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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 47


047 Unit


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There’s major and minor editing and retranslating on the previous chapter which only posted here, for example the prologue has been more easy to comprehend, well, are you guys still remember that Chris’ mother pregnant?


「I’ll do the right Iron Mantis~!Peron please do the left silver beetle!Fire Lance!」

「Understood!Iron Palette!」

Carla shot fire lance at the Iron Mantis, while at the same time Peron unleashed the iron palette.

Carla’s fire lance blows away the iron mantis’s head and the wall behind the mantis.

Furthermore, the Iron palette Peron unleashed makes the silver beetle’s body became a beehive and snap the horn magnificently from the base.

Both of them slaughtering class C’s monsters at the same time, while I’m storing each monsters’ carcass into the storage.

「Christoph, let’s go」

While I collect the body of the mamonos they defeated, the 2 went to search for another mamonos(prey) deeper.

The formation order is Carla – Peron – Me.

This formation devised is to utilize Peron’s specialty attribute, that is, Wind magic that could be used as a radar, thus me being in the back became something akin to a Porter.

In the early days, I utilized mana to search for mamonos and traps but, now Peron could firmly search for the mamonos and traps by himself.

And then Carla as the Command Tower (司令塔-shireitou, could also mean boss) giving Peron the commands・・Ahem, instructions, while I’m being degraded as a non-combatant porter like being.

About one and a half month after the Clan War, clan『MImaker』’s members increased their ability under my tutelage.

Of course, not only magic, I too taught them about magic circle construction, their drawing ability has grown steadily.

Then, we dove into the dungeon in practical course.

At first, after defeating the monster, we’ll waste our time to dismantle the corpse, but, using my Space Magic to create storage omitting out time to dismantle the carcass, we now just need to collect it and dismantle it later, thus dramatically increasing our progress in dungeon conquering.

It’s been 5 months since the practical course began, left with 3 more months to go, we’ve conquered the beginner dungeon, elementary dungeon, and intermediate dungeon, now, we’re on the advanced dungeon.

Well, thinking about Carla and Peron’s progress on【no chant magic】, Carla has become able to cast advance class fire magic, intermediate class lightning magic, and junior class’s light magic.

Peron too has been able to cast advance class Wind magic and intermediate class earth magic, that’s why the combat level became no problem.(TN: to beat the dungeon may be)

Ah, since I’m the one who taught them magic, their mana consumption is low while the power is high, so there would be no problem even if we encounter a series of battles.

Well, since in the first place Peron’s mana capacity was already high and Carla’s mana control was good, the mana problem rarely happened.

That’s why unknowingly we conquered the intermediate level dungeon.

That’s why, our party, not only leaving 1st year, even 2nd and 3rd year were left.

Beside that the siblings, Clara and Pritz who are being taught by me like Peron and Carla, the siblings’ party just recently conquer the intermediate level dungeon.

In other words, our dungeon attack ranks were on the upper side.

Well, since ¾ of the 1st year student have yet to pass their beginner dungeon, the parties which attacked the intermediate level dungeon are only a few.

Right, the unit to achieve in the Practical course is to beat the dungeon, for those who can’t beat the Beginner to the Advance level dungeon, won’t get any unit point.

In other words, they can’t graduate, unless they’re able to beat the dungeons.

Beginner dungeon will spawn G-rank until F-rank mamono since the lecture is a criterion for the 1st year, however, in the elementary dungeon the spawned monster start from F-rank to D-rank.

Generally, it is said that if you can defeat a D-rank mamono by a party of six, you would be acknowledged as a real adventurer.

Thus, at the Royal Magic Academy, if you’re able to defeat a rank D mamono in a party of 3, you’ll be able to receive the unit points for graduation.

By the way, intermediate dungeon spawn C-rank, Advance dungeon spawn B-rank mamono.

Since we already beat the intermediate dungeon, and now on our way to the Advance dungeon, we already got our unit points.

・・・So, I’ve already collected all unit I need to graduate.

