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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 100

100 Raid 2



Hidden from the stars and moon, a shadow wriggles from the darkness.

It is a darkness that’d make people lose their balance, even so, the thing still moves steadily.

On a room within the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme, the room was filled with luxury and ornated with plenty of artworks.

Even though their taste and hobby can’t be said as great, but all the ornament and arts within the room are all expensive, it can be easily seen that the owner of this room is either a noble or a wealthy merchant.

In the room, it can be seen that a slender man and a person wearing a hood and doesn’t dare to show his face is talking secretly.


「All preparation is completed」


The man in a hood said so towards the slender man with a genderless voice.


「Umu, as scheduled」


「I understand」


The words of the man is polite, however, it’s as cold as it can get. This means that the man in the hood held no respect towards the slender man.

At the end of the explanation with the slender man, the hooded man cast magic and disappeared from the spot as if he’s never been there in the first place.


「Fuuh, what a disgusting person. Still, his ability is usable. now・・・・・fufufu, hahahahaha」


The dead eyes of the slender man seem to be filled with obsession.

He holds a glass of wine while staring hollowly at the place the hooded man once was.








The royal castle of the sacred kingdom Vandamme is protected by the knights.

When the times approaching night, as the sun goes down. The magic item of torch-lit the fire and brighten the castle inside, the maids and knights inside changing their shift moving around. Not long later, there’s only the sound of the fire.

However, under the guards, multiple shadows was moving around.

Because they’re all wore black and hid their faces, it’s clear that they’re neither the knights nor the aristocrats.

Moreover, they had a sophisticated movement that enabled them to move unhindered towards within the castle.

The knights guarding the royal castle were instantly killed from behind without making a sound.


Now, within the room of the 1st prince of the sacred kingdom Vandamme, the owner of the room, Rezite von Vandamme was drinking wine before his bed.

There are only 2 maids within the crown prince’s room.

Today, the prince intends to heal his fatigue alone and sneaks a wine glass before his room.

The prince noticed a sense of discomfort before he lose consciousness, but the prince will never awake anymore.

Only the bodies of the prince with a silver dagger stuck in his heart, and the maids’ necks spurting blood left in the room.




It was the patrolling knight who noticed this anomaly.

The reason was the missing lookout that’s normally there, and the slight blood clot in the area.

He immediately blows a whistle to inform the invasion and became alert.

While the surrounding area was noisy, what the escort knight of the royal family saw were dead bodies of the royals, including the crown prince.

The total is 3.

The queen, the crown prince, and the 4th prince.

The other corpses were the maids or the knights.

The others that are their safety wasn’t confirmed as the 3 years old royal grandchild and the 5 years old 4th princess.


「What’s happening of the 2’s search!」


Akihiro von Vandamme Kosaka, the king who received the report within the large room was furious.

Not only the queen but also the crown prince who’d later succeed the throne was found dead. The national affair of this country will be a wreck.

Still, trouble like succession wouldn’t be much of a problem if the king was still alive. He’s more concerned about the 4th princess and grandson which was still missing.

It’s certain that both of them were kidnapped by the thieves at that time, and he had a nonstop headache as to how it’ll affect the kingdom.

The dignity of the sacred kingdom will be held questionable in case of the missing royals can’t be found, and it’d bring more trouble if they’re saved by another delegation as it creates disadvantageous diplomacy.

As a parent, he might seem as a ruthless person to think about prestige and diplomacy, but as a king, he needs to act like one.

He needs to prevent the worse outcome, even if he turned into a demon.


「we have issued the martial law, and prioritize the search of Belgzyme-sama and Ramilda-sama」


「no matter what, you must find the 2!」




The king can’t be as relaxed as always.

When he thought that the war in the west had concluded, the Saint Orion Nation moves in the south.

Even those before were already troublesome, this event of assassination and kidnapping of the royals smell fishy, there’s something weird in this case.


Thus, this incident didn’t take long for the nobles’ house to hear.







「Dorothy-sama・・・what’d I say to her・・・still, Dorothy-sama is alright」


Christoph’s words get stuck.

It’s prevalent that the assassins do come to her room as her maid was found dead.

However, Dorothy had the necklace given to her by Christoph. She was protected from the evil clutch.

2 of her older brother and her mother were killed. She’s almost died too, and her little sister and nephew are missing.

It’s natural for a 13 years old child to feel pained mentally.


Christoph took Dorothy’s hand and as she shed so many tears her eyes red.


「the criminal will definitely be found and judged for his crime」


Dorothy just nods silently.

Christoph was confident that the assassins that attacked him that day were connected to today’s event.

Though he had no evidence, it’s hard to not think that way.

As Christoph looks towards the tears Dorothy shed, he was determined to make the criminals pay for their crimes.






After going back from the castle, Christoph immediately summoned Carla, Peron, and Pritz and gave them their respective task.

At the same time, he warned his father Ernest to be prepared for assassination.


「no way, something like that happened in the royal capital・・・」


「Dorothy-sama must be sad・・・」


「・・・I’m glad that Christoph is safe」


Carla, Peron, and Pritz were astonished at the event that occurred in the royal capital.


「there’s no other reason I call you guys, it’s to capture the criminal」


「we don’t really mind, but we are amateur you know?」


Carla’s claim is right, there won’t be any problem if it’s a fight or a raid, but investigations are something unknown for them.

Even so, What Christoph said is to『Captuire』, and it definitely not『to search or investigates 』.


「don’t worry about that, I’ve already sent the right people to search and track the criminals. So, I’m expecting Carla and the other to get ready in case of the criminal is already identified」


「if that‘s so, you can leave it to us!」


「have you already tail the culprit?」


Christoph shakes his head towards Peron’s question.


If the one being attacked directly was him, he can eliminate the target, but, in case of another being targeted. It’s slightly more troublesome to take care of, and he can’t minimize the damages.

This time again, he can feel the importance of information. So he set up a new information division with Primera as the leader, and Jaban the beastman as her assistant along with 10 other beastmen under her.

He sighs as he thinks of the necessity to prioritize the budget allocation towards the intelligence group in the future, there’s also the need for the ANBU (TN: Black ops, also stand for assassination and tactical squad).

The intelligence team this time was provided a magic item for covert action by Christoph to support their activities.

Either way, there must be at least a traitor who hid the assassin inside the castle among the workers or nobles. Thus, his first step was to find them.


「for the time being, Carla needs to take command of the whole mansion, while Peron is on the lookout for the surrounding. Pritz will be the lookout for my Father’s mansion, while Clara will command the intelligence team」


『Roger that!』


Clara was assigned to be the top of the newly established intelligence department, while the actual top on the battlefield in Primera.

Even if the ANBU was added in the future, it’d probably still be in Clara’s command.

That’s how much Christoph trusts Clara.


After that, Christoph flew to Brynhild to give his mother, Cecilia, and his younger brother Ignatz magic items for protection he created himself and returned to the royal capital.

Of course, he didn’t forget to give the magic items to his father, and elder brother, and sister along with his little brothers and sister including his fathers’ concubine.

However, his grandfather Gores refuse to take the magic item as wasn’t willing to rely on one. So he gave it to his granduncle Federacio, and inform him to give it to his grandfather sometime later.


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