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Cheat Aru kedo mattari Kurashitai

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      Cheat aru kedo mattari kurashitai《Tensei jinsei o tanoshimou!》



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      Author:nanja monja

      Synopsis [ mine + some fans in some group (Nico-san ) ]

      After having fun with a soapland lady and realize that there’s no food in the fridge, the MC went out and went to a convenience store and stumble upon a store robbery, but when he tried to escape, he was stabbed and he slowly lost consciousness.
      When he came to, he found himself in a room which he’s not familiar with and then he met people and couldn’t understand their language,

      Not even 1 out of his several known languages he’s known, though even with that he’s still learning the language in 1 years or less, ah… by the way he’s not reincarnated into baby he’s 11 YO~

      Chapter list

      Glossary and News

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