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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 21


021 Magic Circle 2




Magic Circle usually use Balmus Ancient Language but, as long as the words has a meaning it’s alright to use any kind of language.

From this discovery, I changed the language to Japanese to create a Magic Circle.

Mainly Kanji.

Since the slate at the Great Temple uses Japanese, I try to use Japanese in Magic Circle and got the effect, since Kanji’s character can be written in small numbers and have many meanings the effects can be many too.

In other words, the effect that imparts with the word is higher than normal.

Because of that, I made Japanese become a top secret, I taught the 4 of them to write the magic circle in Japanese.

「Power Ring described【火魔使三腕力加二十( Increase Physical Strength by 20 )】. This has a meaning of increasing【腕力(Physical Strength)】by 20,【火魔使三(Use 3 fire attribute)】means it used 3 Mana from fire attribute (consumption),【腕力加二十(Increase Physical Strength by 20)】has a meaning to Increase【Physical Strength】by 20」

It is too easy but it has a precise meaning.

「Use Magic3・・・?」

「Yes, if you understand your magic’s numeral point you could control it, besides that it is important to think of the environment so please understand this」

Everyone couldn’t understand everything immediately, because of that I don’t think they’ll immediately become another war potential(in business meaning) so do your best.

「Originally body strengthening magic comes from the Void attribute magic like thing but, my magic circle is different from the others. Power is also a symbol of Fire attribute, so Power ring charges Fire attribute in them. So Lock is in charge of it」

Because Lock’s attribute aptitude of Fire is in Advanced Level so it’s enough to level to use.

「Moreover about the way to put the magic, other people is used『Little bit of magic』kind of abstract representation but, my Magic Circle using a number as the representation. A, Magic number is my original measurement and it’s an ultra-secret thing so I don’t teach this to you guys now」

「Numeral Value of magic・・・How to do it・・・」

Lock-kun, I’m sorry but for now, I can’t teach you about that.

Telling them about using Appraisal from Eyes of Mentality will make the situation become more ambiguous, someday I will need to learn to describe them huh・・・

「Forest ring is【土魔使四耐久加三十(Increase Endurance by 30 】what its mention in it. This will make defense strengthened by 30, 【土魔使四( Use 4 Earth attribute)】is using 4 Mana from Earth attribute (consumption),【耐久加三十(Endurance Increased by 30)】means【Endurance】will increase by 30. Forest ring charge Earth attribute in it so I entrust it to Jamon.」

Jamon’s attribute aptitude in Earth is in Advanced level so, it would be no problem for him.

「Fireball ring too is from Fire attribute so I entrusted it to Lock.【火魔使四火球射(Cast Fireball)】Is what it’s described.【火魔使四 ( Use 4 fire attribute)】it use 4 Mana from Fire attribute,【火球(cast Fireball)】is Fireball(in English faiabaaru),【射(hasha|Fire/Release)】is fired, kind of meaning all right. A, give the priority to Power ring so take Power ring as your priority」

「Since water Ring uses water and Ice attribute I’ll entrust it to Giulietta okay.【水魔使二冷魔使一冷水 (Water Magic make cold magic makes water?)】is what it’s described,【水魔使二氷魔使一(Use 2 water attribute use 1 ice attribute)】is using 2 Mana From Water Attribute and 1 Mana From Ice Attribute (consumption). 【冷水(Coldwater)】Is have a meaning of cold water. However, it needs to use 2 attributes at once so out of all the rings this is the most difficult. Giulietta need to make the Magic Circle too but, in order to manage and operate 2 attributes at the same time, you need to train magic control okay」

I look at their faces and took a deep breath.

「Until now I have assigned you to ring. Whichever is only need a junior level magic circle so since everyone here has intermediate and advanced class magic it will not be that hard? However, without my permission, no one should manufacture the rings that I mention before. Is there any question?」

Lock raised his hand. I feel like a teacher.

「Why did all of it need an advanced class? As what Christoph-sama says before Fire attribute aptitude needed Junior Class personal to make it and you could make a high-class magic item isn’t it」

「That’s right, it’s not that hard to create high-class magic item.・・・If I make too many high-quality magic item in distribution as the main point then the power balance that was being kept until now will crumble. That’s why I prohibit making it for now」

Did they understand my intention, Lock and the other stayed silent.

「Lock, Jamon, Giulietta pour your magic power in this parchment and see the magic circle that is described in them. It’s your 1st time seen this language so remember it 」

「ano, what about me・・・」

「Seruka too has her own job to do. But for now look at the 3 magic circles okay」


Don’t worry Seruka too will work hard. Are?Not worried?

The 3 of them firmly looked at the magic circle and draw them on a note and learned it. Until they can do it I will not let them draw a magic circle. It’s because they’ll create a defective item only.

Lock was quite curious about it and immediately remember it. It seems there’ll be no problem for Jamon but, it seems that Giulietta will take much more time.

Giulietta-kun【腐二鈴永 (Rot two bells forever) 】・・・the bell will rot forever?What is that!

I mean, why she created a difficult kanji!

「Giulietta, look at the sample carefully」


「All right then, I will ask Seruka to make a potion」

「Alchemy is a little・・・」

Seruka gives a bitter smile.

「Don’t think about it too much. I too can’t use Alchemy. My potion has magic imbued in them in the making process 」

「If I’m not wrong isn’t that more advanced than alchemy?」

「I guess so? I’ve never tried Alchemy so I don’t really know」

Seruka-kun gave a wry smile in resignation.

「First use water magic Aqua to fill the bottle, there you put Void attribute mana. Try it 」

「Christoph-sama, how should I put the Void mana in there?」

「aa, that’s right・・・Then, first fill the bottle with Aqua」


『Devote a little magic, Create a little water, fill the bottle・・・Aqua』

Fumu, Aqua no problem.

「Use the same power as Aqua and try to chant『Devote a little magic, Use the power of Void・・・Pure Mana』」

『Devote a little magic, Use the power of Void・・・Pure Mana』」


「Apparently you use a little too much mana huh」

「sumimasen (sorry)」

Seruka’s Straight hair became afro while I’m thinking to not laugh I’m laughing. Pupupupu. (TLN: laughing voice?)(EDN: Is that the phone ringing?)

「Pu・・First try to learn Water magic until you could use it well. Pupu・・・The next step will be learned after ・・・that」

「Christoph-sama・・・is terrible, gusun (sniff)」

「So, Sorry」

With something like this the 4 of them put their efforts in each of the magic items, they were in charge of.