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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 48


048 Student Trip 1


ED: theoccasionalhermit, Bullistic



The magic items we magicians used were mainly for supplementing our weak points, and as such these magic items strengthened our power, reduced mana cost, or even increasing the amount of mana we had. I won’t prepare anything special for Clan『MImaker』. Since Clan『MImaker』is a recently established clan, I will only make a magic item that I’ll use by myself.


The parts we used from yesterdays’ mamonos were Iron Mantis’ Wings, Silver Beetle’s Horn, Trent’s Branch, and Speed Wolf’s Fur. Since processing the materials is still too hard for them at the moment, I am currently doing it, but I plan to ask Carla and Peron to do the manufacturing until they graduate.


「This is what I made from yesterday’s material. I’m using a magic circle to create a magic item using these materials.」


Not only, Peron and Carla, Clara and Pritz were also participating in the creation of the magic circles. Iron Mantis’ Wings were processed into cloaks, so I mainly wrote defensive-type magic circles on them.


Silver Beetle’s Horn which had a length of 50 cm was made into a wand with a magic circle that will increase magic power, while Trent’s Branch which has a length of 150 cm was made into a cane with a magic circle that has the effect of magic consumption reduction, since the cane could be used by us to create magic circles.


The last is the Speed Wolf’s Fur, I tanned it and created a pair of boots that would increase speed, and another speed effect could be stacked, or another effect can also be added freely.


「I’m thinking of adding increased magic defense again earth attributes on the Iron Mantis’s Wings Mantle, so, what will Carla do with the Silver Beetle’s Horn’s wand?」


「I’m thinking about increasing the original effect of strengthening while adding my preferred fire attribute increase, what would you do to it Clara?」


「I will add dark attribute magic increase on the Trent’s Branch cane. It’s because the mamonos these days have been getting stronger, and the dark bind’s effect time has lessened. I am still thinking about mana consumption reduction because mana consumption reduction is a must.」


「I’m going to increase the Speed Wolf’s Boots movement ability and add a flying effect to it」


「Somehow, I think Pritz’s boots will become something amazing. If it works out, make me one too okay~」


You guys, that is, if it succeeds, but you should know that there’s still a chance of failure. You guys can think about the ability and write the magic circle carefully. Eventually, the number of completed goods I got from the cloak, staff, and boots which I prepared were 9. Everyone failed a lot.


Well, I’ve prepared the items while thinking of failure but…I never expected that by using all of the goods, only 9 were actually successfully created…


Summer vacation was from 11 August to 30 September, it lasted 50 days. It’s a little longer compared to a normal summer vacation for high and junior school students in Japan.


The time slightly shifted.


I spent the first 5 days of vacation at the mansion in the Royal Capital because Mother felt lonely, so I decided to spend some days with her while planning my trip. Mother’s stomach also got bigger after the past few months and will be ready to give birth in about 2 months time.


In addition to that, after returning to the mansion after the Clan War, I met with my grandfather, uncle (Father’s big brother), and uncle (Father’s younger brother). Getting hugged by my big uncle is a bitter memory for me. The sensation of being hugged by that thickly muscled chest and those muscled arms will forever stay in my memories as it decreases my SP  (Sanity Points). I was invited to travel together with those uncles, but for my SP’s sake, I declined and stayed in the mansion.


On the morning of 16 August, my group left the capital for our travel. For some reason, Clara, Pritz, Peron and Carla accompanied me in my travels… Oi, you guys, do you have no plans?! That’s the reason that my pleasant friends and I ended up going on a journey together.


「Hey… Why isn’t this carriage shaking?」


「Ah, Carla thinks so too? I thought the same thing too!」


The four of them, including the 2 males who had been silent all stare at me.


「…Well, it’s because I made various magic items.」


「「「「As expected!」」」」


Were you guys a choir! I’ve tsukkomi’d them unintentionally. I don’t think there’s a need for the choir though… Since I’ve experienced a long journey in a horse carriage, I’ve made a countermeasure against it. I needed to remodel it for my butt, desu!


「Furthermore, what’s that?」


Everyone’s eyes were focused on the windows at the front, left, right, and behind the carriage.


「I’m interested in that too…」


「That’s right, I was worried that my eyes had become strange and can see things that weren’t there. As expected, everyone can see them too?」


「Clara, I think it isn’t an illusion you know…」


「That is a horse-shaped golem」




「I don’t think a golem is that rare since there’s mamonos here and there right?」


「「It is not!」」


Carla-kun, Clara-kun, there’s no need to shout since I can hear you.


