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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 40



040 Before the Clan Wars


ED:Bullistic, Puru



June (T&EN: 六月 – roku gatsu – June [the 6th month]).

When people talk about the month of June, it’s about the Clan Wars. Carla wishes for certain victory! However, she says it is difficult to be absolutely sure. The Student Council led by Chrysnans-anesama have won for 2 consecutive years, and are expected to win for their 3rd year.

「At last, the day after tomorrow will be the start of the preliminary matches. All of us are 1st-year students, and there are only the 5 of us here. 」

Carla’s fighting spirit is overflowing.

「Hey, Carla~a let’s celebrate the occasion before our preliminaries start.」

「Good Idea! Alright, let’s get our leaving permit tomorrow and go to Cook’s restaurant!」

「Hey! Isn’t that my house!」

「With Peron here, can’t we go there without a reservation? In addition, we’ll get a discount, won’t we? 」

Carla says so while chuckling as always. That’s why I’m going to the Cook restaurant tomorrow.


Peron was called 『Bocchan (young master) 』by the clerk. Peron said that it was embarrassing to be called that and asked him to stop.

Since Peron’s with us, we got a private room and ordered as many dishes as we wanted. Ever since I’ve arrived in the capital, I haven’t tasted a dish that’s delicious so Peron recommended me Samoan Teriyaki with a herbage flavor.

「Looks delicious. Christoph give me a bit.」


Is Carla really a child of the Nobles? From her usage of words, and her behavior, I can’t think of her as one・・・

「Un, it’s delicious. What did you order Pritz?」

Indeed, it’s delicious. It’s the first delicious dish that I ate in the capital. Peron’s father is the owner and chef. As a client, I shall truthfully say that he is a good chef.

Eventually, Carla tastes everyone’s dish a bit. Clara also mimics her.

「Hey, after this, let’s all go to Bryut firm. I’ve never gone there you know.」

「Ah, that’s a good idea. I too want to go there.」

By Pritz and Carla’s suggestion; I am forced to take them to the Bryut firm after the meal.

「Christophe, there’s a Friends Discount too right?」

「It depends on the items, but I think It should be alright.」

Teka(I mean), aren’t you all a group that received permission to access items from the Bryut firm? Although it’s kinda too late…

Carla and Clara chatter. During the meal, both of them kept talking. While Clara was chewing, Carla would talk, and while Carla was chewing, Clara would talk; the two of them will continue to do so alternately and uninterruptedly. This was the first time since I arrived in the capital that I could leisurely hang out with friends. It’s good to be able to live in a relaxed fashion.

Peron’s father is the one who brought in the desserts.

「Thank you for taking care of my son. He is a shy child so I was worried that it’ll be difficult for him to make a friend. From now on please continue to take care of my son」

It’s a dandy looking man with a face that looks like Peron wearing a chef’s hat. Everyone introduced themselves, I was the last.

「So you’re a person from that Margrave Bryutzels’s house. That white sugar is sweeter than the other sugar by far, even more, so it’s cheaper.」

「Thank you very much, from now on we’ll continue to receive your patronage.」

White sugar is a product that is being steadily sold since its release. There seems to be a rebound from the expensive price of the sugar before, but the easy to make recipes that are being distributed by Bryut firm seem to pervade to the citizens of the commoner class little by little.

Peron’s father withdrew the conversation shortly before going back to work, leaving with a refreshing smile・・・

「Peron father is an ikemen right? Peron too Ikemen but he is a different kind of ikemen, but there’s no positive attitude that left an impact on the girls, right?」

「I, Is that so・・・」

Carla is occasionally・・・No, often says something that depletes others SP(sanity point). Peron, let’s live strongly! I’m on your side, Peron! I pat Peron’s shoulder and comfort him with my eyes.


After that, we leave the Cook restaurant and head to Bryut firm. Even though there have been no big sales like the initial opening, the increase in sales is steady and is generating stable profits.

「Welcome~. Ah, Christoph-sama! 」

On entering the Bryut firm the energetic Clara welcomed me.( CZ: it’s the worker one) I suppose the slave in the mansion is Clara too. Since she is a commoner, she has no family name. I should differentiate her with Clara von Hecato or should I call her with her family name, but there is her twin brother Pritz von Hecato. How confusing.

「I’d like you to show the store to my friends here. Also, is Filia there? 」

「Yes, the manager is in the back. I’ll call her.」

「ah, it’s okay. I’ll go there myself, just show the other around here」


Leaving everyone here, I went to Filia’s location. Filia was having her lunch but by the time I arrived, it was fine as she just finished it. Barely hearing her greeting I immediately asked her the question I’m interested in.

「How about yesterday’s item sales?」

「Yes, everything going well desu. Many have bought the Power Ring and Protection Ring.」

「Is that so, then it is all good. At the end of the month give everyone a bonus.」

「Yes, as ordered. Not only providing food, clothing, and sheltering, you’ve given them a bonus too. If others slaves hear about this, they’ll conspire a rebellion you know!」

「・・・Please don’t say scary things so nonchalantly. But if everyone’s happy with it, then I’m pleased to hear that.」

By the way, “yesterday’s thing” is the Ring of Agility. After creating a Power and Protection ring, I tried to create a Ring of Agility, and Father bought 200 sets. What a great profit for the firm! The Ring of Agility contained the Wind Attribute and I let Lock handle its production but, with this Lock has 3 commodities to work on so I need to handle this carefully, huh. On the contrary, Jamon who was handling 1 commodity looked at Lock with envy, so I will make an item for Jamon to handle next.

「Is there anything that interests you?」

After handling the matter I had with Filia, I got back to the other 4. While Carla chose a Ring of Agility and Ring of Protection, Peron chose a Ring of Agility and Water Ring, Pritz and Clara each chose Ring of Agility for themselves.

「As expected the Barrier Bracelet is expensive. Next time I’ll come here with father to buy it.」

「Me(boku) too as expected don’t have 200,000 S. It’s a pity but, I’ll give up.」

「Me and Pritz have Barrier Bracelet you know. Father constantly reminds us to always wear it.」

Pritz and Clara’s house is a Knight Peerage house so I didn’t think it was possible for them to buy 2 pieces of Barrier Bracelet that cost 200,000 S.

「But Clara’s house has a Gold Mine, right? How envious. 」

So that’s it, a rich house huh. Still, for a Knight Peerage house to have a Gold Mine is・・・

「Since mother is the one who manages the Gold Mine, it’ll be stable income for some time.」

So it’s Clara and Pritz’s mother huh・・・

After that, we walked around the city, when we came back in the dorm it was already sunset. So the Bryut Firm’s products had been bought by Clara’s mother who haggled down the prices, huh. Well, that is alright.


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