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Welcome to Arcadia! The world’s most plausible virtual reality game created by three major conglomerates, Ajin Electrons, Sillicoff Industries, and Argos Corporation. Join Jaeyeong, a legendary gamer who goes by the ID Dex, on a chaotic adventure as he hops in the capsule Dreamer to access the fantasy world of Arcadia! Are you ready?

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After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 42

042 Clan War・Qualifier 2


ED: Puru – [the Carla-Clara headache…]. Bullistic

TLN : This chapter is awesome!



The Clan War preliminary round started first thing in the morning and ended at noon. Five teachers would examine the statues and the results would be announced in the evening. Why were there only male judges, while there weren’t any female judges like Sirens-sensei? I don’t know what their intentions are, but in Japan, they’d be sued for sexual harassment.

As a result, our clan『MIMaker』 receive 411 points out of 500 and passed the preliminary in 3rd place. I took over the work 15 minutes before the time was up yet I was able to give it a perfect finishing touch. (Puru: “perfect”? 411/500 is “perfect”? Lucky that your parents aren’t like mine Christoph-kun.)(TN: lol~ the mean perfect is that he could make it as best as he could under that time-lapse)

Why did it receive the 3rd place and not the top place? Based on my analysis there’s not enough sexiness in it. Even though all of the judges are male teachers, moreover, three of them were single, the statue created by 『MIMaker』is a standing figure of Sirens-sensei!

It’s a standing figure you know! It’s a statue designed by Clara so having a complaint will not change anything but I wanted to at least give it more ero features with more curves in certain places, rather than looking like the original. My thoughts looked intentional because the curves were scraped by Carla・・・


Well, because we got 3rd place, in the 2nd preliminary round we are placed into group C. In the 2nd preliminary round, there will be 8 clans for each group. Within each A-B-C group we will battle each other and the 1st place of each group will go on to the final stage. However since there’ll be 7 clans participating in the final and there are only 3 clans that are seeded from the groups, there’ll be 1 clan which will be chosen from the eliminated teams with a match that will take place after the 2nd preliminary round.

The 2nd preliminary round will start the day after the 1st preliminary round, first thing in the morning. Since it’s a Clan War Week, there is no lessons desu. Well, don’t sports festival last for a week too? It’s the same feeling as that.

「For the 2nd preliminary round we ask each clan to divide their strength into 2 teams and challenge the given tasks. The maximal number of members is 5 per team, and it’s forbidden for a member to be in both teams 」

For a clan like『MIMaker』that only had 5 members in it, it is inherently disadvantageous. To be divided it into 2 teams will be a much larger impact.

「The 1st challenge is Magic Circle creation. It doesn’t matter what kind of Magic Circle it is, create it until the allocation time ends. The circle will be evaluated when the time ends」

My specialty has come.

「The 2nd task is a battle royal. The battle royal will be held in the 3rd arena, and the one who wins will get 500 points, the 2nd will get 300, 3rd for 200, 4th for 100, and 5th will get 50 points. However, spells only up to an intermediate level are allowed to be used. In addition, if there are any casualties such as death, the killer will receive minus (-)500 point as the penalty. The points that are received here will be added to the clan’s total points. 」

Fumu, in other words, it’s a subtle battle where one needs to hold back huh.

「The Magic Circle part will be held here, while the battle royal will be held in the 3rd arena. There will 30 minutes for each clan to form their teams, and in the case of the 30 minutes ending, any team that didn’t submit their formations will be disqualified. You better take your team composition seriously, alright.」

「Dividing the team huh, even though stay like this is already hard for us 」

「I don’t really think so?」

Clara responds to Carla’s idea. (TN: ugh… damn you, author! Why must you make them have almost the same name! I almost tripped with their name orz…)(Puru: I totally understand the anguish…)

「After all, isn’t alright if we divide it as Christoph alone and we 4 as one team?」

Clara says it nonchalantly but that is betraying their determination to not depend on me as they said before the clan war. Carla has a bitter look. However, that is the best option for our clan with such few members. I too am of the same opinion as Clara, so I didn’t really care about it.

