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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 45



045 Clan War・Final2




The sunset Fireworks battle started.

There are 63 parts of fireworks to be launched.

Since we will be appearing at the 63rds, it’s somehow nerve-wracking.

The fireworks were done surprisingly well, the colorful flowers resemble the ones which paint the summer night sky in Japan, to the 3-dimensional fireworks are simulating for the mamono and other people.

The launch has proceeded smoothly and it came to the 2nd half of the event, now the ones to launch are the winning candidate the『Student council』.

『Now then,『Student council』Prepare to launch your Fireworks.』

The audience is unsurprisingly expectant of the Fireworks from the『Student council』and cheering loudly.

「Ganbare~tsu(do your best)」

「I’m expecting a lot this year too~」


「Onee-sama~Hug me~」(TN: Lol, I want a hug too One-sama!)(EN: …. trauma……)

The overall cheering are as such・・・

Chrysnans-anesama was wonderfully giving instructions while responding to the cheers.

It seems that『Student council』is using several magic circles at once, there are magic circles drawn in several places.

Looking at it in this way, Chrysnans-anesama’s presence is overwhelming.

Even though she looks skinny, with light complexion she has an overwhelming sophisticated aura・・・no, she has the sharpness like a sharpened sword.

Chrysnans-anesama continued with her preparation for the first entry, it’ll soon be the time for launch.

Chrysnans-anesama raised her right hand.

The venue had suddenly wrapped in silence, like the noise before was a lie.

I feel that Chrysnans-anesama’s presence increased.

Everyone’s attention had gathered on Chrysnans-anesama.

As if responding to the lowered right-hand, the mana flowed to the magic circle.

The magic circle shined and the fireworks were launched shining the dark night.

Even though we call them fireworks, in this royal magic academy, there aren’t any students that used gunpowder in their firework.

That was the reason why there weren’t any explosion sounds or smoke which is peculiar of gunpowder.

In exchange or not, the light the fireworks emitted is many folds brighter than the firework in Japan.

The silent night was dominated by the dragon-like fireworks.

・・・I’ve got the feeling of ‘ I’ve done it now’・・・

Though I don’t want to say what I’ve done for now・・・

However, after the fireworks were launched the spectators began to cheer.

The dragon flew about in the sky.

The complex motion controls were done well.

The dragon which flew about in the sky and flapped its wings looked splendid・・・

Even though it played for less than a minute, it felt long.

But, it got me there・・・

I’m thinking about this and that but, what’s been done is done. (TN: あれやこれや考えていたのだが、やってしまった感バリバリだ。)





「Mattaku(gosh), don’t just go to your own world! Since our turn will soon come, let’s go to the stage」(EN: “mattaku” should be translated. Only original Japanese words or explicitly special words shouldn’t.)


Now then, the opening performance all had been done.

It’s now the time for the main performance.

The magic circle which is being prepared is only 1.

The gimmick that’s being incorporated isn’t only 10 or 20.

I’m sorry for Chrysnans-anesama but I’m going to win this.

Even if my opponent is my blood relative, I won’t make any exceptions.(EN: more accurate)

I think I will get scolded if I do make exceptions though.

And the angry Chrysnans-anesama seems scary.

『This will be the last.『MImaker』please prepare your fireworks.』

The key performer of today is the odd man(Kisai), prodigy (Isai), Natural disaster(Tensai) Christoph-kun it is! (TN: I don’t really understand kanji but the Tensai which can be read as prodigy and the Tensai which can be read as natural disaster has a different kanji, in this line they used this 天災 which means natural disaster)(EN: 天才-read as “Tensai” which means genius/prodigy but has a different kanji, as can be seen, it’s a Japanese pun by the author.)

Eh, aren’t you misspelling the words? (TN: they don’t, tensai-san.)(EN: lol, puny.)

Hahaha, well, whichever it is, it’s still tensai after all so it isn’t a mistake・・・

For once, I’m aware of myself okay!

This time, Myself(watakushi) am well prepared, using advanced gimmicks which incorporate----movement it is!(EN: I don’t get this line.)

It’s only using 1 magic circle!

The set will soon be completed!

All that’s left is to wait for the starting sign!

Carla sent the OK sign to the teachers.

Teachers respond to Carla’s sign and gave the instruction to launch.

Carla nodded and we immediately moved around the magic circle.

Then, let’s begin!

Peron, Clara, and Pritz supply the magic circle with mana.

What am I doing?

I’m helping the mana control of the 3 mana suppliers.

If I supply the magic circle with mana it would be done easily without me breaking a sweat/easy peasy. (TN: kinda hard to find the translation of chochoinochoi in English) But since I’m alone when rewriting the magic circle, it’s been decided that others will supply the mana, since delicate control was needed for the complex magic circle I’ll help them to control the mana supply to the magic circle.

Supplied by the 3 suppliers, the magic circle gradually started to shine.

Being supplied, the magic circle gradually emits its light, when the Mana spread throughout the magic circle, a pillar of light shoot through the sky.

The brightness of the light pillar not only blinds the spectators, it even makes everyone on the stadium to cover their eyes.


When the light dominates the sky, a roar could be heard.

「Wha, what is that・・・」


What they see when the light lessened was・・・


A 20-meter long snake・・・it’s not that.

It is a dragon.

The student council also created a dragon however, it’s a western dragon.

Thus, the one I’m creating was an oriental dragon.

From the seat there are several who were scared stiff, some were screaming, there were even some who tried to escape.

It’s a firework you know!

Well, unlike other fireworks, it has a sound effect and the movement is smooth・・・tte, I didn’t even think they would think this was a real mamono!

「Christoph・・・kun・・・That is a・・・fire・work・・・ isn’t it?」

「Of course, it incorporates more than 200 moves, that’s why it has smooth movements. It’s amazing right?」

「It’s amazing・・・but・・・」

「It’s so amazing that no one thinks it’s a firework!」

Hahaha, was it a little bit overkill?(TN: Run for your life spectators!!)(EN: Remember Gandalf’s fireworks?)

It was such an overkill that I got scolded by the teachers. (TN: haha! Serves you right!)

They don’t understand a rapid technological progress desu!


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