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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 22


022 Purchase


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As Evening approaching, before the shop closed, they appeared.

「My name is Gamettsu. I came here to talk about the purchasing of my property at 1.5 million S. I want to give out a condition to sell it at 1.5 million S」

A person that has a thorn and annoyance in his words.

He directed an obscene smile to me my SP (Seishin point [spirit point]) which seems to decrease slightly.

I don’t have an SP though.

「My name is Christoph Con Bryutzels. Then what is the condition? 」

「What, it’s a simple thing. I also did a business, so what I want is to have a discount in Bryut’s Magic Item. Of course, it’s alright too for the price from the store but I want your store to be limited」

The landowner has really discerning eyes huh.

To limit my shop would mean he can do the selling, thus if I sell him cheaply he could get a profit from a wholesale sale. (T/N: get it? Basically, what chrs say, if he limiting his store than that gametsu can resale it with a different price and he got profited from it… maybe)(EDN:@.@)

I think it’s a normal thing to do as a Merchant.

However, I feel something unpleasant・・・even if you ask me what is this unpleasant feeling, I don’t know it too but I feel that I can’t trust this person.

No matter how much profit you make, if the partner in business is someone that you can’t trust, that is scary.

No matter how big  I hid in the shade of Bryutzels margrave’s name, there’s no absolute evidence that I am being fooled, on the contrary, there will be some other hostile forces that want to try cheating Bryutzel margrave.

「Well, what do you think?」

While my outside was a child my inside were an oldman so let’s think about a gentlemanly response.

Even if I don’t like him on the first time because of my intuition, I think it’s an adult attitude to not alienate that kind of person・・・is what I want.

But it’s different when someone is showing real harm instead of hostility.

「It doesn’t matter what kind of thing it is. However, it should be a magic item」

「Distribute the item, and let’s go this way to decide the price. In addition, because I’ve given the condition to the merchant guild so please abide it」

「If that is it then it’s pretty one-sided condition, isn’t it」

「Then, let’s forget about this conversation」(T/N: i think i hate this gamettsu…)

As long as I don;t know what is this guy thinking, I think it’s a good plan to put it between the merchant guild.

The order will be commended to merchant guild, the paying too will be given to Bryut Firm from Merchant guild too, so getting unpaid will not happen, mainly it’s all corresponded to merchant guild so it is a merit.

Well, I don’t think anyone would want to turn Bryutzels margrave into their enemy but, just in case.

The building problem is nobility.

I don’t think there’s anyone who would want to trouble by that kind of thing.

And in anytime that rag could collapse and it’s not weird if it really collapses I think. It is unknown that the thing will be bought and the one who wants to dispose of that apartment desperately is that man.

If such a thing collapses, at that time he will need to pay the nobles a ton of compensation.

The landowner man seems to have done with his consultation to the merchant guild’s female employee.

Although he looks unwilling he took up my condition.

In order to buy the rag apartment and the land I need to sign a contract in the Merchant guild, and I will pay the price there.

Out of this 1.5 million S, how many will the Merchant Guild receive?

10 %? I think it’s too little・・・then 30 % is a little too high? ・・・I think that 20% is enough isn’t it?

After that, I buy a second commercial right for 2 million S.

Because the sales getting more than expected and the employee has exceeded 10, and the scale became too big that it will breach the 3rd issue of the commercial right.

The second commercial right too only in Capital otherwise I will need to pay a huge amount to the government as a tax.・・・it can’t be helped.

The 3rd commercial right is a small trading limiting in the capital at least I should be grateful because now there’ll be no small trading limit anymore.

By the way out of 2 million S, 1 million S used for buying 3rd commercial right, and there are a need to pay Merchant guild for an equivalent money. (因みに200万Sと言う金額は元々100万Sで第三号商権を購入していたので、それを同値で商業ギルドに販売した事にしてその差額を支払っている。)

Originally it was 3 million S.

When the rank is increased from 2nd commercial right to 3rd commercial right everyone seems to say that, it seems it was Merchant guild’s service.

Well, even to the Merchant Guild’s 2nd commercial right still better than paying the money to the government (Tax) and with that more money could get,  Taking a profit while selling a favor isn’t it. (恩を売りつつ儲けを取ると言う感じだろう。)

And down at night now, even though there is a street light it’s still pretty dark.

Thus we’ve done with the purchase and name change payment, now the ragtag apartment mine.

So I think I want to put that ragtag apartment in use.

However in my surrounding, there are still my Escorts, so I will secretly go this night.

I’ve got no intention to reconstruct the building.

I’m not even bothered to destroy and rebuild it.

Then, how will I do it is simply by using Space-Time King Class magic『Time Control』.

This『Time Control』named magic has the effect of manipulating the time, I’m trying to get the ragtag apartment go back to its glory by force.

・・・Theoretically it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just theoretically.

I’ll do it you know, ragtag apartment-chan.

Now then, should I do it.

First, is making a barrier in an entire site so in case there’s some ‘if’ case there’ll be no damage to the other.

With this kind of barrier, there’ll be no trouble.

Next is an image to wraps the whole rag apartment in『Time Control』.

At this time there’s a need for a big amount of mana.

Feeling a sweat down to my forehead, it’s been a long time that I feel kind of nostalgic.

While in the process to permeate rag apartment in mana, I will activate『Time Control』.

More magic is needed in this phase.

My MP is over 4000 but, uses all of my 4000 mana to use『Time Control』into 180 years back isn’t possible.

For now, at least I need to rewind the building back until it’s enough to make it not collapse.

By the way, common hyuman have approximately 400 Mana, even the one that Called Genius Rozaria-dancho have 1000 Mana so with this you should know how high my magic was.

That kind of my Mana can only be traced 180 years in the past while use『Time Control』and it’s almost emptying my fuel.

I’m Exhausted. It’s been a long time since I’ve using this much of Mana.

Because a large amount of sweat was dripping to my brow, I sat in that spot.

After some break, my Mana has been filled a little, so I decided to return to the mansion.

I’ll let the barrier that I unleashed to stay there and make it so other people can’t interfere nor enter it.

It’s in order to avoid it from being destroyed or burned.

I don’t think there’s a need to do something like this but it’s just in case.