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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 23


023 Entrance 1


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Recently, Mother has been unwell and mostly rests in her bed.

Because I was busy with the Royal Magic Academy entrance exam and the Firm, I rarely went to see Mother so now I will relaxedly meet up with her.

「What about the people in the firm?」

「Yes, because of the unexpected excessive busyness, I’m sorry I couldn’t visit Mother faster」

「Please don’t push yourself too hard, your body isn’t strong enough」

Being told by mother in her bed, I nod.

「Mother too, should get better soon」

「Ufufufu, I’m not sick you know」


Mother says that while giggling, even the maids are giggling too.

Jus, what is it?

「Christoph-sama, oku-sama(madam) right now is in her pregnancy」

「・・・Dismissal?」(TLN: かいにん ( kai nin) while pregnancy (懐妊) kainin it’s actually a misheard Christoph is)

hoe? dismissal・・・Pregnancy? ・・・Eh?!Pregnant!

It seems that my surprised face is interesting that made mother laugh louder.

「It’s somewhat embarrassing in my age, but Christoph will get a brother or a sister」


I will get a brother or a sister?! Isn’t that a happy thing! Auspicious!

「Mother, Congratulation」

「Thank you Christoph」

「But Father seems to not say anything to me. It’s terrible」

「I wanted to tell Christoph myself which was what I conveyed to Ernest, so I was the one who hushes him. I’m sorry 」

「・・・It’s my fault for being drowned in busyness and couldn’t come to visit mother earlier」

But, with mother’s age, it will be advanced age delivery huh?

I don’t know about this world’s advanced age delivery, but will it be okay?

「It’s alright, including me everyone has made full preparation, and there are also court physicians 」

Being able to read my mind Hanna is dreadful!

「Hanna, and everyone here too I’ll leave mother in your care」


However, Father was also lively until now huh.

Certainly, mother’s look is still in her late 20s.

It is good that the husband-wife relation is good.

Huh? Does that mean mother can’t come to my Entrance ceremony?

It’s no good if she overdid it and got miscarriage huh.

Somehow or another then the day of Entrance ceremony has come.

E? The development is too fast?

I don’t know about that kind of thing tsu~! (TLN: don’t ask me okay… ask the Editors: v)

Since I had done the dormitory thingy 2 days ago, now I’m going to the school building from the house that is branded as a dorm.

Since I achieved the top seat I get a house but, I can bring 5 servants to live there.

Of course, walking with 5 servants is prohibited; it’s a servant for house management and taking care of my personal management.

I myself am not intending to bring any, but as expected, Father gave me a strict order to bring some.

In appearance, I am from a large noble house so not bringing any will hurt the house’s honor, so I brought along my exclusive maid Luna and my escorts Knight Prime, Ben, and Lars, the 3 of them, and John as my chef and they will start to live in my house.

Before we go to the Entrance Ceremony I needed to enter my classroom. I am in the 1st years’ 1st group.

Each group has 30 people in it, while there are group 1 to group 10; there are 300 students for the 1st year.

The 1st group was a group of top seat in the entrance exam, usually, all of them are nobles but it seems that there are 10 commoners included in this year.

Well, it’s because for nobles they just need to spend some money to get an education so it’s a piece of cake but it’s different from the commoner, but compared to the 2nd group, the rate of the commoner seems to have increased.

In other words, for nobles to be in a commoner class is just like a rank down for them.

Well, I need to be careful too huh.[1] (TLN: I take a privilege of translator to change and including some words in there but if you want to read the original check in the pages down )

By the way group 2 to group 10 isn’t graded based on their test result.

The only group that has grouped up based on their result is group 1.

「I am Peron Cook. Best regard」

I’m being greeted by the red haired slender kid that seated beside me.

「I am Christoph von Bryutzels. Best regard」

「E, Noble-sama? 」

I have an appearance of commoner so he didn’t think that I was a noble.

Noble’s clothes are annoying because it’s full of frill so because I am in school, I try to use comfortable clothes as much as I can.

Even though I occasionally use normal clothes as much as I can, I always get reprimanded by Father.

But because it’s not fit to my taste so I want to use these kinds of clothes as much as possible in school.

Well, if I use a robe, the clothes won’t be seen will it?

For noble it isn’t permitted but, it’s alright if it’s just a little, isn’t it.

「It’s just in appearance but, I am a noble」

「I’m sorry for talking to you」

「I don’t mind it. Even if I am a noble I don’t have any intention to discriminate against another you know. Just call me without a hesitation. That’s right, you don’t mind if I call you Peron isn’t it? I want you to call me Chris」

「I don’t mind if you call me Peron. And as expected that to call noble-sama without a –Sama is a little・・・」

「Then, It’s alright with Christoph. Best regard Peron」

「Yes, Best regard, Christoph-kun」

Thus I’ve made a friend for the first time in this world and the classroom became noisy.

There are some fools that bring 4 servants with them.

I feel that I’ve seen him somewhere but, I can’t remember it.

Did my ages start to bite me・・・tte I’m still 13 years old!

By the way, This Royal Magic Academy admission is allowed to 12 years olds, and nobles normally attend this school at the age of 12.

I was sick from the day I was born, and it’s been 1 year since I’ve moved from Bryunhil to Capital, so I’m late to enter the school by 1 year.I don’t know when will I die and until when will I’m staying Alive, even Father didn’t think to enroll me to the Academy.

Came back to the story but, bringing the servant to the school is a rule violation.

It’s not like I feel anything out of it but, let’s see how the teacher react.

If he says nothing because the one who breaks the rule is a noble, this school evaluation will be a minus, reversely if they acting then it will be a plus.

[1] まぁ、貴族の様に教育に金や時間を費やせる方が有利なので仕方が無いのだろうが、2回生になると1組の平民階級の比率が上がるらしい。