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101 Raid 3



Within this month alone there are 8 nobles assassinated in the royal capital, 4 deaths outside the capital, 2 attempts of assassination and 3 death from the royalty, and 2 missings.

Of course, the 2 attempted assassination comes from me and my father, while the missing was the underaged children. I’m worried about their safety.

The missing grandson and 4th princess searched thoroughly in the capital by mobilizing the knights and soldiers, they searched every day but there’s no further reports found.

I am also searching their whereabouts at the same time as the perpetrator but had yet to find anything.


The 8 assassinated nobles or perhaps 12 of them all come from the royal faction, resulting in the rumor that the perpetrator is someone from the nobles’ faction.

I was also thinking that the noble’s faction is suspicious, however, they should know that making something like this is extremely suspicious towards them, which makes me doubt they’d do something so stupid.


「This time, there’re 5 people assassinated from the royal faction of the west, and 3 of the north. There are 4 suspected assassinations outside of the royal capital, with 1 in the east, 2 in the north, and 1 in the south. originally there’s more nobles factions than royal faction nobles in the western area, but lately, there’s none of the royal faction」


「it’s as Peron said. The assassinated nobles are mostly those who pursue Count Brennan for his crimes」(TN: Bakabon’s father, for anyone that forgot)


Count Brennan is a former marquis also a former Western governor.

The former marquis was accused of damaging the imperial magic item in the battle against the Bossam Empire. It’s no wonder that he had grudge against the royal faction and the king.

However, even so, would you make such an obvious action?


「I feel that he can be accused as the culprit. But there’s no evidence so far」


Pritz also feels the same discomfort as I did.


「That’s right, but I feel that he had enough motivation to do so. Which make further investigation is needed」


「as Peron said, as there are lines called Brennan, there’s also others that had motives」


Everyone looked towards Clara.

I also thought the same.

If the person I and Clara think the same one, it’s not something Brennan could do.


「the 2nd prince」


Clara calls the name.

That is the same person in my mind.


「That’s ・・・But・・・」


「eh certainly had a valid reason. As the 2nd prince is close to the nobles’ faction, he’d have a better chance to be the next crown prince after the previous one is dead」


「it’s quite possible that the 2nd prince and count Brennan are teaming up」


The women in the house didn’t hide their trepidation・・・

Peron and Pritz are also a bit intimidated.


「that line of thought is well thought. ・・・Clara, I wanted Primera to include those areas to investigate. Still, be careful so as to not be found out by them」


「I understand, I also want to lend Pritz」


When I look towards Prtiz which seat beside Clara and shook his head furiously, he was smacked in the head by Clara, then he slid off the sofa towards the floor.


Everyone thought that it’s not something they can touch upon, and look away.


「・・・what are you going to do with Pritz?」


「the information team was lacking members, so I thought of using Pritz who’s good at stealth」


Stealth・・・Pritz is just having a lack of presences・・・it’s because he’d a sister named Clara.


「It’s alright, isn’t it!?」


This isn’t something you can say yes to.

While Peron and Carla still look away, Pritz looks at me with pitiful looks while groaning.

Break a leg, Pritz.


「Lillia, be Pritz substitute for a while and guard Father’s mansion」


「As you wish」

With that, everyone goes back to their respective duty.

Now then, I shall do what I can do.

Since then. I’ve set a net within the royal castle.

This mansion and my father’s mansion are guarded by Peron and Pritz(Lillia from now on), which makes me guard the royal castle.

Fortunately, Big brother Jimnis, Big sister Chrysnan, and big sister Elizabeth are also in the castle, it makes my jobs easier.

Since that day, the royal magician and knights corps is busy finding the missing royals without a break.

Therefore, my 3 siblings had yet to return to the mansion.

As the air around the castle is dread, everyone is on their heel.


I’ve been watching the royal castle since that day 24/7 since I don’t need to sleep after becoming a god.

During that time, many nobles were assassinated.

The perpetrators are skillful, I couldn’t easily grab their trail.

However, their target, the royals including the king and Dorothy, as well as me and my father are still alive.

In other words, they’ll try to do it again.

Therefore, I’ve been patiently monitoring the royal castle since then without giving up and it’s already been a month since then.






It seems that his majesty (that raccoon) is pretty depressed as all his black hair turns white.

Meanwhile, the minister and nobles attended the meeting which was being held.


「in this case, we can make an announcement that the 4th princess and royal grandson have died from pandemics. In the future・・・even if someone with their name appeared, they’d have nothing to do with the royals」




I can predict it.

I can predict that things will go this way.

Even his majesty (that raccoon) will have a tough decision this time, even so as a king he needs to choose.

