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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 20


020 Magic Circle 1




The old apartment has 4 floors above ground the 1st floor had space for building a workshop, while the 2nd to 4th floor has a total of 4 rooms for living space.

If you bought something this big in the Capital, you need to at least have 10 million S so the Merchant Guild’s Clerk told me.
100 million Yen in Japan huh~

「・・・This too looks horrible huh」


If it’s not because the 180 years old building, the land itself is priced at more than 5 million S.

The word Renovate came out from Merchant guild’s staff but, rather than renovate it he thought it will be cheaper if I rebuilt it again.
However, to demolish the building itself it will need 1.5 million S and to dispose the rubble to need another 1 million S, and to construct something with a size of the apartment I will need at least more than 5 million S・・・then paying to the Nobles for the disturbances・・・whichever is it the money will fly.

But, I could avoid being harassed by the nobles because I’ve got someone to back me up and to build the building again I’ve got a trick, it will succeed somehow.

「Well, I’ll buy it if the price is 1.5 million S. Could you consult about it to the seller? 」

Just in case, I take a look at my feet.
If the negotiation broke, I’ll pay it at 2 million S.

「・・・Understood, we will try to answer it before the end of the day」

「Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu 」

After seeing another 2 building we return to the shop at noon.

As usual, the shop is thriving.
The slaves were unfamiliar with hospitality so they struggled but somehow they could handle it.
Meanwhile, Purietta who was originally a cafe clerk was accustomed to hospitality and immediately became war potential for the shop.

「O~i, Clamp, Bekkena, Benezetta~」

「Is there something I can hep?」

The three of them immediately come to me Benezetta became the representative that asking why I called them.

「Buy 30 portions of lunch boxes at Soramame inn’s dining room immediately」

「30 portion?」

Me and Fillia, 11 Slaves, 1 soldier that I asked to be a guard, my escorts are 4 so it’s all totaled 18, but there are people that need more serving so 30 portion is good.

「There are 18 people in this shop include me and my escorts, you all seems to eat much. Is it too many for you guys? 」

The person that seems to convince Benezetta and the one that seems to rejoice they can eat much as Clamp and Bekkena.

「I leave buying things to you guys but, bring variety of it」


I give 5 large silver coins to Benezetta and let them go to buy the lunch boxes.
Why am I ordering them to buy lunch boxes was because rugged 3 aren’t suited for hospitality .・・・Just that.

Fortunately, before lunch rugged 3 came back with plenty of lunch boxes with them.
The lunch box that those brought were divided and has 12 left over.
rugged 3, 4 escorts, and 1 soldier acting as a guard were given 2 lunch box.
Even that still makes 4 left over when I asked the others except muscle faction former hunter Penesu and the Magician Dwarf Jamon ask for more.
2 left over was given to Gottsui 3 for them, they happily divide them.
Oi, don’t fights because of the side dishes・・・They eat well.

After lunch first let’s buy gottsui 3 a weapon for them by foot.
The 3 were originally vanguards that used metal armor, but just by imagining them using metal armor in the store is sultry so I bought them Long coat Leather Armor at the store.

The weapon is one handed sword, but I buy them a spear and a broad axe too because it’s their usual equipment.
While I was at it I bought a shield too.
In the store the weapon that they equip is only one handed sword, in case of some unforeseen circumstances has occurred I allow them to use the Spear and Broad Axe.

Then, we brought back the purchased equipment, and immediately strengthened it.
This time I show my work to the 4 magician and train them.

「「What is this Magic circle?!」」

The magic item fool Lock and Jamon were surprised seeing my magic circle.
My magic has evolved since I went to the Great Temple.
In other words I used Japanese in the Magic Circle.

For me it is my native language?Japanese has a clear meaning in its words and it’s easy to use, it’s convenience since Kanji had less words than Balmus Ancient language that is normally used.
By the way the language that we use in the Central continent is Hekato common language so it’s different than Balmus Ancient language.
When the era changed Culture and Language will change too.

「Now, what I let the 4 of you see isn’t Balmus’s Ancient language. This word is special words don’t reveal it !」


Magic needed a Magic Circle.
Thus Magic circle commonly use Balmus Ancient Language but, there’s no need to concern Balmus Ancient Language as long it has a meaning.
This thing is already discovered and not that surprising but, Balmus Ancient Language has a good suitability and commonly used by others.
In other words as long as there was a meaning in the word, one can use any kind of language to make Magic Circle.