also being tutored by my grandfather with Fillia. An as expected of the『Peerless Swordsman』which soon was given a compliment by my grandfather.

Grandfather said happily「There’s Filia and Lilia, I’m afraid there’d be 2 people that will surpass me under Christoph’s ranks 」at that time.

By the way, there are 4 people under my rank that can defeat grandfather in terms of strength and prowess, but what my grandfather said at that time was in terms of their swordsmanship.

This is also the reason why I brought Lilia along with me this time.


Then, the carriage suddenly stopped.

The escorts were surrounding the area, they all like a moving fortress which makes me unafraid of any loose arrow heading towards the carriage.

Fillia will attack as soon as she felt the hostility within, so I don’t think much about his sudden stop, so I’ll let the escorts report to me.


「there’s an overturned carriage blocking the road」


Fumu, for something like this happened in the middle of the city, how unpeaceful.


「are there any injured person?」


「it seemed to be a slave trader’s carriage, there are several slaves which packed in the loading platform injured」




Fillia looked at me with eyes filled with sadness, it may awake her traumatic memories.

Don’t look at me with such pitiful eyes.


「Fillia, Lilia’s already enough for my escort, you can go and help the carriage 」


「ye, yes!」


Fillia will be able to heal any injuries as long as they don’t lose any part, and there’s no need to be afraid of any sudden assault.

Though it’s rare for Fillia to leave my side.

Is she worried about those slaves that much?

Feeling scared, lonely, and sad, despair over her world. She seems to think that different think so much at that time.


「Milord, Fillia-sama is・・・」


「let her be for now. Meanwhile please take care of me as my escort」




tsu! ・・・What’s this? This unpleasant feeling・・・





I shouted at the same time as the slave carriage exploded.

My carriage was shaking because of the sudden explosion but no damage was made.

However, the visibility was bad outside the carriage due to the smoke.


「Milord, you can’t!」


Lilia held me from opening the doorknob.


「Release me! Fillia is」


「Milord’s safety takes the priority over Fillia」




Fillia and the escorts can’t be left as they are.

However, I feel no hostility in the surrounding area.

How is it possible・・・I don’t feel any enemies in the surrounding・・・then, how is it explodes? ・・・is it like a time bomb・・・no, it’s most likely a remotely controlled one・・・


「Lilia, I’m safe in the carriage, go and help Fillia and the other escorts!」


「I understand」


「・・・Be careful」


That is what I said towards Lilia that deny my outing.

Lilia nod and left the carriage.

There’d be no other attack, presumably. The surrounding area should be safe.

It would be nice if I could just go out and check Fillia and the others’ safety, but my position denies that option.

Fillia was injured the less, while there’s no fatal injury within the escort.

Fillia is my vessel so I can check on her condition, while the escorts are using Barrier bracelet. So, even if they’re in the epicenter, they’d at most be thrown back without serious injury.

The problem was the slaves and the surrounding people.

With this explosion, there’d be dead, and injuries.


「 Milord, Fillia-sama is safe. The escorts seem to suffer a minor injury but they are all safe. However, I just checked it briefly but there’s dozens of death・・・and fatally injured」


「I see, then, go and call Fillia」


I gave Lilia instructions to call Fillia.

Fillia then came to me with tears in terrible state・・・runny nose, and blood.

Even if I say blood, it’s not her’s but others’ blood she tried to help.


「・・・What does it mean?」


「・・・I’m very sorry」


I question Fillia with anger and answered with only one phrase.

I didn’t ask for an apology, it irritate me more.

She seems to feel my irritated state, she refuses to make eye contact with me.


「・・・I’m very sorry」


Fillia once again apologises to me, it’s not the answer I want.


「I am not asking you for that」


Yes, What I asked is that why don’t you report your safety as soon as possible.

Of course, I know she’s safe, however, even so, I want her to tell me so directly, it’s mainly my feeling.


「The, The slaves・・・the slaves was killed right in front of me・・・ they were blown into pieces like a trash・・・Hic・・・in front of me・・・Huuuuuu」


Fillia was in tears trying to kill her emotions.

Lilia was surprised as she always sees the calm Fillia who doesn’t show her feelings.


「Come here」


I call Fillia to enter the carriage but refused because she’s afraid to make the carriage dirty.

However, I forced her to enter and hug her.


「It’s not Fillia’s fault. You don’t need to blame yourself」


「Bu, But・・・I’m・・・」


That’s right, it’s not Fillia’s fault.

Whether it’s aimed for me or for another purpose, it’s the criminal’s fault.

I hugged Fillia for a while and wait for her to settle down, while Lilia keep the watch.

The escorts are checking the surroundings and the horse’s condition.


「ah, I’m sorry, I make Christoph-sama’s food dirty」


「I don’t mind, are you feeling better?」


「Yes, I’m sorry for losing myself」


Fillia then got down from the carriage and treat the injuries.

Normally my safety was prioritized, we’d go and leave this place as soon as possible. But, considering Fillia’s feelings, we prioritized the treatment for the injured and instruct the escort knight to help.

Still for the slave carriage explode by the time I passed the street is by no means a coincidence・・・


After some time passed the Kingdom’s knight took over the scene.


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