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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 37


037 Dungeon Attack1


ED: Puru, Bullisticwow

Hajimemashite! This my first time helping with editing!


Let’s welcome our new editor! Puru-san!

and yeah, read my post for crying out loud… there’s a new format here and the next one will be like what?… Bullistic-sama will do it like this again if he likes to…


In the 5th month of the year, except for the duel, everything went peacefully. Bryut Firm’s sales steadily grew, while Fillia gathered regular guests from the customers. I also heard that recently she even got a Fanclub without her knowing. Not only mercenaries and adventurers, even the nobles applied for her Fanclub’s membership. I thought whether or not it was alright for the soldiers, who should be protecting the Royal Family, to enter the Fanclub. The cash flow of the firm is good so that puts my mind to ease.

Because of the Clan War’s date approaching, recently Carla began to teach countermeasures to Arda, Koda and the other clan members as well as explaining the past Clan Wars. Heck, even though the clan has the name of 『MIMaker (Magic Item Maker) 』, when will we begin to create a magic item?

From my perspective, Carla’s behavior is like putting the cart before the horse, but looking at Carla’s enthusiasm I can’t say anything.

The 5th month passed just like that.

In the 6th month, the practical courses started and the real battle practice lessons began. To experience a real battle, the Royal Magic Academy has many dungeons in its possession, and we the students will attack the dungeons as parties to clear them.

「This time the dungeon that you all will challenge is the lowest dungeon for beginners. The dungeon has 5 layers in it, and the monsters there are of F and G ranks. But don’t look down on them, if taken lightly you’ll receive heavy injuries, and if it’s serious you might even die.」

Bloom-sensei stops talking and looked at the students’ faces, then resumed his speech.

「At the start there will be 3-3-4 formation parties and the teachers will accompany you. So I will announce the parties that will enter the dungeon. The party that has their leader’s name called, stand in front of the teacher.」

Somehow I got registered as a party leader. It was bad to leave the registration to Carla. Because my name was being called by Bloom-sensei, our party will be accompanied by Bloom-sensei’s group. Aside from us, there are 2 other parties so in total there are 3 parties and Bloom-sensei.

Actually, I have never talked to the members of the other 2 parties. To be exact I don’t even remember their names・・・Peron has given up on telling me to remember at least my classmates’ names. Since we’re classmates I should be able to remember their name but, since I have Carla and Peron as friends that’s enough for now. As I am a noble I think that I should socialize with them but, I myself do not have the free time to do that, so let’s just spread friendship little by little.

According to Peron, the 2 parties that have been grouped with us consist of commoners. Our class is one that’s the highest ranked based on the points gathered from the tests and there should be fewer commoners in it but, this year there are 7 commoners in the class since the enrolment. My friend and party member Peron are from a commoner background, so I thought the remaining 2 parties all consist of commoners, however, it seems there are only 5 commoners in the parties. A Baroness in one of the parties has the same opinion as Carla and doesn’t differentiate between nobility and commoners.

「Christoph, you are the leader of the group. Defeat the boss with these 3 parties」

Eh, Me?

Eh~How troublesome~。

Is my inner voice being heard? because Bloom-sensei says 「You, are the 1st ranked you know!」. I could feel the pressure.

「I am Christoph. I’ve been appointed as the leader by Bloom-sensei. Best regards!」

For the time being, we introduced ourselves. I’ve remembered their names and faces.

・・・By using Eyes of Truth anytime I want, I can know their name so there’s no problem. (TN: now that he’s talking about it… he never used his eyes huh… and it’s been a damn chapter in its 30s…)(EN:previously read as “Eyes of Mentality” changed them though they seem less cool in English. They are read as “心理の眼 – Shinri no Me” in Japanese.)

It’s kinda too late but, shouldn’t there be a vanguard and a rearguard in a party? While the Vanguard is the ones who push the mamono, the rear-guard are the ones who guard them against the attacks of the mamono.(EN:imo a rearguard would be someone like a “medic or synergist or saboteur/jammer” like in FF… But well, that’s what the author says so…)

Wouldn’t there be an imbalance if the party only consist of rear-guards only?

Encouraged by Bloom-sensei we enter the dungeon. The other 2 groups already entered before us so we’ll be the last one.

The inside of the dungeon is dim but it’s not pitch dark. The walls and ceiling are glowing faintly and allow us to see. When I use the Eyes of Truth the information came out of the wall with the explanation – demonic energy flowing through the dungeon converts to dull light and makes the walls glow. Let’s research it a little upon returning home.

When you go straight into the dungeon you’ll find a cross road. Go straight, turn left, turn right, when I thought how to choose or who should choose the right way, Bloom-sensei ordered us to go straight. Apparently, the 3 groups have been assigned which way they go.

I knew about it later but, the straight road was the furthest way towards the boss room.

The first mamono to appear is a rank G Black Rabbit. Since there are 4 Black Rabbits it should be alright for each person to kill one?

「Room-san, you have an Earth attribute affinity right? Can you use Earth Bind? 」

「Eh, ah, yes. I can use Earth Bind but, I don’t think I will be able to bind all 4 of them」

I thought that the Earth attribute’s junior level magic, Earth Bind would be able to bind all 4 of them, but Room-san, the dwarf male student, says that he can’t bind the 4 of them.

「Bridget-san has Dark attribute affinity right? Can you use Dark Bind? 」

「Yes, I’m able to use it recently」

「Okay, Room-san will use Earth Bind on the left rabbit, while Bridget-san will take on the left, while I take the 2 in the middle. The others please attack the restrained rabbits with your magic or sorcery, whichever you are proud of.」

It seems that everyone understood their role with my instructions and nodded. With my signal, Bridget-san and Room-san pour their mana into the magic circle and activate their Dark Bind and Earth Bind, while I too released Dark Bind at the 2 rabbits in the middle. With this, all 4 of the Black Rabbits have been restrained and the other 6 party members release their respective attacks.

As expected, attacking a restrained mamono from all sides, the 4 rabbits breathe their last breath.

From the dead mamono the adventurers take their Demonic Crystals and sell it at the Adventurer’s Guild and Commerce Guild, but for me, the stripping of the corpse took more time than killing the monsters. The stripping work is an important thing too because according to the way the parts are stripped, their price will differ. The bad ones will get a cheaper price than the better quality ones, so unexpectedly it’s an important job you know.


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