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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 10


010 Status Plate



It’s Fun translating this Chapter… though there are many unknown Word there…

it’s seriously… fun~ :3 be thankful to nazmul-san for the editing

this chapter will mark the 2-3 day interval of post~ so expect next chapter in the

Monday’s night or Tuesday’s morning :3

Have a nice day and thanks for reading my grumbling :*


・・・What is this slate

・・・the word described in this slate is・・・


「Bishop-sama, what is written on this slate?」

「Hohoho, that is god’s word, it’s unknown to ordinary person like us」

God’s word is Japanese huh・・・

「Hohoho, there’s nothing to be afraid of, sasa(now-now), put your hand on the slate」

I was immersed in the language but, it looked like I was afraid.
Bishop-sama lightly push my back. (TLN: aw… what a nice jiisan)(CZN: heck… of course he is… chris is a damn kid with you know~ lineage, sickness, everything to pity :v)

When my hand touched the plate it began to shine, after waiting for a while『Chiin~tsu』somehow from the pedestal there was some plate with the size of a smartphone that came out・・・Heck,『Chin~tsu』tte nandayo?!(what is {Chiin~tsu} oy?!)
Japanese written in the slate-shi, a sound like a microwave coming from the plate too-shi, God’s specification is shady zo!(TLN: -shi meaning something like continuous word that comes like too but not too, it’s kinda difficult to describe… and zo is kinda like desu etc.)

Ha, I’m somehow tired mentally.

By the way, the thing that was written on the plate is ‘how to use it’.

1)when you put your hand in for about 10 seconds it will light up
2)It will analyze your DNA
3)It will analyze your Mana (maryouku)
4)Status plate is ready
5)Status Plate has created your mana that’s why when in need the Mana inside will come to your body you will be able to convert it.
6)When commanding the Status plate it’s possible to re-activate it.
7)The important parts seen by other people is【Name】【Race】【Gender】【Date of birth】
【Social Status・Occupation】【Stamina Growth】【Magic Growth】【Attribute Aptitude】【Title】【Reward and Punishment】, But【Stamina Growth】【Magic Growth】【Attribute Aptitude】【Title】you can hide it in any case.
8)In case you want to see the hidden status you can say 『Hidden Status』and status will reveal your hidden status  when you say『Disperse/Vanish/Disappear (消えろと)』it will disappear

In a case, you done with reading the slate try to take the Status Plate.

What did you say?!

【Name】Christoph Von Bryutzels
【Date of Birth】Holy Calendar Year 500 Month 1 Day 1
【Social Status・Occupation】Bryutzels Margrave’s second son
【Stamina Growth】Normal
【Magic Growth】God Class
【Attribute Aptitude】
Void                                                            :God Class
Fire                                                              :Spirit Class
Water                                                          :Spirit Class
Wind                                                           :Spirit Class
Earth                                                           :Spirit Class
Ice                                                               :God Class
Thunder                                                       :God Class
Light                                                           :God Class
Darkness                                                     :God Class
Space-Time                                                 :God Class
Characteristic      :Eyes of mentality        :God Class
【Title】Miko/ God’s deity (神子)
【Punishment and Reward 】None
(TLN: I’m Grinning while translating this… )

Nay! T’was really bad yanno! (T:N: he’s using kansai dialect.. -_-)
I am beginnin to use Kansai Dialect but Pardon me!

【Stamina Growth】’s normal is good!
However,【Magic Growth】is God Class from the beginning,【Attribute Aptitude】was on parade with God Class and Spirit Class all over is dangerous!

It should be,【Stamina Growth】And【Magic growth】starting from Poor class, Weak class, normal class, a little strong class, strong class, Hero class, King Class, Emperor Class, Overlord Class, Spirit Class, and God class is the right order of strength?
(TLN: Mother of OP MC… author.. you like to make it weird huh…)

And then【Attribute Aptitude】 starting from Junior Class・Intermediate Class・Advance Class・Hero Class・King Class・Emperor Class・Overlord Class・Spirit Class・God Class・is what I’m informed of・・・

And the heck with Characteristic attribute『Eyes of mentality』?!

Eyes of mentality
・Detailed Status of the target can be confirmed
・Can break target’s Lie
・Clairvoyance(Whether there was an obstacle can see surrounding of  100km2  )
・When the Characteristic attribute was not ordered it will not be activated

Ugyaaaa~~tsu! What is it so suddenly?!
heck, is this possible appraisal? A, Eyes of mentality?!
Fantasy Classic has come!


ka, Miko is・・・・

・The person that received Miko title blessed with happiness

・・・Ca, Calm down Me!
That’s it! The slate had said that there’s a hidden status.

===Hidden Status===
【 Skillfull (器用) 】532
Blessing of the God of Creation
All attribute Aptitude
The one who bring Calamity and Fortune (災い転じて福となす者)
(TLN: Call Hajime [arifureta] Christoph’s not OP enough to compare it to him… for now maybe)
(EDN: Just kill Hajime a few time and nothing can touch him… I miss that story)

Blessing of the God of Creation
・Instant death Invalid
・Abnormal State invalid
・Curse invalid and reflect it
・Ability Correction(Hidden)

All attribute aptitude
・Have an aptitude of all attribute
・Characteristic attribute excluded

The one who bring Calamity and Fortune  (災い転じて福となす者)
・When getting in misfortune there’s a big possibility that misfortune will become fortune
・When this gift is not recognized it won’t activated

・Sometimes God voice can be heard maybe?

・Details unknows!

This is not Tsukkomi it’s a manzai!
【Strength】and【Endurance】and the value of【Intelligence】and【Luck】that I get have a worse balance?!

Heck, is it because Blessing of The God of Creation that I get a Frightening Status like this?・・・a, because it’s hidden it won’t be seen huh・・・

knowing about all attribute magic is good though, The one who brings Calamity and fortune is a cheat flag doesn’t it?

Let’s forget tsukkomi on Revelation.
However、What’s wrong with the last ‘※※※’thing! I want to ask what is it in a large voice tsu!

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