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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 43



043 Clan War・Qualifier 3

ED: The Oscars were fun. Though, sad that the Japanese animated movie was as usual, not well appreciated by the Oscars’ Committee. (Puru)

Bullistic- I don’t bother with Oscars, not really interested in them anymore. Plus Suicide Squad getting an award seems absurd.
TN: I don’t watch Oscar~, not like the thing there had anything to do with me, after all~

Ah~ Please enjoy~


As the smoke from the explosion faded, I was standing there nonchalantly. The students didn’t try to conceal their impatient looks. Well in a battle of 30 vs 1 with the one who received the attacks stand there unscathed anyone that wasn’t stunned is the weird one. The senior who greeted me before too stood there stunned looking at me.

Now then, since it’s troublesome, I should get it done in one stroke. Eh, you want to lengthen the battle point of view? Do you mean, playing lazily and prolonging the battle? In case I prolong the battle and someone gets a lucky punch, who would want to take the responsibility? (TN: I won’t)(EN: Don’t look at us!)

In a Japanese manga and a novel scene, the battles I read seems long and roundabout but a real battle is over within a moment is what I think.

Eh, a chaotic battle scene is a good thing you say? Since I’m not a battle maniac I’ll go with safety first, okay. Because when you die you can’t regret anything after all. Of course, there will be times when the fighting force is antagonistic and the battle will be prolonged, I will not deny it on that point. Rather it’s inevitable.

I make my mana spread on the barrier that the teachers deployed. There’s no student who has yet to wake up from the shock of me surviving.

The magic that is useful in a time like this is the Thunder attribute spell ‘Stun’. Since ‘Stun’ is an intermediate magic, it’s not a breach of the rules to use it. However, the ‘Stun’ that’s commonly known is a spell that will paralyze a single target and make them impossible to act. I spread it in advance and let it spread extremely thin and allowed it to release extensively.(EN: Targeted AOE?)


*Bachitto(electrocuted)* kind of sound spreading along with「Uuu~」and 「Gu~~」kind of voice from the victim as they fell down. By the time I was aware of it, everyone had fallen down and the only ones standing are me and the teacher that presided as the judge. The ones that had fallen were either cramping with *piku x2* or stunned or even unconscious.

The silence continued as time flew by. Well, it only lasted for 10 or so seconds.

「Wi..Winner C-1・・・Clan『MIMaker』’s Christoph von Bryutzels・・・」

The battle royal ended in an instant left the teachers circle in confusion. The one who got the 1st place is me, while the rest collapsed at the same time.

「Mattaku(really)・・・there were no students that were able to disable 30 or so people at the same time up until now・・・or should I say as expected huh・・・」

I thought that I am getting praised but I did not kill them, I’ve not killed any of them you know!

「Since Bryutzels received the 1st place, team 『MI maker』will receive 500 points. All other teams will get・・・ 0 points.」

The teacher that informed all the other students that were still paralyzed atop the ground that they received 0 points had a bitter smile. There were 20 students who felt sick or had fainted and were brought to the medical nursing room and there were 10 others who received mild paralysis. Although those 10 were yet unable to stand, I will leave the rest of it to the teachers and go to cheer Carla and the others.

From the rear seats that had some spectators still in a stupor; I could feel killing intent from but I don’t know who it was. While walking, I found Chrysnans-anesama walking towards me. Since Chrysnans-anesama was from the student council, she had the “seeded team” privilege so they do not need to participate in the preliminary but they still needed to help the teachers managing the preliminary.

「Christoph, what about the battle royale?」

「It has finished. That’s why I’m thinking of cheering for everyone here.」

「・・・I will ask this first, you won right?」

「Yes, I’ve received full 500 points.」

「As I thought huh. I know that Christoph would surely win but, for Christoph to win this fast・・・I wanted to see it but I seem to be late. 」 (TN: Of course… It’s a damn instakill after all… poor enemy-tachi)

「I’m sorry, Chrysnans-anesama.」

「It’s alright. Sorry for stopping you. It’s alright to root for your teammates now.」

I feel that Chrysnans-anesama became more tired than the last time she called for me.
・・・Sorry, Chrysnans-anesama. (EN: I know you’re not sorry at all!)

