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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 11


011  Prodigy


Edited 19/06/2017


Being amazed by seeing me, who was in a dazed seeing my own status plate, Bishop-sama called me.

「Is there any problems?」

I had a feeling that this thing should not be known!
What should I do!?

・・・I see! I think it was written【Physical Growth】【Magic Growth】【Attribute Aptitude】【Title】are able to be hidden!
It’s possible・・・・・・・・Yosh, Done!

「Christoph-sama, what happened?」

「No, there’s nothing happening」

While feigning ignorance I showed Bishop-sama the status plate.

【Name】Christoph Von Bryutzels
【Date of Birth】Sacred Calendar500year1month1day
【Social Status・Occupation】Bryutzels Margrave second son
【Stamina Growth】Normal
【Magic Growth】King Class
【Attribute Aptitude】
Void                        :King Class
Fire                          :King Class
Water                      :King Class
Wind                       :King Class
Earth                       :King Class
Ice                           :King Class
Thunder                   :King Class
Light                       :King Class
Darkness                 :King Class
Space-Time             :King Class
【Punishment and Reward 】None

The Spirit and God Class statuses were all changed to King Class, and the characteristic Attribute erased.
In addition, Miko title was also erased.
Even this is a high spec status but, it’s better than the real one.

In my knowledge, it’s only known that Hero Class and Overlord class are the strongest but there’s another class that overpowers it like Spirit Class and God Class if that became known it’ll become a massive commotion.
I feel that if it King Class as long there’s talent it could be achieved. (T/N: how could you say that! It’s higher than Hero Class you know?!)

Are? Bishop-sama’s hand is trembling?

「Genius desu!」


「Christoph-sama is a prodigy in magic I say!」

What’s this Bishop(person) talking about!
Is king class big enough to make such noise?
Or is it because of the all attribute aptitude?(T?N: Both! Baaaaka!)

Bishop-sama’s voice made Mother who stood in the back attracted. And・・・

「How Genius could this Lineage be!」

「Christoph-niisama, amazing desu!」

「Ma~,Ma~, this much King Class would make Bryutzels’ house steady」

It’s because of the King Class huh・・・As I thought it’s good that I could hide the Spirit Class and God Class.
If the make this much noise only because of King Class what will happen if they see my real status・・・(T/N: Pitch and Fork?)(CZN: Don’t forget the torch!)(EDT: The fire and the stake?)

And Freesia-san why did it became steady?

「It seems that Christophe-sama still has not heard of it so let this Betlett Von Oily tell you about it」

Yes, please.
So Bishop-sama’s name is Betlett Von Oily huh.
Heck, he’s a nobility from a territory?

「Christoph-sama【Magic Growth】that had King class as for now only Rozaria Von Excell was known  to have had it. To make it simple in this entire continent there was just one person that had it」

oooooo, I always thought that Rozalia-dancho(master rosalie) was a great person, but she was!.

「Even after a decade after Rozaria-dono appeared there were none that had King Class. And【Attribute Aptitude】too but, all magic aptitude and King-Class for all of them too even in the past that thing never existed even if it Yuusha-sama it’s impossible thing」

e, e~ is that so・・・

「In general, there are 70% of people that have magic while 70%  those are a person that have a void attribute magic. And except the person that had non-attribute magic, the person that hold attribute magic aptitude are 30%  while there is a void attribute magic but the person itself only have 1 attribute aptitude. Then even if there is a person that has many of attribute aptitude there’s a weakness in each of it and having all attribute as King Class is an impossible thing!」

I mean, all attribute aptitude had already been known by Rozaria-dancho’s crystal, even the King Class I was thinking about how many that have that class, but it seems to have many King Class was outrageous・・・

「Even the Yuusha in the legend has an Overlord Class Light attribute while the others had everything as Intermediate Class. Certainly King Class is under Overlord Class, but in the first place, the Overlord Class was confirmed because of the Yuusha itself as the strongest class ever, there are other King Class in Yuusha-sama’s status and it was deemed as the best too. The people in the past that have King-Class is the best desushi, Rozaria-dono too have a King Class Ice magic, while the other had Junior or Intermediate Class」(T/N: Allright Editor! Do your job here… i’m dizzy… he using too many Saikou (the best) )

So he says that desu!
I mean, Bishop-sama is it alright to reveal Rozaria-dancho’s status like that?
A, is it alright to publish other person’s information in public・・・

「e~tto, what should I do?」

「It will be a fuss if it is publicized・・・」

「I’ll consult to Arnest when we go back to the mansion. Everyone, don’t reveal anything about this information okay」

After that An’s『Okokoro no gi (Honorable mind Ceremony)』was sloppy・・・I think i’ve done something bad to An.
Though, I’m seeing An’s status plate firmly you know!
An’s【Stamina Growth】and【Magic Growth】both strong,【Attribute Aptitude】is Thunder・Void・Wind・Light。
In other words Triple.

4 attribute named Triple is weird you say?
About that you know, Void attribute is aptitude with everyone, it’s normal to count it besides of Void attribute you know・・・even if I do this kind of thing because I don’t know about the thing that Bishop-sama is talking about it will become a fuss・・・

When coming back to the house Father will make a fuss too but, it’s because of my lack of information that this kind of thing is happening.
It will become a politic kind of conversation but it’s a thing about me though there’s no determined outcome from it.

Well, all aptitude magic with all of it King Class I became something like walking ultimate weapon and the conversation became other country’s power balance it’s subtle talk.

What will happen if I say that it truly is a Spirit Class and God Class?(TLN: Torch pitch and fork!)(CZN: Frightening masses)(EDN:Political tool/slave?)(TLN: yep that too)(CZN: it’s tragic not comedy… but welp~ it’s true~ )

I learned about it later but apparently if a person had even 1 Yuusha or King class they deemed as Prodigy or Genius.
And Emperor Class and Overlord Class is Yuusha level even a Yuusha itself that have Overlord Class is a rare existence that in the past there’s only 2 Yuusha that have had it.
Spirit Class and God Class seems to be in a realm of God.
・・・Because it’s general information that many people know about it so it’s rarely written in a book・・・