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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 44


044 Clan War・Final 1


ED: Bullistic,Puru


In the 2nd preliminary challenge『MI Maker』received 713 points and was able to get 1st place, hence we’ve fulfilled the requirements to pass. The 500 points were from my Battle Royal, while the 213 points were the magic circle team.

・・・Well, it’s that.

The magic circle team received the 7th place, which would normally mean it is impossible to qualify to enter the final round.

Today the 1st battle of the finals will be held. Every year, the 1st match is always the same.

「Now then, we’ve achieved our first goal. To put it bluntly, without Christoph, we won’t even pass the qualifying round・・・that is a fact that we must accept. However, since『MI Maker』 had the ultimate Christoph we will shamelessly make him our vanguard and knocked out every obstacle we encounter !」


What a simple mind Carla has.

However, Carla eyes seem like ‘$’ marks or are it just me?

Also, what is ultimate Christoph?(TN: Arutimate)

Ultimate?(TN: Kyuukyoku?)

Does she mean an ultimate weapon?

(`–´メ) Mukii*Pissed* (TN: I don’t know Author include emoji here)

The first competition of the main battle (final) seems to be only for entertainment purposes, that’s why everyone seems to want to compete with flashiness and subtlety. Heck, to put it more directly, it is a firework display. The students that have not qualified for the final round can also participate in this firework display. Of course, no matter how many points they receive in this firework display, they won’t advance to the 2nd round of the main battle.

Since there’s no restriction on the number of participants, isn’t it easier to restrict the participant first? When I ask that to Bloom-sensei he says『It’s for the harvest festival, you know?』.

So, that’s why there aren’t any restriction to the participants, and it seems to be that the 3 teams that become the winners will serve as representatives to display their fireworks in the harvest festival in front of the king. To display fireworks in front of the king, there’s nothing more important than that to the students in the Royal Magic Academy, so there are many students that put extra effort. Well, it’s not limited to fireworks, but showing off something in front of his majesty is an honorable thing to the citizens of this country.

Though I don’t care about that・・・

「This time, I’ve prepared a firework in advance. However, I believe the other clans have done the same thing・・・or not, aside from us I believe there’s already someone who prepared like us. Anyway, please recheck everything and prepare for tonight’s show! 」

Carla, as the leader of the team『MI Maker』has, already prepared a magic circle that will start a series of fireworks. Since firework magic circles have been introduced since long ago, it has been developed many times based on the previous magic circles. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use 1 magic circle or several at once but, if you use 1 then the magic circle will be a circle that’s difficult to activate, while using several magic circle one by one might be easy but counting the timing of each and every magic is difficult and exhausting by itself. It means there are disadvantages and advantages in every choice.

So, regarding the fireworks display, I got the advisory position. Fireworks magic circle creation is always presented in the 1st match of the main battle of the Clan Wars after all since Carla and co. have prepared in advance for the plan, I’ll decide whether there’s a need to help them in the minimum else, I’m doing nothing.

Thus counting the time after Carla made the declaration・・・after almost half a day configuring the magic circle the other team’s magic fireworks, at last, came flying upwards.

As expected of Carla. She can switch her feelings wonderfully quick, not long after she give order after order.

「Launch, I’ll put it here okay」

Peron put the sandwich and apple juice he was having next to me, who is making an amendment to the magic circle.

「Sorry. If we have more knowledge about magic circles then we won’t put such a burden to Christoph-kun・・・」

「I don’t particularly mind it. after all making a magic circle is like a hobby for me, it’s rather fun」

The more complicated the magic circle, the more mana it needs. To control the magic it needs more mana. However, for some reason, I can construct the circle in my head so that’s why it’s easier for me to construct the magic circle on a parchment.

「Christoph-kun really can do anything huh」

「Pritz and the others surely will be able to do this too」

「It’ll be good if that’s true・・・I somehow lose confidence while seeing how Christoph-kun doing it」

What should I say・・・

「If that is so, I could teach you, you know?」


Not only Pritz, Peron also took the bait. Well, Peron isn’t only a clan mate he also a party member. After all. teaching him about magic can make the task of dungeon capturing easier, so it’s all okay. That’s why after the Clan Wars finish, I will be teaching them about magic circles.

Now then, about the correction in the magic circle, it seems that it’s already beyond the level of correction. It’s almost like creating a magic circle again from scratch. If I left it as it is・・・it’ll only last until the opening.

I had put my strenuous effort to increase the magic intensity I had no choice but to rewrite almost all of the Ancient Balmus language. The students gather on the 2nd stadium since its already evening. The students that gather are of course the spectators that came see the game. Fireworks should be launched in the dark to make it more amazing, that’s why the order of launching is being determined.

Based on the lottery, our clan『MIMaker』will get the last order to launch ours.

E, the circumstance not really good?

Well, it’s alright, after all, the star performer always plays the last.