Now then, I parted away from Chrysnans-anesama and headed to the arena where the Magic Circle trials were taking place. As my lone presence was revealed, the spectators on the ground start to become noisy and revive the teachers from their daze.

「Oi, Christoph, come here.」

Bloom-sensei, who was directing the task, called me from to the teachers seating area.

Carla seemed to do some gesture. She seems to be worried about my result so I give her a ‘V’ sign. (TN: In case anyone of you doesn’t know, it’s a Victory sign, with index and middle finger parting like a V alphabet)

「I heard about it from Jingu-sensei just now, the students seem to have been killed in a second eh?」

Bloom-sensei says with a small voice to not let other students hear it. However, I did not kill anyone okay !

「Since holding back and get them 1 by 1 is troublesome・・・」

It’s the truth you know! I feel that since the time I created the status card in the Great Temple, my mana has gone up without a break. That’s why for a simple spell like ‘Stun’, it would feel like an electrocution shock if it were to be used by a single individual. I’m not at the level where I could limit my mana in precisely yet. Perhaps, it could affect the hidden statuses that I hide or so, I think. I’m not sure but, but I don’t think it’s wrong.

Though I was already convinced by the time I shot the ‘fire lance’ at Bakabon in the duel.
The spell created was more powerful than the image I thought of, thus burning Bakabon’s ankle and made him handicapped. That’s why I used ‘Stun’ that should be for an individual on a group, so the attack power would diminish. That’s why in this battle royal the enemy is myself・・・ It’s a cheat that can’t hold back desu!

「I want to ask about how is it difficult to hold back when you insta-killed over 30 people but・・・ Is there a need for you to be taught by us teachers?」

「・・・Well?I wonder?」

About that, I too had no idea. If it’s about magic, then I have plenty of magic, but that would be sufficient for only magic・・・

What I lack now is the experience about common things, so if I want to learn through experience. It should be alright for me to became an adventurer, even though the Royal Magic Academy didn’t teach common sense, I should be able to learn that.

N?, I’m aware that I lack common sense. (EN: There’s a lot of “you know!” and it’s annoying.) After all, it’s only been 2 years since I came here, while a year and a half were spent in the mansion in Bryunhill (buryunhiru), and I was not allowed to leave the mansion. But now I’m allowed to, in the name of rehabilitation.

「hahaha, what an honest guy・・・」

Bloom-sensei looked at me with a tired face. Ah, I have learned a lot of significant things about magic item manufacturing you know! Although I’m not really learning many things about the Magic Circle, I learn a lot of important things about the material and refining method for the item. Those kind of things were the things that happened while I wait for the end of the Magic Circle creation task in the teachers seating area.

While waiting for the completion of the Magic Circle I kept receiving glares full of killing intent from the students but whatever.

「Christoph, what did you do?」

「What huh, I just released a ‘stun’ in the area.」

「・・・Just, you really~」

「It’s just as expected from Christoph huh, hahaha」

Peron-kun, what’s wrong with that dry laugh?

「More importantly, how’s the Magic Circle creation?」

「・・・We’ve done the best we could for now.」

「That’s right, no matter what the result, it’s the best of ours, for now.」

Carla and Clara said that they’ve done their best, while Pritz and Peron stay silent. I somehow feel that those two have done things wildly. You must have had a hard time huh・・・ I put my hands on Peron and Pritz shoulder and gave them a comforting look.

「「What’s wrong with you guys!」」

Full of vigor?・・・Lively?・・・ The energetic ladies protested at the discreet men, they probably wanted to protest about the dejected male circle. At 3 pm, the magic circle’s paper judging would be arranged, activated and judged. How would it be judged? It is the design, composition, and the originality. Each would be judged and would receive a total out of 300 points. When the paper activates, it receives points out of 200 for the results.

In addition to the points from the Magic Circle creation, we received 500 points. With this our 『MIMaker』 clan would pass the 2nd qualifier without the need to wait. After all, the only one who received points from the battle royal was me. Moreover, since we received 500 points from the fight, even if other teams received full points for the Magic Circle creation, even if『MImaker』 got 1 point without a doubt it would be on top of the leaderboard. Surely, there’s no way that they’ll get 0 points right?・・・ Or so I hope.


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