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Return of the Grand Master RAW novel


After 10 years of military service, he crossed the continent. Han Sheng, who had become grandmaster, wanted only one. He has relinquished his absolute power and returned to Earth, but the world longs for the Absolute. Reign supreme once again! The Grand Master’s brilliance will be reproduced on earth.   ———–It’s a novel with a…

The Legendary youngest son of the marquis MTL


After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe RAW novel


A face is a face, a song is a song, a composition is a composition. Beautiful, talented and hardworking upcoming idol Sun Woojoo. One day, a miracle came to him! “I’ll become a star who shines more than anyone else.” His dreadful dancing wasn’t an issue anymore. At last, an idol with everything prepared. Now,…

Home Glossary Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Glossary/Character Setting

Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Glossary/Character Setting

— MC —

Christoph Von Bryutzels
Bryutzels Margrave’s 2nd Son
The one who born with all attribute aptitude?
Born in Sacred calendar year 500 month 1 day 1 Blue eyed Blonde hair with fair skin
Being sickly until 11 years old with his memory as his price he became healthy and the cheat power he have awakened
Enrolled in Royal Magic Academy at age 13 getting the 1st place in enroll exam at the same time establishing Bryut firm and get financial power
Reincarnated? Only god’s know why

— Relatives —

Ernest von Bryutzels
Bryutzels margrave house’s family head
Father of theMC
Bryutzels Margrave has entered Sacred Van Damme Kingdom’s war in politic and became the stalwart of King  Faction
Slender with beautiful face and brown light hair
Born in Sacred Calendar year 423
Attribute: Lightning – Void

Cecilia von Bryutzels
Ernest legal wife and born in marquis’s house
MC Christoph’s biological mother and his number 1 mother
Unfussy and have my pace kind of personality
Legal wife of a big Noble but never act arrogance to her vassal and could be respected as a human being
It’s no being known but active in buying child slave and educated them until it’s enough the freeing them from slavery, many of the freed slaves working in Bryunhil mansion
Beauty with a blue eye and blond hair that looked 10 years younger than her original Age
Born in Sacred Calendar year 475
Attribute: Fire –  Wind – Void

Jimunisu von Bryutzels
Bryutzels margrave’s eldest son
Christoph’s brother
Closer to his grandfather than his father have a red hair blue eyes and beautiful face
Haven’t had the opportunity to show in the story
Born in Sacred Calendar year 495
Member of Sacred Van Damme Kingdom’s knight
Attribute: Void – Lightning – Darkness

Elizabeth cud Bryutzels
Bryutzels Margrave’s Eldest daughter
Christoph’s different mother’s sister
Red hair with brown eyed beautiful girl
Haven’t had the opportunity to show in the story
Born in Sacred Calendar year 496
Member of Sacred Van Damme Kingdom’s quasi-knight
Attribute: Void – Wind – Ice

Kuryusnashu von Bryutzels
Bryutzels Margrave’s 2nd Daughter
Christoph’s different mother’s sister
Pretty, with a brown hair and brown eyes, had a talent in magic
Haven’t had the opportunity to show in the story
Born in Sacred Calendar year 499
Student of Royal Magic Academy
Attribute: Fire – Lightning – Wind – Void – Light

Antoinette von Bryutzels
Bryutzels Margrave’s 3rd daughter
Christoph’s different mother’s little sister
Remember that she ever been reading a story to Christoph but he’d not remember it
Red hair Blue eyed Beautiful girl
Nicknamed An
Born in Sacred Calendar year 503
Attribute: Lightning – Void – Wind – Light

Freesia von Bryutzels
Ernest 2nd Wife
Elizabeth and Antoinette’s Mother
Attribute: Void – Light – Wind

Annerose von Bryutzels
Ernest 3rd Wife
Mother of Kuryushunasu
Attribute: Fire – Void

— Vassal —

Rosalia von Excel
The second daughter of Baron Excel that became an honorary Baron
Referred as Genius at age 16 and became court magician, based on her feat in 2nd war thus she became an Honorary Baron
Not interested in gaining a territory and pursue the path of magic she resigned from power struggle thus she’s employed by Bryutzels Margrave as leader of magician corp. And court magician of Bryutzels Margrave’s territory
Nominally she has resigned from being a court magician but using his power as big Noble, The late head family of Bryutzels Margrave became her guardian
Although she herself enjoying her environment as court magician in the territory right now, being buried in paperwork is exhausting
Born in Sacred Calendar year 489, 24 years old Single
Attribute: Ice – Water – Void – Earth – Light – Darkness

