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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 153: Mysterious Minstrel 2

E Chapter 153: Mysterious Minstrel 2


“Only the inhabitants of the Armoured Castle are aware on how to use teleportation gate. You know stuff that individuals in this planet did not know, and you even know the information that only my previous incarnations knew…”

Claude emphasizes his logic with his index finger.

“You cannot possibly be a normal human, Minstrel…”

The minstrel refused to answer any of his questions, merely shrugging and averting his gaze.

Perugius was equally curious in this, although he did not investigate the minstrel in depth.

The silence was finally broken by Lucas’s report.

“We’ve learned about them, master Claude. How do you intend to handle it?”

Claude turns his attention away from the minstrel and back to the castle master.

“Let’s now return to our main topic… Mister Hero, let’s have a discussion about this world’s bleak future…”


“That Claude guy is terrifying…”

The old man said as he along with the minstrel and the boy head to their given room.

Mud nod exaggeratedly at the old man’s words, an added “His mana are being eaten and eating something else all the time… what kind of thing is that?”

“Oya… as assumed of a Miko! What wonderful eyes you have!”  Lynn exclaimed while clapping enthusiastically.

“I can tell you the other thing eating and being eaten by his mana! Even though I do not know what you see, I do know a little bit about the other mana-like energy. It is called Ki, and it is produced by consuming the Mana in his body.”

Explained the Minstrel.

“Mana eating energy? Is this something else than Aura?”

“Well, according to his hypothesis, it is an energy formerly known as an aura. In contrast to how wizards use their mana, weapon masters imbue their weapons with aura. Then , how could the person that’s called failure as a mage became stronger than even one?”

“I see, that’s still another approach I had never considered…”

“What’s the matter, father? I cannot comprehend the significance…”

“So, what do you think of the individual accompanying us? Do you believe that he had that much mana?”

“I don’t see as much as mana as father had in his body…”

“You are correct, however, if your father and the man battled. Without a doubt, your father will be the one beaten,” remarked the elderly man without shame.

“Well, I’m already aware of it. But what gives him such strength?”

“Ugh… it’s their proficiency with their weapons and magic. As a dual, they can employ both their spell and their weapon in combat. They have the intelligence and strength to do feats that magicians and weapon masters are typically unable to accomplish.”

“In the past, weapon masters and sorcerers fought with obvious distinctions between their respective roles. Landscapes and the place of their attack are typically the most significant factors between battles. Normal people recognize that although mages excel at long-range attacks, weapon masters excel at close-quarters battle. While there are specialized experts on both sides who may mitigate their shortcomings, this standard is typically utilized to evaluate them. While there is also a rank for each practitioner, it is irrelevant…”

“Do you mean the Saint, King, Emperor, and God’s thingy they call?”

“Yes! I’ll explain later, but you should know that we mages have always believed that weapon masters use Mana as the fuel for their weapon powers, as did the weapon masters themselves. However, the theory of the Cloud God changed our perspective…”


“It’s because he succeed in creating a being that can use both Mana and Aura at the same time…”

“Huh? I don’t understand…”

Lynn instantly interrupted and informed the child. “Because in the past, nobody has held weapon masters in high regard. In contrast to mages, who must study mana channels, weapon masters only need to train. They don’t use their minds to develop their weapon skills, but rather their muscles!”

“Therefore, no one cares sufficiently about the weapon masters. To the point that they do not even comprehend how they utilized their weapon skills?”


“Therefore, the fact that the youngster discovered that humans possess a second external energy is a mind-boggling discovery that might spark intense research and bring in a new discovery in the future… a paradigm-shifting thought!”


“to think that a child in his teens can found out about this, even dragons of the ancient era would be astonished when they knew about this…”

“Clearly, this demonstrates how monstrous that child is…”

They quickly arrived to their room. As the door closed, the dialogue then concluded.

“However, my master is not as enigmatic as you. Minstrel…”

Lucas unexpectedly emerged from the shadows.

“What a terrible act, Undertaker. You sure like to eavesdrop people’s conversation…”

The abrupt presence of Lucas frightened both the old man and the child.

“You have neither mana nor Ki within you, but rather a concealed secret. No one knows about it, but the possibility that you are my master’s reincarnation is what makes us scared of you… However, once you choose to hide, no one can find you… Minstrel, what are you?”

Lynn didn’t answer anything but just smile, while the couple of father and kid just stare at them with oddness in their eyes.

They only recently realized the peculiarity of the minstrel, but that does not prevent them from remembering his assistance.

“I see that you have no intention of answering any of my questions. I also notice that you’ve got yourself a wonderful friend…”

“Well thank you”

“my master want to make a deal with you, care to hear about them?”

“Let them all out, tiger; I’ll listen to the deal before deciding”



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