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E Chapter 157: Newlyweds 2


“Isn’t this lesson excessive? Even if we are not physically injured, the pain of being hurt should be worse, correct?”

Rudeus groaned as he continued to experience pain, despite the fact that the lesson had concluded two days prior; the pain was still ingrained in his body. This is the disadvantage of the nonlethal method of life and death combat.

“Well, I don’t believe that, Master… It’s excellent that neither my allies nor my enemies were killed by my attack. Some may lose consciousness, but it’s all OK provided they’re not dead.”

“What the hell are you talking about, man? More than half of the students are desperately attempting to avoid the lesson. It’s unclear whether their failure was fortunate or not…”

“However, didn’t you remark that it’s fascinating to witness individuals who look down on one another cooperate for their survival?”

“My opinion has not changed, but it’s becoming worse by the day because the instructors are always switching… Not to mention, the teachers’ presences have become a burden that will drive pupils to return to despondency due to their inability to endure despite their teaching…”

“Oh well, it would be preferable to their death in the future, right?”

“it’s questionable whether the tragedy they predicted will occur, but you’re correct in that aspect… It would be preferable for them to be able to defend themselves and not perish instantaneously against masters like those.”

“Well, Ariel-sama also said that Claude is actually showing his prowess towards the royalty of the continent to not messing up with Arbalest, else, they won’t even know how would they die…”

As she carried the dishes to the table and placed them in front of Zanoba and Rudeus, Sylphy commented.

“Oh, what a delicious meal you’ve prepared, mistress!”  Zanoba commended.

“I see, it’s both a political campaign and a protection effort… Surely, there will be consequences for this, correct?”

“From what I’ve heard, various nations have attempted to cause trouble for Arbalest, including Asura. However, they are all wiped out by Claude’s counterattack or Mike’s trap.”

“Wow… What a mature way to conduct oneself… How could he ever consider doing them? Are they truly only a year older than we are?”

“Now that you mention it, the instructors that sparred with us previously are those who labor in Arbalest’s shadow. They are usually the ones that deliver threatening letters to anyone who oppose them, and since they can hide and appear from shadows, I cannot imagine anyone not being afraid of them.”

“Yeah… Based on my observations of their combat style, it appears they are also capable of shadow diving. Currently, I am unable to identify them in any manner; not even barrier magic can prevent them from hiding in the shadows.”

“Indeed, they are also skilled at copying humans and producing dummies. Their target can also be concealed behind the shadow, making it unlikely that anyone will notice them if they chose to be spies.”

“Ugh… What sort of monsters does that childhood friend of ours breed? The very thought of it gives me the chills.

“Well then, let’s stop thinking about that and eat, master! We must finish my figure drawing lesson!”

“Alright, fufufu, please enjoy your food”

“Thank you for the meal”


“Clauude! Come back here!”

Isolte immediately yelled as she ran after Claude carrying the food.

“Look, Isolte! Before offering them to your husband, shouldn’t you first sample them?”

“I’ve tasted it, and it’s delicious!”

“Ergo, make it more appetizing! It looks terrifying as hell!”

Even Claude, who had become accustomed to eating poisoned and uncooked flesh during his time in the unnamed prison, was frightened by the dish in Isolte’s hands.

“What do you mean by appetible? It looks as delicious as it tastes!”

Upon hearing this, Claude became paler and accelerated.

Running away from the approaching Isolte, he couldn’t help but feeling bad. However, the writhing tentacle and dark fume surrounding the plate made him feel fearful for no apparent reason, and he heeded his instinct to flee from the danger as soon as possible.

In a sense, Isolte’s taste may be warped by her vision, since something that appears inedible may be viewed as a delicious dish.

Claude didn’t know what went wrong, but for now, he doesn’t want to taste the dish and got himself poisoned for no reason.

As he successfully fled, he encountered Jino Britts.

“Oh, Cloud god, it’s nice to see you here. What’s make you come to Sword God’s practitioner area, a spar?”

“Oh, Jino… no, I’m running away from my wife, she just created another otherworldly dish…”

“Uh… that’s very incredible…”

When Jino recalled the day they visited their residence for an after-party, he recalled that Isolte’s food were both visually appealing and appetizing. Eris and his girlfriend Nina then enter the pantry.

They experimented with food till they discovered the tastiest foods they have ever tasted.

For them at least…

Out of their masterpiece, Sword God and Water God, who did not wish to reject their efforts, sampled them and complimented them at first; as a result, Jino and the others from the Dojos soon followed suit.

They collapsed one by one as a result of the food poisoning.

No one spared aside the Cloud god that refused to take any.

“I don’t understand her reasoning in giving me that unpalatable foods even though she knew that it had already killed both the Sword God and Water God! Her granny is the victim of her manipulations! Damn, she’s scarier now that we’re married!”

“Uh, my condolences…”

“You may feel superior now, but know that Nina may be the one to force-feed you those things after this!”

Jino became pale upon hearing this because he is terrified of the future.

“well, I need to defeat master Gal Farion first before marrying her though… hahaha” Jino said as he uncomfortably rubbed his cheek and giggled.

“Tell Nina to give Sword God the disgusting food, and he will give you Nina’s hand and marry you tomorrow… Believe me, it will work”


“Crap! Isolte’s here, gotta run now! See you later man” Claude said, as he once again running away from Isolte randomly.

Jino could only stare at the newlywed while scratching his head and wondering why he didn’t just leave Isolte alone and run away. It won’t be difficult for him…

‘well, I guess he don’t really want to run away from her and just want her to stop giving him the food huh…’



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