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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 49


049 Student Trip 2


ED: The city name is not Sijäc. it is Jacquard (interpretation)-Jaaka (romaji)-ジャーカ (katakana).

Q: How it’s worked out?

A: ジ-Ji, ャ-a(small), ー-signifies the sound extension, カ-ka. ジャ->Ji.a->Ja. ジャー->Jiaa. ジャーカ->Jaaka->Jacquard.


For these 3 days, the trip went well. The monsters that attacked the moving fort were decimated by the escorts and Carla’s group. Furthermore, along with my training of Mana Sense, we can easily detect the incoming danger (mamonos’ presence). If it’s only for monsters of rank C, D, E, F,  the 4 mages can deal with them.

I like to always use Apport to take care of the mamonos’ corpses. Although it’s alright to leave a monster’s corpse in a dungeon as it is, leaving a corpse in the outdoors will create an evil spirit, so I need to take care of them properly.

As for what the escort knights do, by the time the mamonos approach, Carla, and co. blast them away with magic, so the escorts got a lot of free time. It is inevitable, right? Since there are no higher-ranked mamonos which were able to get close enough for them (knights) to confront.

Our destination is the southern part of Bryutzels House’s frontier region. The reason? It’s because I want to see my hometown, in the Bryutzels frontier region. I will not go to Bryunhil, the capital of the region. By the distance itself, for me to go to Bryunhil, I need 15 days. Since the travel time taken is too much, I plan to go to the 4th biggest city in our territory, which is Jacquard (Jaaka-ジャーカ).

Bryutzels frontier territory was divided by a mountain range, so it has a north and south territory, and in the northern part of the mountain range, it is the place where Jacquard was located. (TN: he will go to southern Bryutzels but, he will go to the northern part? Ugh… I didn’t have an error in my translation right?…)(EN: Author’s error? I don’t feel like correcting it. I’m doubtful myself.) Back when we were traveling to the capital we used the fastest route, so we’ve yet to pass through this city, but it’s the 4th biggest city in Margrave Bryutzels’s territory.

To tell you the truth, Jacquard is the origin of our family, and the capital at the time of the founder of the Sacred Kingdom VanDamme in other words, during the 1st king’s era. When the 5th generation family head took over the seat, he chose to cross the mountain range and start to pioneer that location, and in the 7th generation head’s era, they acquired the Margrave title and obtain the enormous territory, thus make Bryunhil as the new capital of the territory. The city of Jacquard is also a mining city. To make it simpler, Jacquard was a place that holds historical and economic value for the Bryutzels’ territory(Political and economic capital).

「Christoph, why did you choose to go to Jacquard?」

You ask that now?! Did you just decide to ask the reason to go to the place after boarding?! As expected of Carla! I pity Peron who had been dragged along!

「There’s several reasons as to why I’m going there. The first one is Jacquard is Bryutzels’ house origin, the next one is because they have mining sites. I want to acquire ores that can be used by Bryut firm. 」

「Are there no tourist spots in Jacquard?」

Clara also had the same level as Carla・・・

My condolences Pritz・・・

「As for the tourist spots, there’s Luigi Lake nearby. I heard from the vassal that takes care of the city, Luigi Lake is on the high ground so it’s cold in the summer and has beautiful scenery, so it should be entertaining.」

「You plan to stay there for a week right?・・・and you will go to Luigi Lake right?」

「After staying in Jacquard city for 2 night we will go to the villa near the Luigi Lake for 5 nights, then go back home.」

Actually, I want to sightsee more, but, because there are escort knights, in addition to moving slowly, it can’t be helped. If I am the only one inside this carriage without any escort, I would have gone here and there to sightsee every town without caring about how bad the road was. After reaching adulthood, it’s alright to become a Viscount, but, if I became an adventurer I want to wander around the world. (TN: is it a foreshadow to the arc? Dum dum dum duuuummmm)

While talking about a lot of things like that―――although mostly by Carla and Clara―――our carriage heads to Jacquard.

We stopped at a village and stayed at the chief’s house. We heard that there was a thief’s den nearby, and the village was in trouble. Carla blabbered something about thief extermination. Since this isn’t Bryutzels’ territory, neither Carla’s, not the twins, can act without thinking. If I used the escort knights I brought with us, it will surely bring displeasure to the governing lord.

「Does Christoph-kun want to leave the thieves as they are?!」

O Clara-kun, you’re breathing roughly.

「It would be a problem if we move from here, but it’ll be no problem for us to retaliate. Furthermore, we can do many things you know. 」

「Christoph・・・your lordship is bad too~(EN: Your lord, is bad too – お主も悪よのぉ)

Clara-kun, which evil magistrate are you?

「But will they attack us while we are being guarded by the knights?」

It’s Peron appearance after a long time desu.

「Then we just need to make them want to attack us.」

「How do we do that?」

Pritz-kun, you’re the next head of the Hekat house so this kind of evil plot ・・・incorrect, you have to be able to create this kind of strategy.

「How about spreading a rumor that we brought over 1000 gold coins?」

「Ah, that’s good. Since thieves are stupid, they’ll act crazily by their greed, right?」

I don’t know whether they’re stupid or not, but I think they’re stupid. After all, they become bandits (thieves). I don’t think thieving is a good occupation because when they’re being caught it’s either lifetime crime slaves or death. I don’t think any smart person will do this high-risk job・・・(EN: High risk, high returns; bro~). Each person’s thoughts differ huh・・・

However, I won’t hold back, alright. Although it’s not Bryutzels Margrave frontier territories so, I won’t move proactively because one mistake that we (aristocracy) make will make us live like bandits. The different between aristocracy and bandits is that we need to protect our people.(EN: The lines are contradicting, “won’t hold back” and “won’t move aggressively”. Please check the original.)

The symbiosis between nobles and subjects is with the subjects’ tax – the nobles will protect and develop the territory and the people. If not, then the aristocracy will only bring harm.

In my opinion, a noble has to be one who has the strategy. If not, then, there are no differences between nobles and thieves, because that one thing is the absolute requirement of a noble. That is what I think.

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