「Christoph-kun, what’s the matter with the horse-shaped golem?」

「A golem is a magical creature.」


「「「「Magical Creature?」」」」


Should I name them the Royal Magic Academy Chorus club? (TN: you should, lol)


「Magical Creature is a name I arbitrarily gave them. Golems are different from other mamono, their insides always have a magic circle. In other words, because they coexist with magic, that’s why I call them magical creatures.」


「Eh, a magic circle inside a golem?」


「Yes, when you solve the mana manipulation, you will be able to sense the shape of the magic circle and the written form of Balmus’ Ancient Language. It’s the so called, Mana Sense. Thus because I have a higher Mana Sense than others, I can see the magic circle inside the golems. Aaah, I really had a hard time because when the golem is defeated, the magic circle inside will be erased, so I had to capture it alive.」




Don’t stare at me so much. I’ll get shy. By the way, since golems mostly inhabit places such as caves and mines and rocky mountains, I’ve researched it secretly. It’s a secret okay!


「Christoph, do you know how amazing that is?」


「Clara, can you not look at me with such eyes?…Well, if it’s about the Mana Sense since it might be me alone who can sense it accurately, I have a little awareness of it.」


「So you are aware of it…」

Pritz-kun, don’t look at me with that tired face.


「Cough. …Since my house and my territory is far, I would definitely buy this kind of carriage. It has 4 windows which don’t allow for others to look in from the outside, it doesn’t shake, it’s good to ride, there’s also a golem to pull it… Christoph-kun, I believe it’ll sell well, do you want to sell it?」


「What are you talking about, if you follow what I teach you, you can make the carriage yourself… or so I thought.」


「「「「As if!(No way!)」」」」


As I thought, let’s call them the Royal Magic Academy Chorus club.


The performance of this carriage sets itself apart from the other models. First of all, although this carriage has wheels, the body fluctuates slightly so it won’t be influenced by the uneven road surface. Since this kind of thing can’t be seen by others, the suspension was attached for town use, furthermore, I’ve attached it with an anti-vibration magic circle. However, since it vibrates more when on the ground, I switch the Floating Mode ON when we leave the city. Eh, did the Bryutzels’ House know about it? Father and Mother knew about it, some vassals did too. Well, I kinda close my eyes on close families. <TN HELP: まぁ、身内って事で目を瞑ってもらっています。>


Next, is the four one-way mirrors being used as side glass windows, which prevent others from looking in but not passengers from looking out. It has anti-fog which can’t be seen from the outside, but it’s clearly visible to the inside.


Regarding the golem horse, I have the highest priority in ordering it, next is Carla and co. and the 4 escorts. Since the fuel is a Magic Crystal, there’s no need to feed it, and if it’s unused I can store it in my storage space. My storage bag stops the passage of time so it’s impossible to put living things in it, but a golem is alright, but a living horse is a troublesome thing. Well, you can create a warehouse beside the storage space and put living things in it. However, to keep the warehouse it needs 1000 mana per day, so I decided to leave it be for now. Heck, even if the person had a space-time attribute aptitude I doubt someone will really use a warehouse with 1000 mana consumption per day. After all, 1000 mana is something even Rosalie-dancho was barely able to pull off, so it’s necessary to get the help of the world highest mana expert, like me. In addition, if you used all your mana to open your storage space, you can’t use any spells. In other words, it’s alright to think that there’s no other human besides me that can use warehouse storage magic. Even if there’s someone who can use it, it’ll be a minority.


…If the news about it spread there will be a fuss. Fortunately, Carla and Peron’s mouth were closed tightly. Although the story got a little off track, the carriage also has a defense barrier, the golem had to have a barrier that was stronger than a Barrier Bracelet, to put it simply, the golem is like a moving fortress. Since the windows were able to be opened, we can also fire spells from inside the carriage.


That’s the gist of it, but there are also 18 escorts… I have 6 exclusive knight escorts, and father added 12 more. That’s why there are 2 wagons. Since that’s the condition for me to be allowed to go on a trip there’s no other choice… That’s why I ordered Luna to stay at the mansion. She insisted on coming, but there are already too many people.


Besides our carriage, the other is a carriage for the luggage, the escorts were all cavalry. Also, the cost of the carriages was all on me, so it’s simply heart wrenching. The cost of developing a magic item is stupidly large, so I don’t want to spend too much.


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