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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 102


102 Raid4



「Brigand huh~、I see~」


Clara is at the top of the intelligence department, so it’s her job to delve into the information.


「if so, I need to use pull and push formula huh!」


「do you know something ?」


「 To Pritz’s report, Brennan’s whereabouts are unknown. But he occasionally visits the Belm Principality’s consulate, he’s most likely hiding behind the principality. Thus, the one behind the principality is」


『Saint Orion Nation!』


Peron and Carla screamed at Clara’s hint.

Are Count Brennan, the principality and the Nation connected・・・while the principality and Nation are connected to the Brigand.


「will Brennan reinstate his position by helping the Nation? If he still had a bit of pride, he won’t do it」


「Carla, as much as I don’t want to say it, I won’t deny it」


「Carla and Pritz should focus their search within the land and mansion of the Brennan, as well as the consulate of the Principality. Peron, I want you to continue to be vigilant around the mansion and don’t act too openly as it could endanger you two. Please be careful」


「Leave it to me! hey, Pritz!」




Carla, Peron, and I send our pity for Pritz with our gaze.

Clara looks as excited as always while Pritz looks sullen.

The person handling the field is actually Pritz while Primera act as Pritz subordinate.

The pressure Pritz has is heavy.


「Pritz, it might be hard. But, Please」


「Un, I’ll do my best・・・」


I ask Pritz for another request.

Everyone immediately took action.




The gaze of a certain person hurt me・・・




「Fillia, if you want to say anything please do」


「・・・no, I am・・・」


「Fillia, it’s a duty of a vessel to protect its master. A person that can’t say their opinion towards their master won’t be able to protect their master, in a way they don’t trust their master. In a sense, I don’t think they can do their job well」




It’s either Fillia knows something or hides something.

Or she realized something but was unable to say it because she think that a vessel can’t act rashly.


「one day, no, can I ask master to wait until tomorrow lunch?」


「・・・I understand. If you can sort of your feelings until then, you can go」


Fillia bowed to me and head out of the room.

I’m the only one left.

It’s my office so it’s normal for me to be alone here, but it’s the first time Fillia’s not by my side.

It may be the first time.









The door opened loudly, while Clara with her high nose jumped in.

After that, Pritz came in.


「Clara, can you be quieter?」


「you can’t be quiet over something like this! Christoph, I found it!」


「Clara, calm down! Christoph-Kun, we’ve found her highness 4th princess Ramilda and his highness royal grandson Beligzyme. Now, I had Primera watching over them」


「Is that so! Then, where are they? Had you affirmed their appearance?」


「It’s in the consulate of the principality. I’ve also affirmed their appearance」


Although the target was narrowed down, the intel came fast.

Because of the lacking agent, we can’t search for the information in-depth, even so, they do excellent works.

I held back the appreciation towards the intelligence team, and head to the royal castle and ask to meet with his majesty (Raccoon).

Of course, I immediately confirmed the 2 royals in the consulate with my clairvoyant.

Their situation isn’t very good.


「ooo, Count Bruteis you’ve come」


「yes, your majesty. Today I receive a report, so I came here hurriedly, I apologize」


「so, so, how is it?!」


「it’s this・・・」


The outline of these findings was made into a report.

As I gave to his majesty (Raccoon), he read it while squeezing the report with anger.


「That, bastardddddddddddddd!」


His majesty (Raccoon) was angered.

Big brother Jimnis and the escorts are puzzled by his majesty (Raccoon) rage.


「gununununu、fu haahahaa・・・・・・this report, is it true?!」


He got over the desk and grab my chest.

No matter how much you’ve angered, you can’t do this.


「the truth of the report has already been confirmed. However, we haven’t rescued the personage. Currently, we don’t have much time… so please act quickly, your majesty」


「Christoph, what’s happened?」


Big brother Jimnis can’t help but ask.

But, I don’t reply anything to him because his majesty soon issues a command.


「Captain Bryutzel, prepare to deploy! Convey it to the magician and knight corps! Don’t let this command leak! Don’t let even an ant out of the castle!」




Big brother Jimnis left the office.

I don’t really care but, can you let go of me.

His majesty (Raccoon) spits filled his face・・・


「u, um・・・your majesty・・・」


「what is it?!」


One of his escorts wanted to point out his appearance, but his momentum made his majesty(Raccoon) angry.