Arithmetic, History, Magic history, National language, and Balmus Ancient Language those five courses already completed on the unit test in April,  while Magic and sorcery’s course already completed because my duel with Bakabon in May, While practical course’s Beginner dungeon, has been beaten in June,  Meanwhile the Mamono study and Geographic has been completed in July’s unit test.

With this much I’ve already completed the necessary unit for graduate, there’s only the magic item course which needs to be completed, Diving into the Advanced level dungeon wasn’t for the practical course but for improving our ability.

「Alright, today’s target to blow away the 10th layer boss has been achieved, let’s go back !」

「That’s right, we need to dismantle the carcasses when we get home」

「Uh, Peron, you~ even though I’ve already thought to go home and have a shower, why would you break my mood~」

「It’s because Carla always skips the dismantling. It’s not like you need to dismantling all of them yourself, so let’s dismantle it」

「Christoph, you too say that!」

Carla is a muscle brain.

Although she isn’t a muscle daruma, she’s good at offense magic but she’s bad at supplementary magic especially the memorization part, she’s not even trying to remember the chant itself, so, I think it’s a shame.

Especially at the light magic that contains recovery magic, Carla was not good at all with the Recovery Magic.

Why would you create a clan like『MIMaker』if you’re not fond of support and recovery magic?Is what I asked、「What are you talking about? Isn’t that for releasing a more powerful magic!」so she answered without any hesitation.

Peron is good at either auxiliary or offense magic but in order to no lose out from Carla, he raised his magic control I believe he’ll become a good magician.

By the way, there’s no need for us to do any dismantling.

Now then, why should we do the dismantling ourselves? By doing so we can increase our level in dismantling, and at the same time and further increase our knowledge of the mamonos anatomy.

There’s a difficulty depending on the type of mamono, and knowing the mamonos anatomy gave us the knowledge of their weak parts that aren’t written in books.

Dismantling is unexpectedly important you know, Carla-kun.

In addition, the reason as to why there’s no need for us to do any dismantling is, because among the Royal magic academy there’s a branch of Adventurer’s guild, so if you submit the mamono to the guild, they’ll take care of the dismantling.

However, a fee is deducted.

Since Carla and Peron are rich kids there’s no problem for them in the case the payment is reduced, there’s no need to say that I too am though.

However, in bringing the mamonos corpse as it is, we’ll need a magic bag.

This magic bag is a magic item which can be found in an ancient ruin or dungeon that can hold a large supply of items.

Although it’s close to my storage magic, it has a limitation of overweight that can be accommodated by the magic bag it isn’t as convenient as my storage magic.

By saying there’s a branch of adventurer guild in school, we were a member of adventurer guild desu.

Once the time we entered the Royal Magic Academy, we’re already counted as a quasi-members of the Adventurers Guild, so, once we’ve cleared our 1st F-rank dungeon we’re deemed as a full-fledged member of the adventurer guild.

Thus, by conquering the intermediate dungeon, we’re already rank C adventurers.

Adventurer’s guild ranks changes according to the dungeon we beat, and even if we didn’t beat the dungeon, our rank could be determined by the numbers of demon or rank of the demons we subjugate.

We are the former, which meant that we were deemed as a C-rank adventurer by the time we conquered the intermediate dungeon.

「Since this is a material piece, let’s create and item using this material. Because tomorrow will be a manufacturing day」


「By the way, what’ll you do in the summer vacation next week?」

「I may be doing some magic training and helping my father」

「I think I’ll go on vacation a bit. Since father has unexpectedly allowed me to go outside 」

「Wha!If Christoph will go travel I’ll also go! Peron too will also go right!?」


Why does Carla also want to go along with me on my trip?

Furthermore involving Peron in it・・・Peron was in a traffic accident condition. (TN:ペロンは交通事故状態ですよ。) (EN: ‘confused and flustered’, I guess. The translation really does say “traffic accident condition”.)

「eh, me too?」

「Of course !Let’s invite Clara and Pritz too!So, where are you going?」

Coming along without knowing the destination, I don’t know what it means!

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