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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 35


035 After the Duel


Editor: BullisticWow




「Even to the teachers?」

「I hear that there’s a need to receive the Headmaster’s permission too」

My attribute aptitude is a national secret so, there’s no way it’ll be revealed so easily.

At that time, a huge excited sound came from the door and Bloom-sensei came in.

「Iya~~ amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a King class magic」

Your first dialogue is that!

Don’t you worry about your student’s body?

Well, I did win with a landslide victory so there’s no need to worry・・・

「Bloom-sensei, what about Warner-kun?」

「How do you say, well there’ll be no problem with Gluttony’s Absorption taking a life but, it’ll be different for a person that is in pain  」

「Is that so, that’s good. Ah, how about the leg region? 」

Shirens-sensei who heard the news patted her chest, she’s also checking about Bakabon’s feet, where the fire lance struck.

「hm, aah, because the wound has completely burned, there’s no possibility for blood loss, but it’s unknown whether it can be regenerated or not.」

Of course, in order to avoid blood loss, I had used fire attribute magic to burn the wound.

In addition to that, if it is a high-ranking priest then it’ll be no problem to heal the wound.

Me? If it is me then a wound like that will be cured, the magic circuit too will be easily redone, I don’t want to though.

I need to have him regret proposing a duel with me.

「if it’s Christoph-kun, then it be possible to recover his wounds and magic circuit?」

O, you notice huh.

I’ll think about it when Bakabon and his father dogeza in front of me to ask for it, right?  (TLN: SAVAGE! lol)

「hahaha, Shirensu-sensei, but that’ll too good for him. In addition, it’ll be a good medicine for Warner-kun It’s a good thing if he’s able to think that it is already good that he’s not die 」

Bloom-sensei, I agree with that way of thinking!

「But, Warner-kun is・・・」

「Instead of that, Christoph-kun, how about your treatment・・・」

For saying「Instead of that」to Bakabon’s body, I think I’ll fall for Bloom-sensei.

But, pardon me from dropping out.

「I’ve talk about it to the principal, it’s decided that you will get a special credit in advance magic and sorcery courses of advance grade. To put it clearly, instead of us teaching you, it should be you teaching us.・・・But, for practical lesson it’s still the same, you need to attend it, okay. These things has already decided by the principal 」

The last thing seems to be told to me, and to the other teachers.

Instead of being expelled I got exempted from magic and sorcery courses・・・aside from magic, what can’t I show?

「Bloom-sensei, the sorcery course too?」

The dwarf teacher that was here from the start confirm it on my behalf.

I mean, Who are you?

「Jagan-sensei, I believe that you’ve already heard it from the StuCo(student council) president but, Christoph-kun is Bryut firm’s head inventor. Jagan-sensei also knows that we’ve bought the barrier bracelet and verified it’s performance, that thing is able to repel an advance grade magic item. Thus it’s became a story of, what kind of thing can we teach Christoph about sorcery if he can make such a thing?」

It seems that the dwarf-like teacher is Jagan-sensei.

Rather than that, so the school have bought and verified the barrier bracelet!

If it is possible, I want you to publicly announce that・・・if that happens then I’ll be making a lot of money desu.

Jagan-sensei seems to be convinced by Bloom-sensei’s explanation.

Is it alright to climb down that easily?

「Does Bloom-sensei know Christoph’s attribute aptitude?」

Shirense-sensei seems to want to know my attribute affinity no matter what.

「aa I know, I’m his homeroom teacher after all.」

「then, could you tell me?」

「Sorry but I can’t. If you want to know by all means, then ask the principal. In addition, Christoph-kun’s status plate attributes  are concealed, so nothing will happen even if you forcibly read it」

The thing about my status plate being concealed is only known by Father and Principal.

I’m not telling them about the status plate’s function that allows it to be concealed, but I told them that I can conceal it using my created magic.

Normally you can’t do that but, they’re convinced I can because I have an all attribute aptitude.

Forcibly. (TLN: Forcibly conceal his status plate)

So with something like that my situation has been explained.

There’ll be no change for the next day but・・・

Because of this, I’ve received 7 Advanced credits in total.

I’ve never chosen the magic course but, getting an additional credit is always a nice thing.

Royal Magic Academy students need to attend 10 of 15 course subjects, while to graduate one need to receive 10 credits from each course including the mandatory ones.

I’ve already receive 5 Credit from the unit completion test so, I just need to attend 5 more courses to graduate, then I want to attend the other 5 courses to graduate but, since I’ve already receive the credit from sorcery course, the courses that I will attend will be; the study of mamono (mamono gaku), geography, item course, and practical course.

Since I have more free time than the other student I’ll study more about the mamono study, item course, and geography independently, so I’ll try the higher degree in the next exam, so I think.