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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 91

091 Cloud of War


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Saint Orion’s nation is a major power that controls the southeast part of the central continent.

They’re a country of hyuman supremacists where there’re only hyuman as its citizens, and the demi hyuman of all races all called lesser hyuman. Where those lesser humans had no rights to live aside from being their slaves.

Furthermore, independent demi hyuman countries are deemed as pests that needed to eliminate.

It’s needless to say that their religion is Saint Orion religion, a religion where they worship the 7 great gods. In saint Orion, all religions other than theirs are evil, which is why they only had a religion in the country.

Their beginning god is still the god of creation, but she had a different built than the one I know. This god of creation had a bewitchingly nice body, a beautiful woman.

While their 7 great gods are gods that control each of the seven attributes which is water-fire-wind—earth-light-darkness-space, while it’s true that melinaard-sama was the god of space that’s had a bewitching body, her statue in the religion is an old man.

Heck, they only believed in the 7 great gods that were depicted as the 7 old man, and the other gods are deemed as evil gods.


In my research there’s no fact that saint Orion Religion had any connection towards their gods.

well・・・from what I know saint Orion religion is some unqualified religion, not only the god of creation, even the other gods aren’t involved in the creation.

Melinard-sama also gave the answer that it’s alright to crush them without worrying.


Evil god?

I don’t know any evil god, so who cares.

I also heard that there aren’t any strong evil gods involved from Melinard-sama.

Even if there’s one, since the opposite is the one started it’s alright to retaliate.

It’s bad to be belittled in the gods’ world.

Just kidding.


Still, there’s no end to a religious war in any worlds.

Although its common sense to worship a real god, being deceived by a false one is extremely dangerous.

For me I want to say, come and worship me.

Heck, it’d be great if either god of creation or Melinard-sama can crush Saint orion religion… is it too much trouble for them because they’re busy?

It seems that the god of creation laze around too much・・・







A piece of information from my father comes that saint Orion nation seems to prepare their knights, saint cross, and there are many indications that they’d start a war very soon.

On top of that, there’s a report of bandits’ crackdown occurring in the southern part of the saint Orion’s nation, and disturbing the country.


Then, the problem here is the Belm principality.

I don’t understand the reason why they sent their delegations at times like this.

I heard that the audience with the raccoon will be held soon, and there’s a decree that every main aristocrat to attend, which means, I as the count need to attend also.

I don’t like it, but I’ve got no choice.






His majesty’s (the raccoon) audience with Belm principality is about to begin.

I’m standing beside my father and wait for the delegation to come in.

In the audience room, the messenger just gave the raccoon a message sent by Grand duke Gallon of Belm principality.

The actual negotiation will start at the most basic level, where they’ll send messenger towards each other, which will take days or months for the negotiation to complete.

During the time his majesty (the raccoon) replied the message, the delegation will be detained at the guest house located near the royal castle.


「I, the delegation head of Belm principality Freres Delsi (フレーレス・デルシ) am thankful to be here, and given the time to meet your majesty and the lords」


The delegation seems to be the head of the principality.

The envoy seems to greet us with an overzealous overreaction with his gestures, and dropped his head.

He acts as he plays like an aristocrat, and I don’t like it.

Well, it doesn’t matter what’s my preference is.


「um, you’ve done great coming from far away」


It seems that it’s customary for his majesty (the raccoon) to not speak first, but letting the prime minister do that.

The first thing the delegation did was to boast about the things he did.

I wish for him to stop, till when will he continue to boast?

The time seems to pass meaninglessly during the audience.

By the time it was over my SP (sanity point) was less than half.


「what’s the delegation want to say in the end?」


「well, I don’t know・・・」


「did he only want to brag?」


Gale is the same as me, couldn’t understand the envoy’s behavior while Carla cut them apart, and throw them away.

Since the 2 of them are my knights, they follow me along as my aides in this audience (jokes).


At a later date, both the kingdom and principality will establish a consulate and start trading.

While the problem is, where’s the location of the kingdom’s contact will be.

