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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 156: Their bloody training

E Chapter 156: Their bloody training


“Survive was all I ever asked of you. but, don’t survive out of other people’s lives!”

As he instructed the individuals in the arena, the instructor uttered the phrase.

Two months have passed since the last battle, and the university’s wizard has become more resilient than ever.

Each month, the instructor selected by the citizens of Arbalest will test the students. Clara did the majority of the selection, and this time the Division U members were selected.

“Cast the barrier more quickly! I’ve already killed you by stabbing you in the eyes!”

The Division U member who taught the children how to survive against assassins and similar threats stated this.

Having knowledge of something is not the same as experiencing it.

Being killed, or having the experience of being injured by an unexpected situation is incredibly valuable.

“They did their best to train us how to deal with them, isn’t it strange?”

Luke inquired as he waited for his turn.

“No, this is not even close to their maximum capacity. I assume these are Claude’s mentees who are capable of doing better.”

Rudeus responded while warming up and stretching.

After Rudeus and Sylphy began dating, his relationship with Luke grew closer than ever before.

Although they are relatives based on their ancestry. Not to add that Luke is a member of the Notos Greyrat family line from which Paul was disinherited. They do not have a close enough relationship to become intimate.

“Your father has probably taught you about the cloud god, correct?”

“Yes, he is being instructed after me. One may say that he is my junior disciple… However, he is so competent that he has already defeated his master without showing any mercy. In spite of the fact that I am his master, he defeated me in a fight of spells. This is why I dislike geniuses…”

Rudeus appears to be telling Luke what a monster Claude is, while insisting that he is a regular person.

Of course, Luke knows that Rudeus don’t have much talent in a weapon mastery. However, his talent in magic is second only to the Cloud god.

“You look down too much towards yourself, Rudeus. Well, that may be the reason why you can reach this level on your own…”

“I don’t think that I do though, oh, it’s our team’s turn. Let’s go!”

Rudeus took his years before reincarnated within the calculations. Never forgetting the gloomy days preceding his death, and the horrific experience of being abandoned by his parents and siblings, he was unable to reflect on his existence.

At this moment, he was attempting to forget those dark and tragic days.

Nonetheless, this by itself will hold him by the ankle and will likely choke him in the future.

To go forward, one must let go of the past; it is futile to attempt to forget destructive memories. Accept the error you made, and your life will once again progress.

As Rudeus and Luke’s team approached the arena, the onlookers became eager to see what kind of strategy they would employ and how the teachers would respond.

Rudeus and Luke each get a second chance to select their own team after achieving the highest score in the last simulated battle. Which prompted them to establish collaboration between their ages.

With Ariel as their strategist and members such as Rudeus, Zanoba, and Sylphy joining the team, the students in the arena have a dream team.

Not only is Zanoba a Miko of strength, but Claude’s actions during the previous mock exam allowed Zanoba to recognize the marvel of the weapons and consider a method for controlling his own strength. He can distinguish between strong and weak versions of his power output, despite his diminutive size.

Now, Zanoba can deal with enemies without having to kill them.

Although losing control against opponents weaker than him and having a single shot kill them is possible, it won’t happen to the instructors because they understand when to strike and when to defend.

Even the weakest instructor from Arbalest sent to Ranoa is easily able to overcome him. Even with all of his strength and a frenzy, Zanoba is unable to attack the instructor.

This demonstrates how courageous the people of Arbalest are and helped him realize how vast the globe is.

Although he still like Rudeus statues and action figures, he does not devote his complete attention to them. By exercising control over the creation of action figures, Zanoba began to comprehend how his power functioned. Thus, having a spar with the instructor from Arbalest allow him to receive feedback on how to improve his control.

Not only Zanoba, but also the other students recognize that support divisions, such as those from the herbology department, can be useful in combat.

Poison, medicinal herb, and even culinary herb can be utilized in numerous survival situations.

A boom of knowledge suddenly happened in the university.