Bryutzels Margrave’s head maid
Has been a maid of Bryutzels Margrave’s house even before Ernest born, and the one who take care of Ernest
The one who Christoph most fear in shadow
Born in Sacred Calendar year 460

Bryutzels Margrave’s maid
Christoph’s personal maid
Originally was a Slave but freed by Cecilia
Have a big chest and tall height style is also good
Born in Sacred Calendar year 495

Federer Torres
Bryutzels Margrave’s knight’s corps vice leader
Christoph’s Sword instructor but, already known that Christoph don’t have much talent in swordsmanship changed his tutor to body building and stamina building
Born in Sacred Calendar year 479
Attribute : Void

Gael Fabius
Christoph’s escorts captain
When the time Christoph establishing his Bryut firm the escorts start to get hardship
Born in Sacred Calendar year 472

Attribute: Void – Lightning

Levis Atorei
Knight in Christoph’s escorts blond haired ikemen
He himself using escorts non-interferences policy so Christoph sometimes saying do your job properly!
Born in Sacred Calendar year 490
Attribute: Void – Wind

Cat race female knight from Christoph’s escorts
Silver hair with a nice portion
Beast people has unique physical prowess and a high combat ability, she has an excellent smell and hearing ability
Born in Sacred Calendar year 490
Attribute: Void

— Royal Magic School —

Dorothy von Vandamme
Sacred Van Damme Kingdom’s 3rd princess
Have blue eyes and blond curly hair with a face like a doll
Relatively high stature (172 cm) bishoujo(pretty girl) but had no chest
Whenever Christoph think about her chest she could read it? Excellent
Born in Sacred Calendar year 501 month 5 day 5
Attribute: Void – Light – Ice – Wind – Water


Warner Von Brennan
Brennan Marquis’s 4th son
Approximated height 176 cm
Has a tendency of high pride noble and looking down to commoner and had a different type of thinking with Christoph so he feel disgusted to Warner
Born in Sacred Calendar year 501 month 10 day 2
Attribute: Fire – Wind – Void

Carla von Adachi
Viscount Adachi’s 3rd daughter
Black haired bokukko (a girl that using boku to pronounce herself)
155cm with chest size just C [T/N: don’t ask me… I don’t know woman’s bra size.. I’m pure but ero… I’m ero pure~] Descendant of Yuusha(hero? brave? Just use yuusha)
Born in Sacred Calendar year 501 month 7 day 22
Attribute: Fire – Lightning – Light – Void

— Bryut Firm —

Dog race’s Slave that being saved by Christoph then swear absolute loyalty to him
Getting Hanna’s education, and in a short period became a maid
Christoph himself doesn’t like formality too much so in front of Christoph she used a little Frank (CZ: a little) with her feeling
Used to be Christoph’s Slave but in order to establish his Firm she was freed
Bryut firm Vice-president and manager
Born in Sacred Calendar year 503

— Magician Slave —

Blond haired Elf woman
Former Adventurer that failed their mission and drown in debt with her 2 party member thus became slave
Unfortunately, she has no chest (CZ: all of the chest in upper part meant as breast… I’m just being polite :3)
Born in Sacred Calendar year 482
Attribute: Water – Ice – Void

Red haired Hyuman male
Incompetent person that being drawn in Magic Item Creation and drown in debt
Hyorogari (ヒョロガリ) glasses that have a relatively high dexterity
Born in Sacred Calendar year 471
Attribute : Fire – Wind – Void

Ji mon
Brown haired mojamoja(curly? Unkempt?) Male dwarf
The same as Lock, Magic item baka(fool)
Likely can also do Blacksmithing too
Born in Sacred Calendar year 455
Attribute: Earth – Lightning -Void

Kobito(small people) race’s blue haired woman
Became a slave because of her father’s debt
Seems to exceed the 30s but her outer appearance was a girl
Born in Sacred Calendar year 480
Attribute: Void – Light –Water – Space-time

— Clerk Slaves —

Black haired Female Hyuman
Been plowing her parents’ field but can’t pay the tax so she became a slave
Born in Sacred Calendar year 492

Female Red haired beast man
Former Hunter but being injured and sold as a slave but the injury has been healed by Christoph
Always using「nya」(T/N: like blallala nya, blablabla nya in every phrase)
Born in Sacred Calendar year 495