「Uhum. Your majesty, it’s time to let me go」


「umu? Thi, this is・・・this, is, I apologize Count bruteis」


As he calmed down, his majesty(Raccoon) let go of me and release the hand holding my chest and return to his seat on the sofa.


「Count Bruteis, please come here」


When he sat, he asked me what to be confirmed.


「what do you want to do to the knights?」


Yes, what do I want to do with the knights of the consulate.

It’s either to call them to surrender or suppress them.

Still, in case if something goes awry, it can endanger the lives of those 2 and cause a war with the principality.

Of course, since we don’t share borders with the principality, we won’t have a bloody war with them. But a cold war-like those on Earth.

It’s his majesty(Raccoon)’s decision.


「it’s decided, let’s massacre those bastards from the principality」


「there’s definitely the Nation backing up the Principality, they must also be hidden within our country 」


「hah! Count Bruteis! We have a traitor within us?!」


The escorts are also noisy.




「Who’s that unscrupulous person!」


「as I mentioned in the second half of the report, I noticed the Belm principality assassinated the nobles from the Royal faction and the existence of the Brigand which was backed by Saint Orion Nation from your majesty’s information. The place where the Nation took a breather was the land owned by the consulate of the principality. Recently, there’s a certain person that had a frequent connection with them」


His majesty(Raccoon) leans forward.


「Who’s that person?!」


It’s hard for me to say, then his majesty suddenly said「I won’t blame you! It’s only something known here!」.

It’s hard to say because it’s already written in the report.


「that person、・・・is Count Brennan. Still, there’s no conclusive evidence yet」


「kuh, that unscrupuloussssssss」


「your majesty, please calm down. There’s no evidence yet・・・」


「it doesn’t matter. ・・・we can just raid the consulate and get the evidence」


There, Big brother Jimnis comes back.


「your majesty, in 30 minutes the Royal magic and knight corps will be gathered」


「umu. In this mission, Captain Bryutzels will be the commander, and Count Bruteis will be his assistant. Is it alright?」


It’s a ship that I make, there’s no way I can refuse to go with it.


「I have received your order」


「umu, Captain Bryutzels you can ask the details to Count Bruteis, this is a war! Eradicate them!」


After that, I head to the knights’ station with Big brother Jimnis.

The court was filled with magicians and knights, they’ve already gathered.


「I understand the detail. If so, then our priority is to rescue them. Is there any plan?」


「in that case, there’s no problem. Please leave it to me――――――」


「I see, in that case. We will stay away from the consulate, and head there as soon as we receive your signal」


「Please do that. In addition――――――」


I hear what big brother Jimnis said.

With this, I want to hit the stone as far away as I can.


「fuuh, you’re really・・・I think that you really should succeed the Bryutzels house・・・」


「wha, what are you talking about!」


I am astonished by what big brother Jimnis said.


「I’m not saying it with a weird intention. I’m just not confident that I can lead the territory as well as you and your father did. Though I’m confident in my strength. hahahaha」


I think that big brother Jimnis that laugh listlessly really is not confident.

But I’m also not confident in governing territory, and I think that I can’t really do as big brother Jimnis thought of.

In fact, I put a heavy burden on my subordinates like Ud and Federer.


「big brother Jimnis. I think that what a politician need is an eye to see the character and determination of a person. Which is something you had」


「fu, to be told so by you・・・I’m sorry. Please forget about what I said before」


Although he’s not clear yet, his feeling seems to be turned.

Almost at the same time, each captain seems to report their completion.

We nodded at each other.


Big brother Jimnis stood before the gathered knights and magicians.

As eh stood on the platform, he stomp the spear handle on the ground.

As soon as the sound echoed, the noise within the area quieted down and eyes gathered towards him.


「Everyone, Listen carefully! I Jimnis von Bryutzels will take the lead of this operation! As his majesty Edicts. We shall wipe out those who point their blade towards the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme!」


In addition. He also introduces me as his aide.


「I’m Christoph von Bruteis. I shall partake in this operation」


I explain this mission’s plan.

Of course, the captain of either the knights and magician was reluctant to hear me out.


Big brother Jimnis then pointed his blade towards them.


「this mission purpose is to rescue both the 4th princess and Royal Grandson with the highest priority! The two of them were captured because of our incompetence! We must do our best to save them, even if we need to sacrifice our life !」




Everyone responds powerfully to what big brother Jimnis said.


「This is not training, it’s a war! Show the result of your daily training! show them the power of knights kingdom! Show them the power of the magician of the Kingdom!」






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