Cooperating with one another and devising means to survive against the instructor from Arbalest enables them to discover previously unrealized methods. Not just the pupils, but also the instructors deployed to Ranoa learn from their interactions with the students.

Strategy, awareness of human psychology, and the capacity to assess the situation are essential while battling against a large number of opponents.

This is a position in which they will rarely find themselves.

Especially for the Undertaker’s Division, which specializes in assassinations, dealing with people who are already aware of them is more difficult than they anticipated.

Fighting against average students may not be a big deal for them, but Rudeus is a completely different story.

Although Rudeus is not as monstrous as Claude, his approach to completing the puzzle differs significantly from Claude’s.

In addition to the fact that his grade for spell mastery is higher than that of the instructors, his manner to dealing with them helps them recognize what they lack.

As the students learned from the professors, the converse also occurred.

Nevertheless, it’s not as though they fought one against many.

Having a team, even if Rudeus is individually stronger than them. As long as they battle together, they can still overcome him.

In the Arena of Ranoa University, an unrestrained battle occurred once again.

As the instructors dart in and out of the shadows, the students cast devastating spells on the environment.

Even outside the institution, the booming sound and trembling ground can be felt, but only after the encircling barrier has mitigated the effect; without it, the shockwaves would have already destroyed the spectator bench.

In a fight between 10 and 70, it should be easier for the later to overcome the former.

“Rudeus has successfully engaged all five of them! Fitts! Utilize light magic to eliminate the darkness! Luke, Zanoba, be ready to launch an assault as soon as the instructors emerge from the shadows! The opponent, prepare for an assault!”

Receiving their orders from Ariel, each individual readied their posture and prepared for their environment.

As Sylphy casts the magic, they squint and concentrate on their surroundings. Never would they have guessed that the other five instructors were not hiding in their shadows, but rather roaming through them. Without their knowledge, their teammates are slain from the inside.

The individuals were killed on the spot by a succession of fatal attacks.

Obviously, they only experience the discomfort that prevents them from moving. As this is simply a spar, nobody was killed. However, the pain they experienced is what they would anticipate in reality; it may be considerably worse.

“This attack did not maim or bleed us, but the pain… the pain is unbearable!”

Rudeus stated, when he was scratched by a poisoned blade, that it was fortunate that his healing spell could neutralize the poison. The least that his comrades can do while the anguish they feel continues to hit them is to cry out in agony and roll around on the ground.

Within a short time, the formerly seventy individuals were reduced to fewer than forty; five individuals are sufficient to eliminate half of them.

Cooperation between Zanoba and Fitts, however, thwarts this Instructors’ assault. While Luke consistently guarded Ariel from harm, she was safe.

As Ariel continued her order, the number of Instructors diminished, and eventually an arrow pierced her heart. Luke, resembling a porcupine, had already fallen before to Ariel’s demise. Ariel, groaning in anguish, submitted as she observed Luke’s demise.

Only Rudeus, Zanoba, and Fitts remain, surrounded by four teachers; even so, Rudeus and Fitts have exhausted their mana and can only look at Zanoba, who is doing his best to protect them.

“This is insanity, is this how war looks?”

Rudeus mumbled while gasping for air and clutching his arm in pain.

“I don’t know, but I doubt I can survive this battle by myself…” Sylphy look sad at the sight of her friend’s lifeless looks.

“Master, I can no longer hold on!” Zanoba yelled as he was stabbed in the leg, shoulder, and ribs while defending himself.

In the end they failed the mock exam, but succeed in defeating 6 instructors.

Well, unlike the others who were helpless and slain, you are able to defend yourself. Their team’s performance in this fight is impressive enough to impress the viewers.

Rudeus will receive the highest score, as he destroyed three of the teachers, followed by Zanoba and Fitts, who each defeated one instructor, and Ariel’s leadership, which held the other instructors in check and allowed the team to defeat one instructor.

In the end, this bloody lesson imbued within all of the student of how weak they are, and how scary the existence named as Arbalest is.



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