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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 92

092 Be careful not to overwork


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「give me 3 of these carriages 」


I and my mother were astonished by the sudden remarks.

However, my mother seems to have the same idea as my father.


「once you rode this carriage you won’t ride the other one. Which is why I want to buy it as soon as possible」


「indeed. Christoph, I also want to ask you the same thing 」


This carriage was created by the development team of the firm, a prototype.

It’s a prototype that created using my created carriage as the base, and since it’s a prototype it was made without profit in mind as the cost already over 100 million.


「this is a prototype that cost nearly 300 million S to make. And currently, we are testing to make improvement for mass production, so, please wait for a while」


「mmm, I see・・・I’m sorry but, please make it the highest priority」


「of course」


My father looks very disappointed.

Well, because the carriage includes a recoilless suspension and space inside expanded for 10 people fully equipped with air conditioning and air purifying.

There’s also space where the nanny can feed Ignatz, and if you added them with the improved version of the magic bag and store precooked food along with chilled drinks, you can take them out and drink them anytime.

There’s also plenty of safety measure given to travelers.

It’s a spec that overturns the conventional concepts of a conventional carriage, yep. (TN: heck not even a car is that cool… and that’s a carriage, the heck man…)








We’re right on track and almost arrived at Brynhild.

Brynhild is a city created on the shore of lake Gimbal and the largest city in the southern part of the Kingdom.

This Gimbal lake is the largest lake within the Kingdom, and further, down the Kilpas river, there’s another lake named Zilpen.

The Kilpas river is a large river that passed through Zilpen and many other countries, passing Saint Orion Nation, and continues to the sea.

In addition, the navy of the Nation and The Kingdom had fought many battles on this Zilpen Lake many times before.

If the nation and kingdom were on good terms, this lake will be a great hub where trades going around, which is a disappointing situation.


It seems that my father expects the Nation will go through this lake again as well.

However, there’s a fortress near the lake named Zilpen Fortress, and the southern nobles of the Kingdom will focus their army in this place.


「then, I shall drop here」


「you need to be careful」


「Christoph, you need to come back soon」


「father and mother, please be safe」


Ignatz too.

Now, now, this brat.

You’re just too cute♪








After separating from my father, mother, and Ignatz I went to Felk Fortress.

The travel went smoothly without any assault from bandits.

The daily surveillance is strict enough to never again, a bandit will appear in my territory.

The previous Orion bandits was an irregular case that wipes their signs with the magic item, since they’ve been dealt with along with their magic item, the same plan and item won’t work again in my place.


Eastwood is bustling with the development rush.

The outermost wall, the place where the production site was, there’s an inspection which being conducted and everyone will be lined up before entered to keep an eye towards a suspicious individual where the merchant and traders were asked an introduction letter before entered.

I was able to get in and out without it because it’s my privilege as a ruler, at the same time, although the inspection will burden the traveler and merchants, it may hinder the future, so the inspection must also be improved.

Still, front the standpoint of protecting public order, strict security is not always a demerit, a way to do it can improve security.


「welcome back」


Peron said with a small smile in his exhausted expression.


「how was your trip? It must be a great one」


Ud’s face is so sickly I couldn’t believe it was him.


「the time was spent too much. As expected, we still need to implement that plan」


「 it’s possible to implement that plan but・・・」


「I know about it. I’ll tell father about it… anyway, what’ the progress of Eastwood’s development?」


After asking that, Peron laughs bitterly. But why Ud stared at me in the eyes?


「talking about works after returning? Well, that’s good. Well, it’s going according to a person’s ability, and a diligent lord is better than one that’s not in the citizens’ eyes」


「what a thorned mouth. What’s happening to you, Ud? 」


「there’s nothing wrong. Your loyal subordinates cut their sleeping time every day to contribute in the development of the city, and squeeze the time to have a meal. And there’s also 「that’s enough」… n, no. let me tell you more for the perfect example of a cruel fate!」


Ud was dissatisfied and included his sarcasm and while telling his busyness.


「I have a newborn daughter that just born and I can only meet her twice a month!I haven’t even met her in the past 10 days! 」


「aah, my bad, I’m sorry to Give Ud too much work」


It’s normal for him to be angry.

It’s because you’re so easy going I left too much job to you.

Peron seems to be quite exhausted too, and they need a break… however if I let these 2 people get their rest the work won’t progress…


「I do know it’s bad. That’s why I brought a human resource from the Royal Capital 」


With my permission, 3 men and a woman entered the office.

There’s no doubt that they’ve heard Ud’s voice from the outside and they laugh bitterly.


「I’ll put them under Ud. Introduce yourself」


When I ask them to introduce themselves, the smallest man opened his voice to introduce himself.


「my name is Bedmas. I’m excelled in finance――――――」


The others are a bear beastman Deliman, the slender Feynman, and Nikita the elf woman.


「I’ve scouted them in the Royal capital. Be better with this Ud」


「alright you guys, we need to go now! Come on! Work without sleeping replacing me!」


Those 4 looks so pitiful as if they’d be sucked dry by Ud.

Don’t look at me with those abandoned puppy eyes.

Do your best guys, if there’s a bone left I’ll gather them for you.

Peron also look at them with pity, but this will also make Peron’s job easier.

Federer and Levis came replacing such Ud.


「Ud’s eyes are gone・・・」


「he recently stayed here every day and didn’t seem to go home」


「Ud has left with his reliable subordinates. Then, what’s Federer and Levis come here for?」


「it’s impossible for a captain not to welcome the lord when he comes back, right? They’d think that I want to revolt or something」


「Did Major Levis also cut his sleeping time?」


「my lord. Major Levis is sleeping really well, and eat in time 」


「is that so, then the military department should already have calmed down right?  Commander Federer」


I and Federer glance at Levis.


「no, the military was also understaffed, so I want more human resources. Even though I take the responsibility as a commander, I stay up all night long for several days」


Levis’ eyes are swimming around.


「well, how could the assistant get enough sleep even though the commander having to stay all night long?」


Levis couldn’t withstand the pair of eyes and sweated a bucket while having a bad complexion.

That’s why the recruits will be trained by Levis, while Federer and his elites will cme with me to go to Brynhild.