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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 41


041 Clan War・Qualifier 1


ED: Puru,


There are 43 teams participating in the Clan War.

The last year best 4 got a seed right, so they’ll only play in the main war.

In addition to 24 teams that advance from the Preliminary, there’ll be 4 more teams that advance in the main war.

「The 485th Clan war will now begin. The task for the 1st mission will be creating a statue of Sirens-sensei. The time limit is 3 hours, only the clan to complete them will be allowed to be examined. Now then, start!」

We’re designated in each area of the schoolyard.

You’ve to clear the task given by the teacher in allocated time to apply for the examination.

However to suddenly sexually harass someone ・・・I liked it you know!(Puru: um.. he likes sexually harassing people?)(TLN: it’s just a play word, I don’t think he like it literally, but the idea to is what he liked, or so I believe)

「Talking about the statue should it be Ice or Earth?」

Hearing Carla’s voice, we all looked at Peron.

If we’re talking about Ice attribute, I don’t have the spell, so we instinctually looking at Peron who owns the earth attribute.

「I, I’m not really good with Earth attribute though・・・」

Peron answered looking at everyone’s eyes after taking a step back. (TN: I know that feeling… I meant the others not Peron’s lol)

「Everyone else will help, so do it with all you’ve got!」

So Carla is driving it safely huh. (TN: it’s mean she’s trying to do it as safe as possible without much turn, isn’t editor-san?)(Puru: I guess she’s being cautious in her own way)

By the way, the reason why everyone else won’t order me to do anything is because Carla declared that,『Let’s breakthrough the clan war preliminary without Christophe’s help! 』so everyone obeys that without any complaint.

If I did the clan war by piggybacking everyone then, there’ll be no value to enter this clan war.

Un, it’s a good dedication!(Puru: Should it be “decision”?)(TLN: nope, it’s dedication as they ‘want’ and ‘determined’ not decide)

「I’ll try my best. It’s alright with earth right? 」

「Won’t it be better if we use stone?」

「But, it’ll be hard to work the stone, wouldn’t it?」

「But won’t earth be too soft that it’ll collapse? 」

Clara-Pritz siblings were discussing the material.

「I’ll do it with the earth! It’ll be hard to use stone in a short time」

Because Carla already chose the material, we put our mana into the magic circle.

Peron used the Earth Magic ‘Gather Soil’ to the height of more or less 2M.

Only doing this there’s already large beads of sweat running on Peron’s forehead.

The clump of soil that was produced by Peron was so soft that it’s hard to choose where to process it first.

「Clara can you solidified the soil?」

「Leave it to me!」

Clara pours her mana as she approaches the clump of soil.

『By giving a little of mana, I’ll pour the power of darkness, fix this thing・・・Dark Mist』

The spell that Clara unleashed, Dark Mist, is a fog that is created from the darkness and sticks to the object to hinder or block the vision of the target.

That Dark mist seeps through the gap in the soil and sticks to the soil like an adhesive.

Fumu, that’s a good idea.

If it’s me I’ll use a water magic and knead the soil to release the air within, and then bake the soil using fire magic, but this is a good way too.

Well, in the first place if you want to use your own hands to create the statue you could use the recently learned spell ‘Earth Create’ too.

「Pritz, try to cut it with the wind magic」

「Un, I’ll try it」

「Peron hurry up and recover your mana alright.」

While Carla was giving them instructions based on her instincts, Pritz scraps the clump of soil using Wind magic.

Peron drank the mana potion in order replenish to his exhausted mana, but since it can’t replenish the depleted stamina completely he had to take a break for a bit.

While giving a side glance at Pritz’s work, Clara draws the image of Sirens-sensei on a parchment and she shows us the completed image of Sirens-sensei.

・・・she has too much sex appeal.

Since most of them are male teachers, I think it’s alright to make the statue with ‘too much sex appeal’ (Sexy) and I think it’ll receive high point but, will everyone be convinced with it.

Pritz has more mana capacity than the other student.

But even so, doing a job one’s not familiar with is hard, and one can’t work continuously because of the severe mana consumption.

While Peron and Pritz are substituting with each other, they scrape out of the contour of the stone of Sirens-sensei from the clump of soil.

Those 2 that already scraped out the outline of the statue already drank almost 10 mana potion, when they move I think they’ll have some tapun [the sound of something that’s full of water being moved in water…]  Sfx from their belly.

・・・Ganbare!(Do your best!)

「Yosh, next will be me!」

Carla scrapes with the thunder at the tip of her index finger to scrape the soil to make the statue more detailed.

It seems that the rough Carla has the best control of their magic in here.

Of course, that is if you’re not including me in it.

The time passed by and the 3-hour deadline would soon be over.

There was an announcement when about 15 minutes were left for the deadline.



Cheers arised from Clara, Pritz, and Peron.

They feel joy from the piece of work they made.

But, I am still dissatisfied!

With this quality I doubt we’ll pass the qualifiers, is what I think.

That’s why I braced myself to become the demon.

「I’m sorry to pour cold water at your joy time but, I think that this work will not be enough for us to pass the qualifiers.」

「Su, Sure・・・there are many rough places in it but・・・」

The smile on their faces before disappeared because of their disappointment.

Although it may be impossible to say that with the statue they made with full effort can’t make us pass the qualifier, the circumstance will not allow us to sag.

「Will it be alright for me to put the finishing?I too am after all a member of『MIMaker(Magic item maker)』and not doing anything would bother me you know?」

「That’s right!Christoph too is the member of『MI Maker』after all so let’s put more effort!」

Since the 4 of you already worked hard since before, isn’t it alright for me to show off a little too?



「3 hour has passed. Please stop your work!If by any chance you do not stop your team will be disqualified!」

Well, this will do alright.



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