Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 72: Inauguration [2]

[Mike POV]   “With the authority given to me by the King, I, Sauros Boreas Greyrat, will appoint Mike of Arbalest to be a lesser noble of Asura.” Damn it, Sauros is smirking at me. What the hell was he planning to do! Falling for Claude’s coercion, I can only gave up and become a […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 71: Inauguration

[N POV]   “At last, we’ve arrived in Fittoa!” Rudeus said, as he stepped on the ground in the Fittoa region. As happy as he was, it can’t be helped that he’s started panicking inside. All that time, they wished to come back to the region. What they wanted to do was reach this place. […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 70: Six faced World

[N POV] When we talked about this world, you should know that the name of this world is the six-faced world. What’s the reason for this name? It is a fact that this world has six races. There’s a race that had a universal appearance, living as the weakest yet most resourceful race in the […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 69: A new destination

[N POV] After being decimated by the Dragon God, Ruijerd and Eris keep Rudeus beside them. Safeguarding him from further trouble Knowing that Claude wasn’t capable of thinking straightly at that time, they let him be and allowed him to take command or Arbalest members to return to Ars. At that time, Claude didn’t think […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 68: Orsted’s Decision

[Claude POV] The reminiscence is over, and Orsted is unaffected by the memory. Though surprised by the way I show him, he’s not surprised by the information. “Did things like this already happen in one of your loops?” I asked. Orsted nodded at my words and turned his back. “Can you tell me what’s happening […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 67: Memories [6]

[N POV] As old as he might be, Orsted was always filled with vengeance in his life. Never once did he feel the need to converse more than necessary, which is why he cherished the normal conversation Claude had with his friends at the point of the story. However, the time for that soon ends. […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 66: Memories [5]

[N POV] As Claude casts the spell, he also creates a magic circle on the ground. At that time, he forgot everything else but the magic circle. Creating it took time. Oddly, Orsted patiently waited for Claude to finish his magic circle. Orsted’s time-frame took a long time, but his creation brought awe towards Orsted. […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 65: Open Negotiation

[Claude POV] “Are you sure this is safe?” Ash whispered to me, while keeping his eyes on Orsted. How would I know? This is definitely not safe. which is why I asked the other to back off in the first place. Even so, cooperation with Orsted is vital, since he knows about the future better […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 64: Operation Start [2]

[Claude POV] This is scary; all of those things happened at once without my awareness. Even Isolte and Reida were stunned by the sudden event. What did they talk about? To think that Orsted would suddenly attack them without any notice and that Ruijerd would be defeated in a mere 3 moves? What kind of […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 63: Operation Start! [1]

[Claude POV] “Did everyone already get in place?” I asked the commander. “1400 Intermediate Swordsman and Mage, 400 Advanced Swordsman and Mage, 200 Dual Mastery Intermediate, and 50 Dual Mastery Advanced are already in place.” But, is this really necessary? Deploying all this personnel in the open will create a ruckus for the surrounding force. […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 62: Dragon God

[N POV] “So, who is this Dragon God that you’re wary of?” Ash asked while accompanying Claude in the information room. Continue reading the report. Claude didn’t answer him. He’s focused on the document in his hand, reading the report little by little. Even though he was ignored, Ash didn’t really mind it. He’s already […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 61: Shirone Branch

[Claude POV] The journey to Shirone from Milshion Kingdom usually took 3 months, and Rudeus took that much time on his journey. However, since I came along with Ash’s Charizard, We can reach the destination faster, with the longest being on a ship. There’s no way Charizard can carry four people on his back while […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 60: Turning Point

[N POV] K419, Fittoa Region’s capital, Roa. There’s a commotion in Arbalest HQ at this time. “What did you say?!” Mike is shouting at the report in his hand. “What kind of insanity is this regent trying to do? *uck! Sauros! What are you doing? “ Mike and Sauros have a good relationship, but they […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 59: Additional Memories

[Claude POV] Who is Alexander Cromwell? He is my physical fitness teacher, the person that was once known as the prodigy when he was 13 as he won an MMA world tournament. becoming an eternal champion at the age of 25, and the strongest weapon master at the age of 35. Having all those achievements, […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 58: Report

[N POV]   K419, in the meeting room of Arbalest Milshion Branch. At that moment, Claude received a report. “From our intel in Shirone Kingdom. Rudeus actually gets himself into trouble… “What?!” Paul shouted at the report. C was reading the report unhurriedly and only glanced at Paul without thinking much of him. While waiting […]