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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 46


046 What is Sorcery, What is Attribute Aptitude


ED: Bullistic

PR: Puru, Joanne

Huh! Site has been created! lol~


Magic circles were commonly written using the Balmus Ancient Language. Balmus Ancient Language is a language that was used 1000 years ago and is the language most suitable for describing magical meanings. Still, as long as there’s a meaning in it, even though it’s in a different language, even a symbol is usable.

Magic circle (Kaku/かく) drawings aren’t declared as「描く(Kaku/write)」but「書く(Kaku/draw)」which is created from Balmus Ancient Language. Although magic circles could be drawn even with just a symbol, even the best one could only define 「描く (Write)」.

Now then, at this moment, what I’m doing is, giving some extensive knowledge about magic circles to the Clan『MIMaker』’s members. Ehh, what happened to the Clan War? Well, that’s right, our Clan War has ended.

In the 1st round during the fireworks battle, since my firework masterpiece dragon was too well done, the judges couldn’t judge it – or so they say. I mean, they can’t even judge it as a firework or not (it seems like that)・・・hahaha. Carla and Clara protested against the teachers but it seems the decision can’t be changed. Thus the sad event left Carla and Clara to make Peron and Pritz victims of their outburst.

Me? The circle of teachers has questioned me so I’ve got no idea about the Peron and Pritz disaster. I’m only able to see the scenery of Peron and Pritz being burned out afterward.

With that I was left without anything to do, so Peron-kun and Pritz-kun wanted to be taught how to draw a magic circle, that’s why the Christoph-class was being held. Furthermore, there’s also Carla-kun and Clara-kun who’s participated with a hungry look. But, since they are only looking at the magic circle I destroyed it immediately.

「Alright then, first, let’s learn about magic!」


「Everyone surely knows that Sorcery and Magic were invoked by unnatural phenomenon, right?」

「「「「(*nod* *nod*)」」」」

「Then do you know that sorcery is a skill derived from magic?」

「「「「(*shak* *shake*)」」」」

「Don’t know huh・・・then let’s explain it from there, from ancient times the only unnatural phenomenon is magic. From then on【Magic chant revocation】、【Chantless magic】、【Summoning art magic】、【Spirit magic】、and【Magic circle art magic】kind of skills were being born. 【Summoning sequence magic 】、and 【spirit magic】, however, are magics that were lost to time, there’s a possibility that there’s more to it than that, but leave that for now, 【Magic circle art (Maho-jin jutsushiki)】is too long so they abbreviated it to【Sorcery (majutsu)】」

Those 4 went *pokan*.(TN: Astonished?) Without caring about it, I continue the explanation.

「Putting aside the already lost【Summoning art Magic】and【Spirit magic】,【Chant revoke magic】and【Chantless magic】have been regarded as advanced magic skills, and that is not a mistake. However, they’re wrong in the【Magic circle art (sorcery)】 part, because it is also a magic skill. ・・・Is there any question until here?」


Is it too difficult?Let’s accept question after the explanation.

「This information is written in Balmus’ era’s book called『Magic Historical facts』. Although now, Magic and Sorcery are treated differently, they have the same roots, which is magic. I also wouldn’t know about this fact if I did not read the book in the restricted area of the library of Royal Magic Academy but, after reading that book the question which had been stuck in my mind was lifted」


「In other words, the basic of sorcery is magic!If you can precisely control the magic, the sorcery mana usage will be lighter too, and in order to understand more about magic circles, understanding more about magic is required. In my case, since I’m exercising my sorcery by using mana originating from nature, I can do it」

「U, Um・・・Is that・・a fact?」

「Of course, it’s a fact. The books were there in the restricted section of the library too. Without permission, you can’t enter the restricted area though」

From here on the story changed a little but・・・

Regarding the attributes aptitude, I used to think that if you have no aptitude then you can’t in your lifetime unless it’s congenital, however, I know someone who acquired an aptitude.

I think that aptitude is knowledge. In other words, if you had the knowledge about it, you can acquire the aptitude. That is what I hypothesized.

If you ask why I came to that conclusion, the answer lies behind the slaves from Bryut firm, Lock, and Jamon, that acquired a new aptitude. Initially, Jamon was the first one to show a new attribute aptitude but, at that time I couldn’t come to a conclusion as to the reason why a new attribute aptitude was shown in Jamon. However, one day, Lock displayed a new attribute aptitude. Then I tried to remember the recent events, at that time, when explaining about the new magic circle to them, I had interwoven scientific knowledge from the modern era of Japan.

In order to create a magic item, I explained the fire attribute to Lock, and a new fire attribute appeared on Jamon who was listening in on the side. Meanwhile, while explaining about the earth attribute to Jamon, the earth attribute aptitude appeared for Lock who could hear the explanation on the side.

This world’s scientific knowledge is scarce, and it still at the level of, “when a hurricane passed they’ll think that this is a god’s mischief” or “evil spirit running amuck”, level after all. As a Japanese who has learned about many things to a certain extent, I included what I could in my explanation. If the one listening to the explanation understands it, then the attribute aptitude will appear, is what I realized.

Hypothesizing from this, I try to explain things interwoven with scientific knowledge to Filia who only had void attribute aptitude・・・ and the fire attribute aptitude appeared.

From the time when I was still a Japanese, I’ve learned about fire, water, earth, thunder, ice, and the wind that 6 attribute which could be explained logically, however, as expected, explaining about light, darkness, and space-time is impossible.

・・・Earth is also a subtle part though.

I have a more or less higher understanding in scientific knowledge rather than this world’s people, although it’s not an advanced knowledge though.

Alright・・・Then, why did those congenital attributes be born with aptitude?

This part will stay as a hypothesis but, it seems that knowledge is included in the gene, either the genetic level is strong that the aptitude awakens, or a certain event might activate the genes knowledge, or so I think. For example, there’s a certain lineage that could easily awaken their aptitude, or laws in mating. It is similar to the idea of breeding a racing horse, and maybe those higher aristocracies who marry those with excellent aptitudes or repeatedly marry others in the same lineage.



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