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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 39


039 Dungeon Attack3


ED:Puru, Bullistic


It has been 3 days since we last dived into the Dungeon for Beginners. We will enter the dungeon today as well, but, since it is our second time we set the targeted of overcome the first floor.

This time will also be the same as the last – we will divide into several parties and enter but there will be no teachers accompanying us today. Our parties are aiming to complete the Dungeon for Beginners in order to gain strength, but for now, we are aiming to conquer the first floor independently. The reason for not going further is that it is forbidden to challenge another floor without a supervisor. We were not the only party attempting this; there is also Dorothy-sama’s party and the other three parties elsewhere.

In addition, the usage of Bryut firm’s magic items is forbidden on the Academy’s grounds. The reason is simple – [Create your own magic items!]. Well, it is that kind of a school, so there is no helping it. It is not as if you can easily create an item it if you want to, so I do not think the popularity of the Item Course will increase.

How do I convince the Academy! If my products were defective or the ability was too low, I could accept it but, isn’t it unreasonable to ban them? That is why I argued a lot with them, but, somehow I was only able to allow the potion type of products to be used. By the way, because I create Bryut firm’s products, my party members Carla and Peron are allowed to use them. In Peron’s case, not only was he receiving envy from the classmates, he also received envy from the upperclassmen as well, or so I heard. Sorry!

Now then, we have explored the first floor again with a new route to reach the boss’s room. The mamono that emerged was the same as the previous, the Black Rabbit. I was surprised that the mamono that emerged was different, but it seems that it was not the case.

At that moment, I remembered something. Our party did not differentiate between girls and boys, so all of us brought the same amount of items, however, the deeper we went, the more the stripped items will become a burden, but I think that there is a way to improve this. Originally, in Japanese games, there is this concept of an item box or storage box so it will be easier to image the thing, next time I shall try to create a storage type magic item.

While thinking that, I threw away the unusable items and went deeper inside the dungeon.

「tteka (Heck, I mean), how much is Christoph’s mana capacity?」

「N~, abundant?」

「I know it is abundant! Mattaku・・・」

「It cannot be helped since the about of mana in a person is unknown and can only be perceived by what is still left, after all, ~」

Peron-kun, I know the exact amount in numbers you know! However, it will be troublesome to mention it… so I will not.

「Well, alright. My mana seems to have increased, you know?」

「a, I too feel that. Although only a little, I feel it increased a bit.」

Umu, your 【Intelligence】, and 【Spirit】 are growing steadily. Do your best!

「Is the break time enough? The boss is already waiting」

「Alright, let’s go~ Peron!」


Carla-kun, how manly you are・・・

The boss is the same as before, two Black Rabbits and a War Rabbit.

My two companions nodded as a signal that they are ready.

「Dark Bind」

Recently, Dark Attribute Magic became my specialty, or so I am told.

When I punished Bakabon I used Dark Attribute’s 「Gluttony’s Absorption」, and during the previous Dungeon Attack, I use Dark Bind, so everyone seems to have thought that the Dark Attribute was my main aptitude.

Of course, in the case of Carla and Peron, I have already told them about my ‘All Attributes’ aptitude. After all, we are a party, so not knowing each other’s attributes would be bad, wouldn’t it.・・・But I held back in the class. Sorry!

I’m only using Dark Bind. The ones who would finish the mamono are Carla and Peron. I only do so because if I do attack I will take the both of their jobs.

「As expected I need to write my own magic circle!」

「What are you spouting about this late?」

「Christoph is great eh, he uses his own magic circle after all. Peron and I are using magic circles created by others so, it somehow does not have the power, or I cannot use the magic I want to use, right?」

「That is right. I too want to be able to write magic circles soon.」

Sorcerers only need to supply a magic circle with their mana to use magic but in some cases; the amount of mana used will change the output of the magic circle.

Basically, it depends on the magic circle’s components but, the efficiency is not good, that’s why being able to draw your own magic circle will broaden your ability.

In addition being able to draw your own magic circle will help you get acknowledged as a strong magician.

「It’s better to learn sorcery alongside magic you know?」

「Unlike Christoph-kun, it is hard to learn a magic circle you know? We’re commoners after all-tsu!」

You are speaking ill about me so nonchalantly? (TN help!:何気に貶していませんか?)

Hey, hey, Carla-kun don’t you see me as a human?

Tteka, you are a noble Carla, not a commoner like me!



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