「That is・・・」

「I don’t mind it you know. After all, you don’t have many choices in this situation.」


With my words, Carla too made up her mind and nodded lightly.

「I n the end we still depended on Christoph in the 1st preliminary round, and I am keenly aware of our lack of power・・・Christoph, I’m sorry to ask but, we’ll depend on you.」

「「Sorry Christoph!」」

I don’t really think the situation is bad enough that Pritz and Peron should express their apology. We are friends at the same time comrades of the same clan; it’s natural to depend on each other in a tournament like this. The one who has the power shall lead and pull everyone naturally. The feeling of not always depending on me is good, but it won’t be worth much if we’re not going to win. Winning is the thing that must be prioritized. Everyone should already know that.

「You don’t have to worry about it. So, which task should I do? Personally, I’m confident with either one.」

「I personally rather go to Magic Circle creation. I’m sorry for Christoph but I don’t think we can win against upperclassmen, Moreover, 『MI Maker』’s main thing is the creation of Magic Circles.」

「As Clara said. I’m sorry but we’ll go with the Magic Circle’s task. We’ll entrust Christoph with the battle royal task.」

「Understood (Roger)! 」

「Alright everyone!  Since we already depend on Christoph, whatever we do, we need to get to the top!」

Carla declared roughly. Thus everyone expressed their fighting spirit enthusiastically. Since we were already done with our formations, I headed to the 3rd stadium. Even though they said team formations, there’s only me on the team eh. As expected from the surroundings, there are also students who are heading to the 3rd arena along with me. There is a *gah!*([getsu]) sound sometimes from people after seeing me. I hope they’ll stop doing that in front of me.

「N, you are alone?」

「Yes, since we’re short on members.」

「Is that so? Then wear this tag, alright.」

The tag is written as『C-1』. Since we’re number 3 in the preliminary round, does it mean that we are 1st in C group? After waiting for a while, it seems that the 8 teams have assembled.

Aside from my clan『MIMaker』, there are many teams with 5 members in them. For a while, I’ve been feeling many gazes directed at me. As expected, I’m getting a lot of attention because of the Bakabon incident huh?

「Hey, you’re Bryutzels right. I am from the 3rd year Sebuls Engelberg (セブルス・エンデルバーグ) , I know about your prowess, but I won’t lose, you know.」

「Christoph von Bryutzels desu. Nice to meet you」

It’s sudden desu ne. The other person named himself after all, and a senior, I have introduced myself as to not be rude, you know.

After that there were several seniors who introduced themselves, I suspect that they’re selling their face. (TN: please… it’s a parable, not literal meaning lol) Bryutzels Margrave is a large Noble house. After all, the Royal Magic Academy’s graduates have big expectations aside from the Royalty.

「Everyone has gathered, right? Before we start the task, I shall explain the rules. The spells that are allowed to be used are only up to intermediate level. There’s nothing to say in the case of injury but, a death means -500 points. 」

A male teacher explained the rule thoroughly in the briefing. This time, there’s a female teacher included. The teachers supply a magic circle with mana and deploy a barrier.

「Now then, 2nd preliminary of the C group’s battle royal shall commence. 『Begin!』」

With the explanation completed, the male teacher signals the start of the battle royal. The scattered students all began to cast or supply their spells with mana. The target is me.

The first students that activate their spells attack me. I deploy a high-density magic barrier and receive the spells. It seems that the students who ended casting their spells attack me repeatedly. I received the attacks of over 30 students, and my surroundings are filled full of smoke and explosion.

Well, in theory, it may be right to attack me who seems to be the strongest first, the theory is just a theory, please don’t do it so directly like that. If I was a normal student, I would be dead right here. If I die here, I wonder how the scoring would be? Everyone will get minus 500 points, won’t Carla and the other pass the 2nd preliminary then? Anyway, I don’t feel any damage at all.


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