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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 36


036 Dorothy von Vandamme


ED:  BullisticWow



「E~, exercise is also exempt? 」

「The ones that are being exempted are only the Magic and Sorcery courses you know, I still need to attend the practical lessons」

「Of course! If Christoph is exempted from the practical course then it will be us who’ll be having trouble because of the lack of a full party!」

Because there’s that, I don’t get exempted from it, but Bloom-sensei had already said to not do it too much.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but is it because of the【Gift】of『The one who brings calamity and fortune(災い転じて福となす者)』?

It’s Bakabon who suffers from the calamity, while I am receiving the fortune.

Since there’s no way to verify it, let’s just say that『there was』an effect of the gift.

Viva positive thinking!

While the other students are learning, I’ve got a lot of free time.

Thus because of that I decided to study by myself in the library, Royal Magic Academy’s library has an overwhelming amount of books that I could learn from, so I’m happy.

Fumu fumu , I want this Rainbow Spider’s thread・・・Rainbow Spider is an A rank mamono that’s been confirmed living in the hinterland of the Oura Forest・・・

If I had its thread then I would be able to create the best robe with more magic circles huh・・・

This Behemoth’s hide has the highest level fire tolerance, while a Leviathan’s hide has the highest level tolerance against ice and water attributes. I wish I could make a magic item with these items. (TN: Glek *spit being eaten sfx* Beware for the incoming massacre… hunts for mamonos…)

I would love to make various magic items with these materials~.

There’s no way I’ll be able to find this high ranking mamono.

The reason is that in order to hunt a Rank A mamono there’s a need to deploy a large number of troops.

What level am I right now??

From a magic perspective; Ice, Darkness, and Time – I could use King Class spell but others were only at most Intermediate and Advance grade.

Unfortunately, in Bryutzels Margrave’s house library’s collection there are only King class Darkness and Time attribute grimoires, while the other grimoires are only of Advance class, so that is why I have come to this place.

For Ice attribute magic, I learned it from Rosalia-dancho, but only it.

I hear that there are higher class magic books (a.k.a Grimoire) here, at the Royal Magic Academy, which I seek.

However, since magic books at Hero class and above are important, there’s a need for permission to browse them.

That’s why I’m currently applying for permission to browse them.

(TN: By now you should understand already that this cheater Christoph… isn’t had an already learned spell from the start, he needs to read a grimoire in order to learn the spell… now, I see that he isn’t that much of a cheater…)

Because I am waiting for permission, I read about some knowledge on items. Since it is lesson time there are not many students in the library.

Only 1 of them is visible in the quiet library.

It is Sacred Kingdom Vandamme’s 3rd princess, Princess Dorothy.

Usually, there’s always an entourage surrounding her so it’s always a little noisy but Princess Dorothy is the same as me, she has acquired unit completion points so she occasionally spends her time in the library.

Still, Princess Dorothy is a bishoujo that could treat the eyes (it’s a shame that her chest is such a vast plain) if she stays silent that is ~

Ua! I’m being glared at!?

If there’s contact between our eyes I’ll be turned into stone! (TN: It’s a pun of gorgon’s eye of medusa…)

a, damn it~ She is coming over here.

「You’re excused from the Magic and Sorcery courses because of the duel’s uproar, huh」

「・・・Thanks to you・・・」

Even though the Princess was not involved with it, what the heck is with “thanks to you”!

The opponent is the Princess so it’s better to treat her more respectfully,  rather than a relaxed life I’ll get a prison life!

「I’ve been thinking about something, don’t you(anata) always have a rude thought about me?」

Eh, what kind of rude though huh? Is it about breasts?


「・・・If I create any displeasure to your Highness then I apologize・・・」

「・・・It’s Dorothy.・・・I don’t like that stiff way of calling like “your Highness”」

mumumu, Is it alright for me to call her Dorothy huh?

If the person herself say it’s okay then it should be alright・・・

「In addition, it’s not like I feel unpleasant because of it.・・・I’m always aiming for the top as Royalty. … so I’m saying that I will not lose to you」

Hm~, Princess Dorothy seems to be a person with a strong mind.

When I try to talk to her like this, I feel like I can understand her way of thinking, an attitude that doesn’t enquire a personal status is a favorable attitude.

「Dorothy-sama is one who endeavors huh. It’s respectable」

「there’s also something that will not be reached no matter how much effort you put.」

「I believe there’s no such thing. If it is Dorothy-sama then she will be able to pass any wall. It is after all different from me, who owes my success largely to my parents (TN:oya no nana hikari – the dialogue should be inputted with some Japanese proverb. But, since it’s weird I put the literal translation) 」


Eh?・・・It became silent・・・


「You are free huh.・・・Ura (TN:Urayamshii/how envious)・・・no, there’s nothing. Anyway, I will aim for the top, so, for the time being, you will be my rival. I will make sure to stand above!」

Dorothy-sama says her victory declaration with a stance then goes back to her seat.

At the end her face becomes slightly red, I think she became too excited.

I always do what I like so, I think her way of thinking is a little too stiff, I respect her a little because of how impossible it is for me to imitate that.

Now then, I shall tell you about Bakabon now.

Bakabon, after the duel, was transferred to the Great Temple’s Treatment Center but I heard that they are unable to repair his magic circuit.

And his left foot too can’t be regenerated.

Why you ask?

It seems there are various reasons for the absences of the High Priest, but if we say it in political way, Marquis Brennan seems to have too many enemies or so I hear.

There are 3 factions in the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme – Royalty, Nobility, and Neutral. Marquis Brennan is the central figure of the Nobility faction, and The Great Temple is a force that is close to the King.

Then, Bakabon will be neglected until the High Priest that is being called away is back.

This is information that I hear from Dad so, it should be true.

I thought that because the Great Temple is a religion so it should have a great power, but it seems I am wrong.

In Sacred Kingdom Vandamme Religion is protected by the Kingdom, but there’s a restriction to its activity.

It seems that the previous King Akira has firmly established religious protection and restrictions that being handed down.

Still that Noble faction, even though they are the Noble faction, they dare to turn their sword towards the King, how brazen.

But it must be an everyday struggle in the aristocracy world.

That Dorothy-sama seems to be prepared to live in that kind of world.

By the way, our Bryutzel Margrave house is a part of the Royal faction.



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