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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 24


024 Entrance 2


This chapter sure is… heartwarming… and somehow… kinda sad…

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「Wait you there」

Blond curly haired girl calls the person that bring 4 servants with her answer the call with some stupid answer.


The fool should already recognize that the one who calls him is the princess.

Hahaha, even the naive me know that person is a princess, even most of the nobles know her face at least.

By no means, that I’m being told that by Peron! (TN: Convincing… really)

Peron just doing a monolog while saying that.

「Don’t you know bringing a servant to the classroom is prohibited? Bring them back immediately」

if you were being ordered by Princess you can’t say anything huh.

aaa, you’ve already brought your servant, so put your spirit more!

It’s just too foolish that I can’t hold back to laugh.

A, I remember!

That thing is Bakabon! (T/N: meh… Bakabon is a thing not a person! I don’t want to accept him as a person! *lol*)

the small fish character and freckles pig’s gang that look like they are stupid wasn’t here・・・were they did not pass the exam? Or are they’re on the other group?

Uwaa, he’s looking this way.

It seems that I’m caught up that I’m looking at him, well because it is Bakabon I don’t feel any intimidation, I’m not scared you know.

U~a, Bakabon coming this way, seems troublesome.

Is what I think but the teachers came in.

「Sit in your seat!」

Bakabon gives up on coming to my place, but his eyes were locked on here huh~.

「Just before, there seems a fool who bring their servant here, were you know who it is?」

「Sensei (teacher) if it about those guys, they’re already out of here」

「N? Is that so (souka), so you’ve already warned him huh? 」

The teacher seems to recognize that the one who calls him out is the princess.

「Yes, while being unworthy of the name freshman representative, I’ve warned him」

While being a princess, she’s using a modesty.

It seems that she understand this Royal Magic Academy’s spirit.

「Umu, this time because of you I won’t pursue who’s that fool, but I will tell this to that fool. In this Royal Magic Academy, whether you are neither a noble nor a commoner there’ll be no difference. If you don’t like it then immediately submit your transfer form now. Do you understand fool! 」

Even if you are a teacher, is it alright to call your student fool that much?

It’ll be good if he’s meek (otonashi) after this but, that Bakabon doesn’t even understand a bit of that speech, so there’s no way he’ll become meek.

It seems that teacher’s name is Bloom ketsuruhemu (ブルーム・ケツレヘム).

The person himself says that he don’t like ketsurehemu’s name so it’s better to call him Bloom.

Bloom-sensei gave us a brief explanation and attendance, thus the second program is Entrance ceremony in the large auditorium.

When we arrived at the Auditorium that has the size of wedding hall the guardians and enrolled student were already seated there, while from my house the one who presence was mother and father.

Heck, I thought mother will not come here, will she be alright with her pregnant body?

Why am I know the location of my parent is because of Eria that isolated my parent’s surrounding?

No matter how much that discrimination is being hated here, aside of a king’s audience this kind of security is needed, in a case of something is happening to the senior aristocrat there’ll be a crack happening between the nobles and royalty.

It’s kinda too late but, even the king’s attending it!

It is possible when the princess is enrolling but is it alright to have that kind of lax security?

Firstly there was a simple greeting for the teacher and staff then a greeting to the parents and the king.

Then principal’s speech is・・・too long!

After that is student representative’s greeting・・・too long!

「-----Current enrolled student representative, Chrysnans von Bryutzels 」

Aaatsu, is that my second elder sister!

Because she’s busy so she can’t take a break at home for too long, and leaving after 2 days, I too am being busy with my firm and can’t come home often so we can’t meet, but I’m able to meet her in an unexpected situation huh.

E? It’s okay to greet her you say?

It’s indeed true but, being busy with the firm and come back on time of the curfew can’t let me do it.

It’s not like I do it on purpose okay. It’s just that I am forgetting it.

・・・I think that I’m able to greet her today!

Then, there’s visitor’s greeting, and the last is freshman representative’s greeting that is the princess.

「-----Freshman representative, Dorothy von Vandam」

I was sleeping.  Sorry.

I’m fast asleep until Peron wakes me up.

I’ve held back myself until here so forgive me.

Even if I’m looking like this I was busy with the Bryut’s firm that being likes a flying bird.

I was cutting my sleep time because of stock checking creating a new item etc.

it’s my Investment to enjoy my Chilin life desu!

More than that I feel the stare of the escorts that have the king’s flag there・・・


Is that perhaps, is it possible that, Brother (Aniue) Jimunisu !

When it comes to this, Eyes of mentality sure is convenience huh!

Since my arrival to the Capital big brother Jimunisu never once comes back to the mansion, so this is my first time of seeing her.

I hear that Brother Jimunisu and Sister Elizabeth have the same mission but, had they come back.

When I see him he looks like just like father・・・doesn’t he?

The eye seems to like mothers.

With this, the only one who I’m never meet (see), is only sister Elizabeth huh.

Now then, Entrance ceremony has ended and we’ll be freed.

Since it’s a boarding school the last thing will be farewell to the Guardians isn’t it.

I’m not dying okay!

However, I meet an unexpected person here.

That’s right; it’s the eldest daughter big sister Elizabeth.

Big sister (anesama) Elizabeth is a quasi-knight so she’s not the king’s guard, instead, she must be guarding a little farther, it seems that she got a little time.

・・・Is it alright to leave Kings defense just like that!

「Nice to meet you(hajimemashite), Big brother Jimunisu, Big sister Elizabeth, Big sister Chrysnans. Christoph desu. 」

「・・・We’ve already know Christoph so we’ll not be going to say it’s our first time, but we’re keenly aware of your lost memory」(TN: Hajimemashite, with the word of first (Hajime) not first number but something like it’s the first time we meet, so something like that is~ connected)

「That’s right. When you are still a child I have once carrying you-you know・・・」

「E, Even if you have lost your memory seeing this healthy Christoph is making me happy!」

Elizabeth-anesama is hugging me with no chance of letting me go, while Chrysnans-anesama patting me in the head even though she has a smaller stature than me.

Apparently, my siblings really love me.

I’m glad.

「Chrysnans-anesama I want to visit you immediately after entering dormitory but, I’m too busy. I’m sorry. 」

「That’s right huh, then I’ll forgive you if you take a dinner with me in awhile」

「Yes, With pleasure!」