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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 8

Chapter 8               Cushion

The girl slave’s name is Filia. I heard it after she was puzzled while waking up in an unknown room and in an unfamiliar bed. Because the one who told her the story was Hanna, I don’t have to deal with any trouble.

Then when I asked Levis, who guarded me, about yesterday’s incident, as expected “It was needless for us to interfere because we knew that Christoph-sama could beat that big man” so he says nonchalantly. This Levis is one of my swordsmanship tutors, so he already knew my power.

Ikemen dashi (Because you are an ikemen) you should get a divine punishment!

“Ma, Master, thank you for your help. I’m known as Filia.”

Filia was so happy that she was wagging her tail. Lilia is a dog beastman, she has beast ears and a tail.

“I am Christoph. Not master, call me Christoph. What is your condition?”

“Thanks to you there’s no places that hurt. Christoph-sama.”

Filia can read and write already, she just needs some more education. When I asked about the reason why she became a slave, apparently, her father was a merchant and got killed by a mamono (magical beast) and she fell into debt so she became a slave in order to pay the debt. It’s a very known pattern huh. This is the dark side of life in a fantasy world.

The next day, when I went to the town I got 6 escorts accompany me. It increased because it was Hanna’s order. I heard she increased the number of escorts to keep an eye on me so that I don’t cause trouble!  Today is without any incidents, and I’ve succeeded in shopping. Let’s hurry up and go back to the inn and create the magic circle. With this, my arse will survive until we arrive at the capital.

This time, there is four people in the carriage; Mother, Chief Maid Hanna, me and my personal maid Luna. There are 2 other maids, 6 attendant, 33 knight, and 3 magicians that are in a formation for travel. This time, I brought Filia so she will ride together with us until we reach the capital. Filia was thankful for not being left alone, like a small animal, so cute.

The carriage that we are using is a noble carriage that was luxuriously made to have a big space so that even if there are 5 people in it, it was still comfortable. The magic circle that I created into my cushion is working. I create a vibration absorption magic circle in the cushion. I was praised by Mother because of it. Mother is the same as always, stroking me like a cat.

I’ve made a magic cushion for everyone in the carriage already but, it seems the retainers wanted one too. However, for the knights that are riding horses, I did not prepare some for them. They seem to be pretty envious of the carriage squad retainers.

“Like always Christoph-sama has an interesting way of doing things ne~.”

“It’s because the teacher was good, master Rosaria.”

“I didn’t do anything, you know.”

“Though, I think the cushion will sell well, whether it’s in the capital or in von Bryutzel territory.”

Vice-Captain came to me and talked about potential profit but this kind of magic item would be imitated quickly. Still, before it is imitated, let’s think about selling it in big amounts.

When we arrived at our capital’s mansion we went to greet Father in his office room.

“You’ve come, was the journey tiring?”

While Father was hugging Mother, he hugged me too but I tried to pull away a little. I guess that it is proof of him loving me, so I’ll forgive him.

“In the middle of the trip, I healed my arse with a cushion, so it was alright.”

“Christoph made a very helpful cushion. Because of that in the last spurt, it became a lot more comfortable.”

“Hou, is that so? I want to see that cushion too.”

When showing Father the cushion, he sat on it and then Father felt admiration. This cushion’s true value is for when it is in a carriage to absorb the vibrations, but it’s nice to sit on too. With such surprised expressions from people, selling the item has decided. I had a feeling that my parents forgot about my examination.

When I’m talking about Filia to Father, if I say I could manage the responsibility, it’s alright to take her in. After that, we had dinner with the family, something we haven’t done in a long time. Around the table were my other family’s faces.

Eldest Son and Daughter were at the Knight Academy dorm, while the 2nd daughter is at the Royal Magic Academy dorm. The only new members of the family that I see are my little sister, the 3rd daughter Antoinette, the 2nd wife Freesia-san, and the 3rd wife Annerose-san. Because everyone here knew that I had no memories of being 11, they are not suspicious of my behavior. My little sister, Antoinette, had a sad facial expression.