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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 38



038 Dungeon Attack 2


ED:Puru, Bullistic



Dungeons are the gathering place of mamonos. This place is the lowest level dungeon.

There’s no problem with my group but the other students are exhausted. The barrier bracelet I created was working normally today as well, even if attacked by a rank F or G mamono, a person wearing it would receive no damage. Since I have a wide array of extermination magic, even if it’s just me vs all, I could definitely win and wouldn’t take too much time to defeat the boss. So being grouped with Bloom-sensei, he hinted to me that I should not overdo it.

「Left- A team, right- B team, middle- C team,  begin combat!」

With my order, each party began the battle.

A team consists of Room-san, Histo-san, and Alice-san. B team consists of Bridget-san, Reneshia-San, and Hook-san. C team consists of me, Carla, and Peron. Calling each individual’s name is troublesome and could be dangerous so I made the teams based on the party. In the military it’s called 3 man cells I think? Because I was not a military otaku in my previous life, I don’t know whether it’s true or not.

Each team basically follows the strategy of restraining the mamonos and then strike them, if the 1st team’s restraint fails the 2nd team will use a wall type magic to prevent the mamonos from attacking. With overwhelming power, there’s no need for a person to use a restraint or wall type magic, but aside from that there’s no one who could overpower them, so I guided them step by step. Well, I’m just reviewing the lesson from the practical course so at least I’m not doing something unusual.

「C team, annihilate them! The 2 of you will support A team! I will support B team! 」

「「Roger that」」

During the battle, Bridget-san’s Dark Bind’s effect is improving. Because there’s only a slight difference in it the other party member and even the caster didn’t realize it but, without a doubt, it’s improved. While in A team, Room-san’s scope didn’t increase, the probability of a failed cast did decrease.

Aside from me, the other 8 are also using sorcery. There are many who own a commercialized sorcery book after all. This sorcery book has a magic circle that’s written on a parchment, however, when it’s used, the magic circle will be dispersed. For this reason, there’s a need to restock or rewrite the magic circle in the book, for it to be used as part of a person’s fighting force. There are also many books that have a single type of magic circle on several pages. There are also an unexpected number of magicians who hold a book on their left and a cane in their right hands.

「A team, C team will begin the stripping of materials. B team is to remain vigilant. 」


On my word, everyone gets down to work immediately. I start work with C team. The Damascus knife was stabbed through the belly of the Black Rabbit to tear it open. I began to get used to the viscera and blood that comes out. The odor, like rusty iron drifts around The unneeded head and organs, are thrown away, while the sticky oil, the fleshy part of the meat, fur and demonic crystals are extracted.

Our bags have started to bulge. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Since the ladies have started to gasp for air while carrying the bulging bags, we decide to throw away the fur which wouldn’t sell for much. If the 1st layer already made the bags overweight like this, then I need to prepare a countermeasure for later.

I wonder how long we have spent inside the dungeon. Everyone had fatigue colored on their faces by the time we arrived at the big door that leads to the boss room.

「It looks like this are the boss room. The other 2 groups have yet to come out, so let’s take a break for 15 minutes. Does anyone want some cold water?」

I let cold water out with the water ring and offered it to the members.

「This cold water is tasty. I should buy the water ring later.」

That’s right, even here I could advertise my magic items.


「In Bryut firm, with the purchase of a certain quantity of goods there will be a discount, so it’s better to buy the items for with a group as it’ll be discounted.」

「Eh, ah, is that so? Doesn’t that mean instead of buying it individually everyone buys it at the same time making it cheaper!」

The Baroness, Lily, tries to convince the other to buy them in a bulk. The other students, except for Carla, are of the commoner class, so the proposal made by the affluent Lily is acknowledged.

・・・I should introduce a Student-Discount scheme.

「Then, because we’ll soon enter the boss room, let me make the final check, are your mana levels alright?・・・In the boss room there are 2 Black Rabbits and 1 War Rabbit. The War Rabbit will be handled by C team, while the other 2 Black Rabbits will be handled by A and B team.」

Now that the 15 minutes were up, I decided to charge the boss room after checking their mana statuses. Since every team has battled repeatedly against the mamono, their faces have gotten firmer than their first time, or so I feel.

「We’re going!」

I open the door and enter the battle against the boss.

「Beware of your surroundings! Hurry up and expand!」

Basically, A team will go to the left, B team to the right, and C team to the middle, so the expansion went smoothly. Aside from me, the other students have their canes, and sorcery books ready.

「Begin the attack!」

Each team charges at their respective mamono and deploys their magic. After seeing that, I too deploy my magic and restrain the war rabbit with Dark Bind without any trouble. It’s the same as before, we restrain the mamono and attack them, the battle ended without much struggle and we completed the dismantling.

The only type of mamono that live in the 1st layer of the dungeon are Rabbit type mamonos like Black Rabbits (small fry) and the War Rabbit (Small fry boss). The Black Rabbit’s way of attack was only their Headbutt and Bite, so once you restrain them, it will be an easy meal. While War Rabbits only have more strength and speed than the Black Rabbits, they have the same way of attack, so the method to fight them remains the same.

For our 1st experience it would be hard because of the number of mamonos, but once you get used to it, it will be easy. This time we were able to break through the 1st layer, and we’ve become accustomed to battle against the mamono so there must be an increase in our battle potential. Unless we are neglectful, there’ll be no problem to conquer this 5 layered beginner dungeon. But I wonder how long it will take to do so?


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