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E Chapter 155: Newlyweds

Every story must have a conclusion, but Claude never reached the one he desired. Nevertheless, he hoped that his romance would end happily ever after.

Following his victory over the sword god, Claude princess carried Isolte as he fled the scene.

Kuro and Bloody Kant chuckled at his figure fleeing, as Fred and Alex shook their heads.

Ash and Charizard laughed out loud upon seeing his form fleeing. While the other members of Arbalest wiped their foreheads in dread that Claude may cause havoc with his insanity after being prevented from spending a romantic evening with his wife.

There are some who were unable to attend this joyous event since the time schedule did not work in their favor. Like Paul and his team, people in Milshion, and Rudeus.

The fact that they had obligations that prevented them from attending demonstrates how urgent Claude and Isolte’s wedding is.

As someone who strongly believed that one should not have sexual relations before marriage, Claude always refrained from touching Isolte with lust. In the end, though, he is unable to wait until the dungeon manifestation has been eliminated before marrying his lover. Therefore, he took as much time as possible during this winter break in order to marry Isolte and become husband and wife before things became crazy.

The plan is to begin as soon as spring arrives. They will enter the labyrinth in where Zenith is confined and establish a relationship with the other realm.


These are the proper word for him.

The amount of required effort and instruction is considerable.

Not only did he need to prepare for an uncertain future, but he also needed to train the Arbalest’s elite.

However strong they may be, they has to be even stronger.

Ultimately, he developed an attachment to them and does not want them to perish.

As one of the reasons he shares his wisdom with the inhabitants of this hexahedral world, it is unseemly of him to expect anybody other than Arbalest members to perish. However, such is the human condition.

They had precedence over everything.

Once you had firmly grasped what you were holding, there was no doubt that people would follow you. When you open your heart to others, those individuals will enter it and vice versa.

“what the heck do they do in there? Already two days have passed, what about supper?”

“Is this what it means to be a physically robust adolescent?”

“Hell, won’t Isolte die if this continues for too long?”

“But, isn’t it too quiet?”

“Since Claude can utilize external mana to power the magic circle, we will not hear anything when he uses sound barrier.”

As people discuss the rare occurrence, they cannot help but fear that anything that occurs as a result of its rarity will be harmful.

Fearing for the safety of her grandchild, Reida smashed the door. Forcibly invading the room of the newlyweds.

“Claude! what the heck did you do to my granddaughter?!”

Reida yelled as she breached the barrier and entered the room.

As soon as the barrier was breached, those outside were able to hear the noise inside the chamber.

“No way! I desire a daughter after having a son; wouldn’t it be amazing if the older sibling took care of the younger sibling?”

Claude exclaimed in elation.

“Having a big sister who takes care of her brother is vastly superior to that!”

Their argument went for another 1 hour without even recognizing that Reida entered the room, and the people outside realize that these crazy couple hadn’t done the deed yet as they debating about the future.

They were astounded by the fact that Claude had actually consumed food and beverages without realizing it.

They doubt that this couple is even aware that they used the restroom while arguing…

This is yet another form of craziness…

“You have wonderful in-laws, Water God! Hahaha!”

Reida couldn’t help but smirk upon hearing the Sword God’s teasing.

Reida yelled at them while twisting their ears and lecturing them on what’s vital and what’s not, as she grew tired of their pointless conversation.


“Gyahahaha! That’s really ridiculous!” Kuro chuckled out loud as he listened to Ash’s narrative.

As the person in command of the situation on Begaritt, given that he and bloody kant are acting like a pair who does not wish to be disturbed. Based on the information they obtained, they decide to leave the party and returned to assist the Division G, Geologist’s team in their investigation of the labyrinth that trapped Zenith.

Since the impending tragedy would be intimately connected to the dungeon and labyrinth, it will be beneficial to have a greater understanding of it. Division G was formed to do study on the dungeon and labyrinth.


As Kuro laughed at the joke he was reading, he was stunned to learn that the teleportation gate had been opened.

“Oh, this is fantastic news…”

While adjusting her glasses, Kant scanned the map indicating the location of the teleportation gate.

She can only shake her shoulders as she issues an order to another Division of Arbalest to sterilize the place and construct a camp there, as the location is fairly distant and within the danger zone.

“Division K would be useful in this situation, correct?” Kant stated, requesting Kuro’s opinion.

“These Knights are specialized in defense; they may be sufficient on their own. But we must act quickly and establish the camp, thus it would be preferable if the Engineering Division assisted them in establishing the camp.”

“Acquired, when those from Division A who excelled in rear guard abilities joined the Division.” It would be difficult for them to be adaptable with their hands, but if Division R created technologies to aid them, it would be much easier to scour the area and establish a safe camp inside the surrounding area…”

Since it won’t be open to the public, we actually don’t need someone from C division.

Being done with dealing about the teleportation gate, they then read the situation about the Mysterious Minstrel.

Kuro could not shake the impression that something was off with the individual.


The clock’s hand turned while the man considered the familiar name.

He feels as though he should have known something about the name, but the information simply escaped his mind.

“Oh well, I’ll remember if it’s truly that significant”

The Time Miko decides to forget about it and simply leaves things alone. They were unaware that this clue will prove useful in the future…



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