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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 19


019 Treatment



Some minor change in translation and minor edit at 22/06/2017



「I am the president of Bryut Firm but, I have various things to do so I leave Bryut Company’s things to the vice president and manager of Bryut Firm / Store Fillia. Everyone needs to listen to Fillia’s instructions and liven up Bryut’s company」

After closing the shop the Slaves and Fillia had a meeting themselves and did introduction plus some guiding to them.

The still a child, Fillia, is Bryut’s Firm number 2 slaves and running the store make the slaves feel uneasy.
However, you should not look down on this Fillia.
Fillia has been taught by that Hanna’s Spartan training, she’s like a Hero from Maid world that been taught by Hanna you know!

Even my personal maid Luna needed 3 years to train before she could be my personal Maid by Hanna!

「I’m Fillia. I’ll use my life for Christoph-sama and make Bryut Firm reach the summit」

Iya, it’s alright for you to not stake your life・・・

「Fillia, there will be 4 people who will do inventory management and work as clerks. Do your best to train them」

Clara, Penes, Purietta, and Mameru from the Clerk candidate introduced themselves.

「These 3 will be the security. Prepare their equipment tomorrow」

Clamp, Bekkena, and Benezetta did their self-introduction including the weapon they are good at.

「There are 4 Magicians and I will teach them how to make magic items tomorrow. For that purpose, they’ll stay」

Giulietta, Lock, Jamon, and Cell the 4 of them did their self-introduction.

「Everyone will get their rest in turn. Basically, there’ll be 1 day of rest every 6 days. There’ll be an adjustment so the 3 groups resting days won’t overlap. Of course, Fillia also need to rest」(T/N: rest in term of holiday~ or something like that)

Fillia and the slaves were surprised that they’ll get a rest day but, I don’t care about something like that.
The point is I want to make the Slaves work efficiently, it’s because I think lively Slaves will work better than a Slave that have dead fish eyes in them(T.N: no emotion/ don’t care about what they do), and I want to make a decent environment too for them.

「In addition, I will give you a break at the end of the year and harvest festival day. Of course, the store will put a poster that is written about the rest day in the storefront」

Furthermore, I’m adding the consecutive holiday’s system, everyone looking with half-closed eyes. (CZ: so they’re not startled…)

「The slaves will have 1 gold as their wage monthly. When the sales boom, I’ll give you all a bonus too, about the shelter and food I (firm) will provide them. How you all use the money is up to you all, for me, it’s all right if you guys save up your money to buy yourself back」

The slaves widened their eyes at the line of they could buy themselves back.
The magician slaves have a pretty high price so they’ll need more money for them to buy themselves, but their goal must be to accumulate gold.

「Ano, is it alright for me to make a question?」

Magician Julietta asked permission for a question.

「What is it?」

「You say that we will get a bonus when the selling is high but, what is bonus?」

Does this world not have any word like a bonus?

「You could think a bonus is a special reward. In short, if the selling has a big boom then everyone will get the special reward. Of course, the bonus will have differences between the people who worked so I hope that everyone will work more」

Assuming that the sales will get farther than the target, I will revise the plan and get more slaves.
In order to improve their working capability when the goods sales more than what we assume let’s give them more bonus.
It’s an of course but in order to make the sales improved the item itself must get a better quality.

For slaves getting a wage and holidays isn’t part of common sense so they didn’t believe what I said but, lastly Fillia brought the conclusion.

「Everyone, I myself am originally a Slaves but Christoph-sama saved my life, and in addition, he freed me from slavery. Christoph-sama isn’t like other people that harm Slaves. So please believe what Christoph-sama says and your life will have a good future!」

Slaves were「oooー」saying that in admiration, while others believe Fillia hasn’t said any lies.

「Lastly!I want you all to here to say your opinion. There’s no need for yourself to ask for permission to speak every time. In addition, I will not permit any fighting that will harm you companion but a little quarrel is forgiven!If you want a fight search for someone stronger than me!Is what I think. Do you all get it?」


Everyone gave a firm reply.
At least, for now, this will be good enough.

I will let Fillia take care of the Slaves and take them to the nearby inn.
Then I went to Merchant guild.
I need to find a place for them to live and work.

「Then, how about this property?」

The property that was introduced to me is a 4 story building near from the store.
Heck, isn’t this an apartment.

「The first floor could be a store, but for simplicity, you could also use it as a workshop. Furthermore, in 2nd to 4th floor, each floor has 3 rooms for a total of 9 rooms so it should have a spacious room. However, the building itself is a thing that is made from 180 years ago and have many things to repair so the thing needs to be purchased fully, the preparation itself must help dear guest」

Do~n’t need it.
I want them to move out immediately, above all I understand how much money I need to buy the property.

「The price amount is 2 million S!」


「2 million S des」

「・・・What made it so cheap?」

「The owner of this property has deceased, so it had been inherited by the relatives but, because this itself was an old building there’s no one who wanted to buy it and to demolished the building or renovate it itself needed some amount of money. The owner don’t want to give an amount of money for the cost, and he himself say to reduce the cost of tax he must to pay he has to sell it as fast as possible」

naruhodo(so that’s it), Inheritance was good but unprofitable property huh・・・but, is it really just to that extent?

「Is it just that?」

Merchant guild’s Clerk gave a bitter smile then continued the story.

To make it simple this rundown apartment even after it was renovated there’s no prospective tenant, the 1st floor could be used as a store but it will rarely be visited.
In other words, the location is bad.
Even if I say the location is bad the building itself facing the main street, the traffic of pedestrian is good. ・・・yes based on the traffic itself it is a good property.

However, immediately it is in the area of a lower class noble’s store so a normal citizen would not trouble themselves by selling here.
Furthermore, there are also both high-class Noble stores in the surrounding.

To renovate this building there’s a need to pay a big amount of compensation to the nobility’s store because it will become an inconvenience to them.
The same thing applies to the demolition of this building, both of it needs a dumb amount of money.
But, if it’s me, my parent had a potential threat to the low class noble should not make them troubled.(T/N: Bryutzels is a big noble. So of course lower class and middle class wouldn’t dare to make a complaint.)
It is to the extent that they will be the one who gets crushed.

This Sacred Van Damme Kingdom’s racial discrimination was not as high as the other country, but there is still conspicuous of noble’s arrogance.
Even it’s still better than the other country is what I hear though, even if they say that this world’s consciousness of aristocracy’s privilege will never disappear.
Hearing to this extent I shouldn’t think how to deal with the noble’s or not.
But, nobles were not that sweet.
I’m not going to exaggerate it, but, in Japan my office being sandwiched by 2 of  893 office.(T/N: 893 means yakuza.)
In addition, we can’t rely on the country’s power because the opponent is a noble.

「Please let me see the property tomorrow morning. If I like it I will buy it」

Then I asked to see the other 2 properties, so in case I don’t end up not buying the apartment I could decide to buy the other property.


Author’s note:

Please read my side story『Waregamamama Sozo kamisama (My mother is a god of creation)』.
But please note that it’s containing spoiler.

ts to translate it… (June 2