Pale green haired Female Hyuman
Work as waitress in Capital’s café but being in debt to buy his father’s medicine, thus to pay her debt she became a Slave
Born in Sacred Calendar year 496

Pink haired Fish races female
Stranded on land and being injured, can’t pay her treatment cost so she became a slave
Have an appearance of a woman in her 20s
Always using「no」
Born in Sacred Calendar year 425

— Combat Slave —

Gottsui ossan (ゴッツイオッサン) [gottsui could also be meant as Rugged, Rugged oldman] Over 230 cm Height Bear race
Former adventurer because of injury, healed by Christoph
Born in Sacred Calendar year 474
Weapon: Sword – Broad Axe – War Hammer

Gottsui ossan [Rugged oldman] Hyuman Muscle daruma
Former adventurer that failed his quest became a slave with his 2 party member
Born in Sacred Calendar year 481
Weapon: Spear – Sword

Gottsui neesan [Rugged Big sis] Ryujin (dragonewt?) have a high of 180 cm with her special feature of dragon scale and muscle
Former adventurer that failed his quest became a slave with her 2 party member
Born in Sacred Calendar year 483
Weapon: Shield – One handed sword

— Other —

Betlett von Oily
Great temple’s Bishop
Earl Oily influential person second only to Archbishop
Born in Sacred Calendar year 448

Handel Zebra
Zebra Firm’s president
Long haired until his chest’s blond hair Elf
one of Bryutzels Margrave’s trader
Born in Sacred Calendar year 270

Addition from me~ above were from the author




Central Continent

Sacred Kingdom Vandamme

  • Fildes (owned by earl Filliam chapter 6)

Saint Orion Nation

A Country of human supremacy

Jegan Empire

Dwarf country

Bossam Empire





  • Christoph Von Bryutzels ( a.k.a MC)
  • Rosalia Dancho (Magic Tutor – chapter 1)
  • Chief Maid Hanna (Manner Tutor – Chapter 1)
  • Federer ( Christoph’s bodyguards’ vice captain? Soldier)
  • Luna (Christoph’s personal Maid)
  • Kajil (Guard captain (chapter 7))
  • Fillia (Dog beastmen, Bryut corp boss)
  • Antoinette (a.k.a An, MC’s different mother’s little sister)
  • Freesia (An’s mother)
  • Cecilia (Christoph’s mother)
  • Betlett von Oily (Bishop chapter 10)
  • Clara: twins with blue eyes and blonde hair
  • Pritz: twins with blue eyes and blonde hair
  • Chris Sirens(クリス・シーレンス)-sensei from the sorcerer course, 25 years old, who is still recruiting for lovers, walking to the center of the arena with her plump breasts.



Junior > Intermediate > Advanced> Hero > King > Emperor > Overlord > Spirit> God


【Name】Christoph Von Bryutzels
【Date of Birth】Holy Calendar Year 500 Month 1 Day 1
【Social Status・Occupation】Bryutzels Margrave’s second son
【Stamina Growth】Normal
【Magic Growth】God Class
【Attribute Aptitude】
Void                                                            :God Class
Fire                                                              :Spirit Class
Water                                                          :Spirit Class
Wind                                                           :Spirit Class
Earth                                                           :Spirit Class
Ice                                                               :God Class
Thunder                                                       :God Class
Light                                                           :God Class
Darkness                                                     :God Class
Space-Time                                                 :God Class
Characteristic      :Eyes of Truth          :God Class
【Title】Miko/ God’s deity (神子)
【Punishment and Reward 】None

Eyes of mentality
・Detailed Status of the target can be confirmed
・Can break target’s Lie
・Clairvoyance(Whether there was an obstacle can see surrounding of  100km2  )
・When the Characteristic attribute were not ordered it will not activated

===Hidden Status===
【 Skillfull (器用) 】532
Blessing of the God of Creation
All attribute Aptitude
The one who bring Calamity and Fortune (災い転じて福となす者)

Blessing of the God of Creation
・Instant death Invalid
・Abnormal State invalid
・Curse invalid and reflect it
・Ability Correction(Hidden)

All attribute aptitude
・Have an aptitude of all attribute
・Characteristic attribute excluded

The one who bring Calamity and Fortune  (災い転じて福となす者)
・When get in misfortune there’s a big possibility that misfortune will became fortune
・When this gift is not recognized it won’t activated

・Sometimes God voice can be heard maybe?