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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 34


034 Duel 4


Editor: BullisticWow



『The eaters of the place with the power of nothingness, I allow you to steal all of his things, I allow you to devour all of his things,  the dwellers of nothingness, by my call, come out! … Gluttony’s Absorption』

When my chant is over, Bakabon’s surroundings are already shrouded by the black fog, and the fog is gradually increasing.

「Thi, This is?!」

Not only Sirens-sensei, but even the two teacher that became refrees are shocked by the black fog that came out from Gluttony’s Absorbtion.

「Christoph-kun, this is, is this really… Gluttony’s Absorption?!」

「Because there’ll be injuries among the audiences, I use it」

「That spell is dangerous! Stop it immediately!」

「Sorry, but once it has been released there’s no way to stop it anymore」

When in the chant phase it could be stopped, but once the spell was released even I am unable to stop it.

「Argh! Suribasu-sensei, order the healing team to be on standby outside the barrier」

Sirens-sensei knows that it’s impossible to stop the the spell once it has been deployed so she readied the healing team so that once the spell’s effect has expired they could react on time.

This Gluttony’s Absorpstion is a king classed Darkness attribute that will devour the target’s mana, furthermore it could destroy the target’s magic circuit, it could also be called an ultimate weapon against a magician.

The magic circuit is a path that circulates mana in a human or mamono’s body Also, if by chance the magic circuit is destroyed, in a case were intermediate magic is used the target could be saved, but in case were advanced magic is used or higher, there’s a possibility that the target won’t be able to use mana anymore. ([1]TL: I don’t really understand this line…)

I plan that this Gluttony’s Absorption spell will devour the magic item’s magic circuit alongside it’s mana, then there’ll be less damage!

Well, there’s a possibility that Bakabon’s magic circuit will also be destroyed but there’s no other way, right?

In addition if you’re able to pay a heavy sum of money, a magic circuit is able to be partially recovered at the temple, you know.

・・・It’s impossible to fully recover it though.

There’s a spell in the Light attribute system that could fix the magic circuit, well if it the high priest of the temple, at least he’ll be able to fix it.

The black fog that wrapped Bakabon is continuously absorbing his and the magic item’s mana.


It seems that Bakabon’s magic circuit has been thoroughly destroyed, but the magic item’s mana has yet to be completely damaged.


A magic circuit is something like a blood vessel so when it gets destroyed it will give you a very excruciating pain…a  pain that could make the person receive a mental collapse, but I don’t have a duty to help him at all with that.

If I had used an Emperor class magic in this situation the damage would be easily imagined after all. (TN: it’s the situation of how strong will the impact of the emperor class magic is to the surrounding)

I could tell the school beforehand but in that case, the spectator wouldn’t be able to watch the duel, and then I won’t have used Gluttony’s Absorption. Later, I will think about how i can better manage the spell, but I won’t bother to be nice to Bakabon, who announce the duel and attracted the others to see it. (TN: it’s about the hidden trump card in bakabon’s posession, that is the magic item. If he tell the school about it, then they only need to evacuate the student and stop him, at the time before he use it…)

I won’t give a damn about Bakabon!

I wanted to crush him from the very beginning but, I had no intention at all to use Gluttony’s Absorption, which gives a fatal effect to the target magician.

However, Bakabon used a magic that has no regard about its impact on the surroundings.

This kind of fool has no right to use magic.

・・・I don’t have the right to dictate resposibility regarding the usage of Magic and who has authority and the qualifications for its use, but he(Bakabon) crossed the line.


Even though the magic circuit’s already destroyed, as long as there is mana Gluttony’s Absorption won’t stop.

The black thick fog still has not dissipated yet so, there ought to be  remnants of mana in the magic item.

Well, I’ve barely feel mana in the surrounding area so I doubt the fog will stay for much longer.

ah, the fog’s color’s diluted・・・The fog density has lessened too・・・it will be vanished anytime now.

・・・Bakabon is lying on the floor with his mouth letting out a white foam, drenched in his own tears, snot, urine, and feces.(TN: ? it’s too grotesque… bakabon condition is…)

「Suribasu-sensei, please!」

The arena’s barrier is released by Suribasu-sensei by Sirens-sensei’s signal, then the relief team enters the arena along with several teachers.

At this time I gather my thoughts and look at the surroundings.

I’m being wary of the mana in the area though while the others focus on Bakabon, who is unconscious.

Most of the audience that were in the seats have already taken refuge, so not many remain .

It’s because of the excelent work of the student council members.

It’s all because of Chrysnan-anesama’s tutelage. (TN: In case of you don’t understand it, he mean that everyone else who still in the arena’s location is looking at Bakabon, while Christoph is being wary about the mana in the surrounding because there’s a possibility that Gluttony’s Absorption wil awake again… and most of the student taking refugee, by the assist of student council’s staff that being taught by Chrysnans…)

「Christoph-kun please come with me」


I seems to have been caught by Siren-sensei.

Well, the duel is legal and there’s no problem with killing the opponent in the duel.

Still, it’s a bit troublesome to get expelled.

I’ve got myself a couple of friends so I want to graduate safely.

「Christoph-kun, you’re okay right!?」

While walking on the path Carla, Peron, Clara and Pritz, the 4 of them call out to me They can’t read the mood and Sirens-sensei just keeps walking further so I say「Later」to them.


After saying one word, I keep up with Sirens-sensei.

I’m being told to sit down in a chair of a room that looks like a waiting room near the arena.

On the opposite side of the table sit Sirens-sensei and a Dwarf-like teacher.

Now then, what kind of decision did they have in mind, huh?

「The spell before is no doubt a Darkness attribute’s King class magic – Gluttony’s Absorpstion right?」


Sirens –sensei asking the question to me again for re-confirmation.


「I hear that Christoph-kun has an affinity with the Light attribute and Space attribute but, is Darkness too? Just how many attribute aptitudes do you have?」

U~n, is it really necessary to answer this・・・

「Sirens-sensei, I have receive a strict order from my father to keep the matter  regarding my attribute aptitudes a secret, so I’m sorry but I can’t answer that question.」

「Even to the teachers?」

「I hear that there’s a need to receive the Headmaster’s permission too」

My attribute aptitudes are a national secret so there’s no way it’ll be revealed so easily.