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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 18

018 Shriek of Joy




Heck, 4 types of rings get inquiries from the nobles and kingdom’s knights, it’s troublesome to respond about it.
But, it was worth it because of that I got an order from the noble.
My enrollment to Royal Magic Academy has also been decided, I can’t make the item too much so, for now, I make it for reserve.

Cushions were also selling well, but increasing its productivity rate is impossible!

If I am enrolled in Royal Magic Academy like this then the productivity will decrease.
Although it’s joyful event, it’s also could become a serious problem.

I had a plan to improve sugar in the near future but, creating potions and rings production without magic ・・・

That’s right!Just buy a slave!
If I bought 2 or 3 slaves that have the aptitude・・・Alright, let’s buy it now!
The time is finite!

Incidentally, let’s try to buy our shop salesgirl too.

「Gale(Geeru), I want to buy slaves so guide me to the slave trader’s shop」

Gale was surprised as expected by me that suddenly want to buy Slave but, because the store was successful that it was in need of manpower so he was convinced immediately.

By using the carriage which waited in front of the store, we go to the slave trader.

「Irrashaimase(welcome). Welcome to Surimasu slave shop 」

A middle-aged man by himself greeted me.

「I want a few slaves that can use magic, a few young girl slaves, and several slaves that can handle weapons」

My escorts and the slave trader were surprised by my demands.
It would be so after all a little kid like me wants to buy many slaves, and the escorts too must be thinking that I want to buy 1 or 2 slaves for selling.

「Excuse me but, could you show me your ID card (mibun shou)?」

ID card is something that the Great Temple made based on Status Plate.
Since the contents are hidden properly except for the name and family it can be used as an identification card.
It is for confirming the identity and criminal record so the slave trader said.
It means that criminals can’t buy slaves.

「Christoph Von Bryutzles-sama, Bryutzels Margrave’s・・・Thank you very much. I’ll immediately prepare the slaves, so please wait in here」

After a while we were called to a separate room, there 11 people were waiting.

「It is all the slaves that are good at handling weapons, young woman, and magician」

ho ho.

While I stay silent and see the slaves status the slave trader seems to drown in his cold sweat, using a handkerchief to wipe it off.

「Can I talk to the slaves?」

「As long as you don’t touch them it’s alright」

I nod to the slave trader’s answer and ask them one by one.

「What did you do, how did you become a slave?」

The question is only that, and the 11 slaves answered it honestly.

The female gold haired elf Slave said.
「I originally was a magician and adventurer, but because of facing a failed mission and couldn’t pay the fee I became a slave to pay it. 」

The male red headed hyuman said.
「I was immersed in magic item creation, and when I awoke I had been drowned in debt」

Brown haired male dwarf said
「Similar to the previous guy」

Blue haired kobito (small person)’s race girl say
「I became a Slave to pay my father’s debt」

This was the answer of the slave that have the aptitude of a magician.
All of them bought.

Black haired woman hyuman in her 20s say
「I am a normal person that lived in a village and plowed, but because the village can’t pay taxes I became a slave」

A female cat race in her teens say
「I was a hunter nya. I was wounded and couldn’t hunt anymore」

Pale green haired female hyuman in her late teens
「Although I was a waitress in a café in capital, my father was sick and we started to borrow money but because we can’t pay back the debt I became a Slave」

Peach haired fish race female in her 20s (look like)
「While I was swimming in the sea I got caught in a storm became wounded and I got treated, but can’t pay the fee」

Until now is the young woman・・・
It seems there included a weird person that used an awkward word・・・

Gottsui oldman
「I ‘m an adventurer but, I was injured」

Gotsui oldman
「I was an adventurer failed who in his quest and got in debt」

Gottsui neesan (sister)
「I am the same as the person before」

Until before they are a person that can handle weapon but・・・
everyone is gotsui?

I was a little curious and asked it to the slave trader.

「Is the adventurer that failed their quest is a party of 3 people there?」

「Yes, the 3 of them are party members」

「In the situation where you guys are bought at the same time could you guys cooperate with one another again?」

「There’s no problem with it. There’s no feud between us (ataitachi)」

The one who answered is Gotsui neesan, while the other 2 nodded.

「Shopkeeper, these all slaves how much is it for them?」


「I’m asking how much is their price」

The slave trader doesn’t think that I would buy them all, huh,  my question got him in a state of「what did he say」.

「・・・Pl, please wait for a minute・・・」

Finally he finished his calculation.

「ze, All of them has 7.2 million S as their price but, since you bought it in a large quantity it will get discounted and the price will be 7 million」

Counting the sum of the price and the sum of my profit from Bryutzels margrave’s house and these days store’s selling it’s not that much of money.

「Th, thank you very much!」

After that everyone made the contract and went back to the store but, as expected there’s no place for everyone to stay in that store so I rented an inn near the store and told them the thing about work.

「Firstly I want the magician team to make a magic item. I will tell you how to make it, so I want you to remember it all firmly」

Especially Selca who have the attribute of water and light magic to make a potion that I’m giving up before.(TLN: you know… in the latest chapter before he has told you all about it)

「The three combat slaves will help this store’s guard. The remaining female team will be clerks and do inventory management」

Pokan from the peoples who listened to my explanation the one who was the injured gottsui Oldman asking forgiveness of the remark.

「I think because of my injury I will be of no use in a combat team?」

「If it is about that then it’ll be no problem. Everyone that had an injury will be healed by me. First is you」

Thus I invoke hero-class light tribute magic Restoration.
Oldman’s injury that you were able to see is vanishing.

「Wha, What?!」

「That is Restoration!?」

Seeing my magic, the magician from kobito race Selca is raising her voice.

「Don’t reveal what you see right now」

The slaves who recognize this magic is having startled faces while the other did not show much of a reaction.