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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 17


017 Opening



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Iya~Success, success.

Because now is the opening business commemorative ring and potion had their special price of discount 30%.
Thus the purchasable items were sold because of the mouth to mouth advertisement by the customers.

「Wound potion 10 please!」

hoitto hoitto (this and that this and that), how busy, how busy.
Since there’s not enough manpower while I getting the item from the warehouse Fillia sells it in the desk.
The soldier that worked as security were ordered to organized the customer, let’s give them an additional reward for today.

「Castor sugar 5 pots!」

Filia’s tone started to become wild.
Her eyes became bloodshot・・・
Ah, She hasn’t eat her lunch.
Let’s give her candy later.

The time became evening and the customer’s leg stopped so let’s close the shop.
The first day was really busy and it ended without a big problem.
In the first place, I’ve used Bryutzels house’s mark so a weird person should not come, while in that side they’re taking a rest.

「Everyone, Thank you for your work today. Filia too otsukaresama (good work)」

「I’ve did I good work desu」

When I patted her head, Fillia’s tail shaking happily.

「This is not much but, please receive it」

We had dispatched 3 soldiers especially for today.

Thanks to that organizing the customer became easier, they’ve done good work too without having lunch so today I’ll give them a special wage for the 3 of them I’ve to give them 10,000 S each.

「「Thi, This much?!」」

「I couldn’t receive this much」

Because soldier’s wage for a month is 30.000S so, it was a third of their salary.

「It’s a special wage because today’s very busy. And everyone still had not eaten lunch right? Because I think tomorrow won’t be this busy so it’s only today’s special. Therefore just think it as opening gift.」

The dispatch fee will be paid by Bryutzels Margrave house I don’t need to pay the soldiers personally, but because today is busy I’ll gift them an opening gift.

「「「Thank you very much!」」」

The three soldiers went back with a happy face because of the extra income.

Of course, I give my escorts a reward too.
It’s because my escorts too helped in the reception.

The one who remained was me and Filia, thus we go to eat with my 6 escorts.
As expected because we were hungry I requested them to make it fast.

「Christoph-sama, did you not think tomorrow will not be busy?」

「It seem so, it’s because rumor that transmitted will take time, so I think we will get pretty lax for a few days」

Fillia is thinking for a while then talk again.

「I think tomorrow will be busy too. Because of that after we done with the meal, I want to check the stock 」

「Why did you think that?」

「Because 30% of Today’s customer were woman 」

「Ho~but it’s just 30% isn’t it? Just 30% ‘s rumour will not make tomorrow」

「Don’t make a fool of Woman’s Network!」(T/N: yeah! Even if I’m a guy women’s network is frightening you know!)

It’s strangely convincing.

「Alright I understand, I’ll stock it as much as I can」

「Thank you very much」

Thinking after the meal there’s a work waiting even before tasting the dish it became a speed eating.

In the way back from the dining hall, I steeled myself to stay up all night.
But because Fillia is the sales girl she needed to sleep as early as she can.
Staying up all night will be difficult for Fillia that not yet 10 years old, and I don’t want to see the sales girl having circles under her eyes. (T/N: i remembered… that fillia is a Loli here…)

「Geeru, tell the house that this night I will stay in the store」

「However madam will be worried you know」

「I’ll apologize when I’m back」

Geeru does the job with a feeling of there’s no helping it kinda subordinate that receive an order.
By the way, I have 6 escorts but, this Geeru is the leader.

When Fillia came back to the store she began to check the displayed merchandise, Geeru, and co. kept up their security while shifting break.
While I proceed to produce the not so surprisingly best selling white sugar while replenishing the potion type and ring type.
I remember when I reporting to father about this white sugar he sees this with an indecent face.
If it not because of father’s demand this white sugar won’t be this cheap.
I right now I don’t want to stick my face to political things, I do not dare to hear the reason. (T/N: yup… remember the politic side? Ignorance is bliss)
・・・It’s possible to imagine but, let’s ignore it for now.

Replenishment completed at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night somehow I’m able to prevent staying up all night and began patting my chest.
I let Fillia rest on the 2nd floor though because she needs to prepare the shops counter and opening, while the escorts were sleeping in a random place.
Everyone really had a hard time huh.

「Fillia, didn’t I say you need to sleep early」

「I can’t sleep while letting Christoph-sama work alone!」

「Mattaku・・・I’m done with replenishing so let’s sleep. That’s why Fillia should also go to sleep in your own room」

I pushed Fillia forcibly in her room and as expected I am tired too so I slept in the next room.
Let’s hear about the sales report tomorrow.
・・・Good night.

I woke up because I’m hearing a thing’s sound.
The sun comes out and outside became bright.
When seeing the clock it’s a little passed 6, the escorts yesterday’s position has changed.

「Good morning, Christoph-sama」

Fillia’s voice calling from behind.

「Good morning, Fillia」

「Since your breakfast is ready, please come inside」

Apparently the meal preparation was done.
Just in case, this store had a kitchen and dinning room, there are also living space in 2nd floor.
However, unfortunately there’s no bath.
There are baths in the house when we go back, so today let’s go home to bath.

This world doesn’t really have fixing habit about bathing, there are bath(ofuro) in noble’s house (TLN: it could also mean mansion but i prefer house) but it doesn’t mean they enter it everyday.
Meanwhile, I am using it everyday so everyone stares at me like a strange person.

I need to earn more so I can create a furo(bath) in my store from scratch!

Breakfast ended, I received yesterday’s revenue report from Fillia.

「Yesterday’s revenue from the wound potion is・・・・・・totaled 1,613,300S. Amazing desu!」

「Is that so, it’s more than what I’ve predicted. It’s won’t be good if I don’t increase the commodity na~」

In fact, I want to increase the variety of the commodity in the store because it’s not enough.
Furthermore I want an item that was good even if it not from my production kind of think also needed.

Somehow, I’ve got a feeling that I have lost my purpose to go to Royal Magic Academy・・・