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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 9


009 Great Temple



Edited 19/06/2017 CZ


The Capital is enormous.

I have experience living in the capital but, because I’ve no memory of it, when I’m asking to sightsee the Capital, i’m was allowed to only after the exam.

However, we needed to confirm my magical capacity in a large temple before we go to the entrance exam, to at least be prepared, like if you want to go to the royal castle while the carriage being prepared.

From what I heard we needed at least 20 minutes to reach the great temple.
It’s kinda late but this world’s time is the same as Earth.
It’s not all the same, 1 day is 24 hour, 1 week is 7 days, 1 month is 30 day, 1 year is 12 month as 360 days.
It’s a calendar that was determined by the summoned hero, or so I was told.

Bryutzels Frontier territory is in the far south of Sacred Kingdom Vandamme so it’s 1 year long warm climate, but the Imperial Capital had a 4 season transition.
While in a little north of the Capital there’s a territory that snow always piles up, while in the capital there’s snowfall but not so much that it will make it pile up.
This is Holy calendar year 512 month 2 so it’s winter season,  the light snow was gathering in the temple.
This time the one who accompanied me is An(Antoinette nickname)and her mother Freesia-san.
Of course, Mother is coming too.

This country’s custom is when a noble kid reaches their 10th birthday they will go to the temple to check their ability.
In other words An the one who is 3 years younger than me is going to check her ability too.

In the capital even in the commoner area, there are plenty of big building but, though there weren’t a single house for a person, because of the high population in the capital those high building is an apartment like building for accommodating them.
I think the buildings was made of stone or brick, kinda like the image of a European city.

「Chris-niisama, that is the great temple desu」(An)

「If it could be seen from this distance it must be an enormous building huh 」(Chris)

「The Great temple is very large desu」(An)

The lovely 10 yeas old An was looking at the great temple from the clouded windows of the horse drawn carriage.
It must be hard for the coachman because of the snow, because this is a job please bear with it.

It still pretty far from the Great Temple but, because of its large size, the blue roof became visible.
Even from this snow the blue roof still stands out.
As we got closer the whole picture of the great temple became visible though, as expected of the building that called the  Great Temple, the building drew a line of magnificence between it and the other building surrounding it.

The great temple had a size as big as a castle, the white walls and the blue roof had a feeling of Holiness in it was what I thought.

「Long time no see. Bishop-sama」

Mother give her greeting on behalf of us, so I and An co. also bow.
Certainly that a Bishop is lower than an Archbishop but it still a high social standing.
Well, Bryutzel Margrave is also a large aristocratic house so someone like a bishop class to come out is not all that surprising.
This bishop-sama had a white hair and a bent hip if he isn’t wearing a priest-like suitt he would not recognizable as a priest.

「kore wa korewa (this this), Cecilia-sama is as beautiful as in the past」

It’s a polite speech but, mother indeed is beautiful.
She will become 38 this year but, no matter how you look at it, she looks like she is in her late 20s・・・It’s a mystery of women.

We finished our greetings, ended the idle chit chat and at last, we will perform『Honorable Mind Ceremony』for me and An.
This『Honorable Mind Ceremony』performed was to measure individual ability, it’s a sacred ritual that can be called by its name.

It’s a classic thing in a fantasy world but, because there’s no one that had an Appraisal skill『Honorable Mind Ceremony』is an important ritual.

Following Bishop-sama through we came to a room that was not so large but had a mysterious and magnificent feeling.
There’s something in the center of the room, first I’m going to the something in the center of the room by the order of bishop-sama.

In the center there’s a slate and a pedestal to support it, the slate is somewhat shining.
Then in the slate there are a word that bisshiri(SFX) write down in there while Bishop-sama proceeding to walk in until he came in front of the slate.

「This slate is a holy relic that God left de gozaimasu」

Holy relic?
I’m not familiar with religion but in Christian, something that left behind by Christ and Virgin Mary is called a relic, or so I think.

「When Christoph-sama put your hand in this plate there’ll write the ability that you’ve been gifted by god」

「is this plate only in here?」

「hohoho, there is 3 other slate like this gozaimasu. Each of them has been enshrined in the temple in the 4 continent and used the same as here. Oh, that’s right. Please be at ease this plate will not expose Christoph-sama’s ability. We, priests, had pledged to God that everything in this room is treated with confidentially and pledge to not revealing anything」

There just 4 in this world huh.
and there’s a duty of confidentiality huh.

「and the simplified version of this slate has been used in church and adventurer guild for the application. Ho hohoho」

Nanto(what), there also something like this in an adventurer guild huh.
This rare thing really is worshiped huh.

・・・what the hell is this slate

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