I can say nothing about these things.

I have no rights nor authority for the decision.

But・・・I am unconvinced・・・I won’t forgive the criminal and will capture them even if I have to chase them to the end of the world.


「her highness queen Britney, Crown prince Rizet, his highness the 3rd prince Griffin, her royal highness the 4th princess Ramilda, and royal grandson Beligzyme was dying due to an epidemic. Three days later it’d be announced and the national burial will be held」


The chancellor said the decision from the king and told the future plan, along with the banning of saying the incident.

The late-night meeting continued with the dark atmosphere, and suddenly the door of the meeting room pushed open.


「YOUR MAJESTY! Will your majesty end Ramilda’s search!?」


A woman suddenly shouting, if I’m not wrong she should be the 2nd consort, Beni.

She’s the person only below queen Brittany the person closest to the throne after the queen’s passing・・・she’s also the 4th princess mother.

The 2nd consort Beni along with her Royal Princess Chenil moves loudly towards his majesty (the raccoon).

The prime minister・・・I forgot his name, but he tried to stop her but was blocked by the knight accompanying the consort.


「Beni huh, Even Chenil, this isn’t a place where you can enter as you please」


His majesty stares at the 2 with lifeless eyes and said to them weakly.


「I’m not convinced by this search cancellation! Your majesty, are you gonna abandon Ramilda and Beligzyme?!」


It’s not like I’m also convinced with the decision, I can understand what the princess and consort feel.

However, it’s a fact that screaming around won’t solve the problem, if you want to overturn the decision, you need to think of another way to solve it.

What I say is, I mean・・・It’s like what I say.

The decision today is something that made from his majesty and prime minister thorough decision, so it’d be necessary to have enough backing for rejecting their decision.

In this case, they need to have the backing of my father and the margrave of the north Sedimir or the margrave of the east Kujo. That’s the only way they can overturn the decision.

Also, margrave Kujo is the father of the assassinated Queen and my mother, he can be said to be my grandfather but, since the case is happening too fast it can’t be possible to make him aware of it.


「Can you stop it!Beni, Chenil back down for now!」


I do know their feelings, however, if they make a ruckus in the meeting even the raccoon (his majesty) will be disappointed.


The prime minister calls the guards to escort them out.

It’s hard to say it’s not a farce.


After the late-night meeting, at the end of it, his majesty calls for my father and I.


「Both of you, you did well for coming, please sit there・・・」


The escorts are also look exhausted.

Big brother Jimnis also look older・・・

I bowed lightly to Jimnis for a greeting.

Of course, he didn’t reply to my greeting.

This is because he’s not my brother while he’s escorting his majesty (Raccoon)


「I apologize to call you・・・」


「I’m unworthy of it」


Both of me and my father had an idea of why his majesty (Raccoon) calls for us.


「I’m sorry because of the lack of time, so I will go to the point・・・Count Bruteis, I’d like to ask your help to search for Ramilda and Beligzyme」




Both of us know what his majesty’s saying.


「it’s 3 days. 3 days later we’d announce the information 3 days later. If the 2 of them are dead I’d ask for Count Bruteis for the proof, and if they’re alive, I’d ask of you to save them」


In other words, it was too late after the death announcement.

If they’re announced dead officially, they’d be deemed as dead even if they’re alive, and their existence will be denied.


「Is there any・・・clues?」


「everyone done their best without sleeping all this month, and there’s no clue at all」


They’d been searching for a month and found nothing.

It’d be unreasonable to find it in 3 days.


「Christoph, it’s his majesty’s decree、・・・even so, I know that‘s difficult. ・・・please do something・・・」


「Count Bruteis, please, I beg of you!」


His majesty (Raccoon) bows to me, it made the escorts panic.

Big brother Jimnis, do something! I said with my gaze.


「I can’t guarantee to find them if you can agree to it even so then・・・」


「Ooh, you can do it huh!?」


This is why I decided to oblige (Raccoon)his majesty’s request.

Of course, all the information of the knights and magician corps held was released.

According to it there are traces of 6 people sneaking into the royal castle、even (Raccoon) his majesty was targeted for the assassination because he’s still working until midnight and the escorts are surrounding it, so it’s possible that he was able to escape from the difficulty. From the information gathered the assassination group that attacked was『Brigand』. The assassination group『Brigand』is likely the one that assassinated the nobles and had ties with the Saint Orion Nation.


「『Brigand』you say?!」


Father immediately respond to the report, as there had no report about the assassination group『Brigand』 activity within the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme.

Since this time, the assassination was being done extensively, it should be considered that it has laid a foundation within the Sacred Kingdom.


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