Because the trade will be started provisionally, the point of contact should only be one for trial purposes.

However, because the location of the establishment will bring a huge amount of profit, it became a squabble.

Up until now, because the only port is in the eastern port of Alsum, the appearance of Eastwood’s port as the place the delegation came become another point to raise.

Although I was thinking to make the port as trading ways in the future, it doesn’t have to be the trading window of the principality.

Therefore, because of the reason above, I said that it’s okay to be Alsum, but my father insisted it to Eastwood. Because it was the first place the delegation landed, and an appropriate place to trade.

On the other hand, Count Britton of Alsum raise his achievement and didn’t give up.

Count Britton is an aristocrat from the noble party in the first place, which is why he didn’t want to give the position to father. It was unexpected that it became an internal dispute.


I think it was impossible but, is the reason the delegation appeared in Eastwood to lit this to happen?

I might think too much into it but, if it is so, won’t Saint Orion Nation be powerful enough to back this to happen.







Because of this event, my father and I will be back to our territory.

This is because my father, who’s the southern governor need to take command in Brynhild because of the Nation’s movement.

As for their trading window, it was decided to be Alsum, because I persuaded my father to do so.

If my thoughts were correct, it’d be the worse for Eastwood to become the window towards the trade with the principality.

We’d be focusing on our internal matter here, before focusing on the external one.


The reason why I came back this time is that I’m also a noble of the southern territory.

If there’s an attack from the Nation, the aristocrat would be obliged to dispatch the troops, however, because I’m a newly emerging one, there’s a lack for me.

A new noble basically had 5 years exempt because of their need to develop the territory.


There’s no need for the noble who had dispatched their troops to stand beside the troops, they can just send a substitute.

But, it’d be hard to subdue the nobles and their substitute with a substitute of my father. Unless they’re a relative that can act in the ground of southern general.

It’s okay to be represented by grandfather, or uncle Federacio, but it’s better if it’s big brother Jimnis since he’s father’s child, however, that’s impossible since he’s a royal guard and still in Royal Capital right now.

Of course, big brother Jimnis was prepared to resign from the royal capital to take over father’s position as margrave of Bryutzel, this time he was ordered by father to protect the royal family though.

So, I’m the only option for a substitute for my father.

We can’t bring big sister Elizabeth and Chrysnans on my father’s behalf as expected, so I’m the only option my father had.

Big brother Jimnis was assigned as a battalion commander this spring, by the way, which is the reason he can’t move easily.


Even though count Brutoise is exempted from sending the troops, I, as the son of Margrave Bryutzels still bound by the custom and needed to stand in the frontline.

Still, it’s bad if there’s no one coming from my house, so I intend to bring Levis and 100 elite soldiers.








Before going, I’m visiting Dorothy-sama.

Because officially, after going back to Eastwood I can’t return to the capital after several months.

Well, officially that is.


「please think of this as my replacement」


This line is like a farewell for life but I don’t intend to die.

I gave Dorothy-sama a rose-shaped brooch.


「・・・I pray for your safety towards the god of magic…」


「it’s not decided to be a war yet you know」


Dorothy-sama glance at me with complicated emotion.

She can’t say don’t go to war as a royal but it’s hard for her to send her fiancée off to war.

I think that expression came from the conflicted emotions she had.


「I’ll be back」


I took Dorothy-sama’s hand and firmly said so.

I enjoy my time with Dorothy for a while and return back to the mansion.


Before the mansion, there are the people that wanted to be hired lined up, and Gale was busy dealing with them.

Even though the war hasn’t been decided yet, they’re fast.

I’ll leave 2 days later, so they’re being desperate.






The return this time will be followed by my father, mother, and Ignatz.

My father persuading mother to stay in the Royal Capital, but from my point of view, Brynhild is safer than the Royal capital, as the security is more stringent than the latter since it’s the territory my father had, a place where one can be relived.

My father was thinking of if they’re being defeated.

Well, since he had a new weapon there’s no way he’d be defeated… maybe