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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 154: Wedding Day

E Chapter 154: Wedding Day


“Now that the wedding is over, we will proceed to the ritual, and anyone can choose to engage in a fight with the bride or the groom!”

As instructed by the announcer, both male and female guests unsheathe their blades and request a dule from the bride and groom.

While the younger women chose to argue with the bride, the older women chose to confront the groom.

“That damn wedding ceremony will undoubtedly end my life; don’t they care about our first night? Or do they intend for me to fail the first night by doing this?”

Claude groaned as he took his card and called the equipment listed on it.

“Now, now, husband. It’s their farewell gift, so there’s no reason to complain.” Isolte smiled as she did the same, but her eyes were sharper as she glared at her unsuccessful rivals who attempted to steal her husband.

A week has passed since the agreement with Perugius, and the agreement with the ancestral hero has concluded successfully, and they have reaffirmed their agreement. Cooperation with the armored flying castle will create better situation in the future tragedy.

At the very least, he can use the teleportation gate to acquire knowledge. In the future, people may be able to make a teleportation gate for themselves, but it will not be as simple as creating a subspace.

The wedding preparations have been flawlessly handled, and the ceremony has been wonderfully cleared.

The wedding preparations alone took five days to complete, and on this final day, the couple will exchange vows and engage in dueling rites.

Something that the inhabitants of Arbalest invented for pleasure, as they too want to know if the bride is worthy of their master, or more specifically, the female admirers of Claude.

Isolte genuinely accepted them, and the inhabitants of the sword sanctuary were also interested in gauging the strength of the first Cloud God, as well as having a fight with him at least once.

Now that they have the opportunity, they will undoubtedly seize it.

“Hahaha! Now, take this!”

Emporio laughed as he launched a surprise strike while Claude engaged the other Sword Emperor.

“Fuck, old man! That’s cowardly!”

“Do not remove your gaze from me!”



“Daym! How dare you take master Claude’s hand and became the mistress first!”

“pardon me? He’s the one who proposed!”

“Urghhh! I assumed he was celibate all these time, so I wore provocative attire, just to be smacked by him! Even though I’m not his daughter, I get reprimanded whenever I wear that!”

The girl murmured as she thrust her fire-enchanted rapier towards Isolte.

Using her Water god technique, Isolte parried her opponent’s strike and took a step back before rapidly hitting the girl with her long sword.

“Make her so fatigued that she is unable to enjoy her first night with master! Girls, go and tire her out!”


As they continued to quarrel, the other guest could only shake their head.

“How could such a happy day turn into such a war?”

“Hahaha! Isn’t fun? Should our Sword God Dojo also provide similar courtesy to the newlyweds?”

“You can try, Sword God, if you wish to disgrace yourself and your son-in-law.”

“Hahaha! I seriously doubt that my son-in-law could be as monstrous as that Cloud God! Hahaha!”

Reida and the current God of the Sword, Gal Farion, had a talk that caused his daughter to tremble in horror when she looked at her best friend, Isolte, who battled like a beast.

“Hey, Eris, you claim to be familiar with that Cloud god, correct?”

“Yes, I recognize him. He’s Rudeus’s Village’s big brother and disciple.”

“Whoa… What sort of monster is he? To think that he can deal with 5 emperors that only weaker than God ranked…”

“I don’t know, but my Rudeus ought to be superior to him!”

Eris said with confidence, she knew the fact that Rudeus are weaker than Claude. but choose to believe that even Rudeus can be stronger than Claude when he put his mind on to it. Still, she desired to gain strength so she could return to his beloved Rudeus as quickly as possible.

Clara could not help but murmur, “Didn’t she realize that Rudeus believed she dumped him?”

“I believe she does not, and knowing how foolish Rudeus is, he must have slept with another woman. Like father, like son, they are both sexual deviants who enjoy touching women…”

Somar responded to Clara as he ate a grub and observed Claude’s suffering.

Charles at the side hummed and said, “It’s fortunate that he’s impotent, because Rudeus’ oily hand will cause trouble for master Claude if he’s walking around and hitting women like Paul. Eris must have been his angel in a sense”

“Hah! I wonder what he will look like when he realizes that he is the one who dumped the poor girl. I would really like to see that guilty expression”

“Calm down Clara, it’s not as if he will feel guilty after learning that. Well, I don’t think even Eris will be bothered by Zenith having a sister-wife.”

“Damn that Rudeus scoundrel…”

Charles exclaimed as he applauded Claude getting struck in the back of the head, while Somar continued to chew his food in annoyance.

“Now that you mention it, aren’t you his uncle?”

“Huh? That’s correct! Now that her aunt is my wife, he will certainly call me uncle… When we meet again, this uncle will take good care of his nephew,” Somar remarked with a wicked chuckle. He considers the embarrassed expression Rudeus will give him, as he dislikes both the father and son.” That also means that I am Paul’s brother-in-law, right? Crap, the title loses its appeal too quickly…”

Then he became depressed by himself.

Isolte’s duel ended in a pyrrhic victory as she held her hand high while gasping for air after abandoning the melancholy youngster. Perspiration flooded her body, and scratches were visible on her skin and wedding dress.

While, Claude still enjoying his fight with more Emperor entering the fray.

In the end, the Sword God, Gal Farion couldn’t stop the itch in his hand and entered the stadium after all of the enemy before Claude had been defeated.

“Fuck, damn old man! You eyed my beloved even though she your daughter age?!”

Claude yelled at the sword god.

“Heck no! I am just interested in your swordsmanship, not the woman!”

“Get out of here!”

“Say that after you’ve vanquished me!”

Thus another person tied Claude’s hands, disabling him from having a great first night with Isolte. Despite it being his wedding night…




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