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E Chapter 152: Sacrifice

God title holder.

People may be aware that those who possess the title are also regarded among the best.

However, there appears to be an error in the title’s interpretation.

Magician, Weapon master, technique user, and even smiths diversify their understanding into rank to make people have an easier understanding towards the mastery.

From beginner to advanced, this is a place where normal humans can succeed without the assistance of Mana and Ki.

After surpassing the limit of a mortal, you will reach a level where you will be given ethereal titles such as Saint, King, and Emperor.

What about God, then?

This is the rank of those who have surpassed the superhuman limit, a limit at which both humans and demons begin from the same place.

An unknown place where there’s no limit to their ceilings.

Those who successfully reach the realm as mortals are typically too elderly to keep their intelligence. Some may have seen their expertise decline over time, or even lose it entirely.

Different from the North style that used this rank as title of the master of the practice, the God rank is actually a turning point that makes people had differed understanding as they reached the pinnacle of what a mortal can do.

However, they must still study to better themselves and delve deeper into the knowledge that would allow them to advance in rank.

“It appears that ancient knowledge contains information regarding sacrifice summoning…” Perugius stated while placing the cup on the table.

“However, this is an old ceremony in which the practitioner would summon a sentient being from beyond our comprehension. An alien entity approaching this universe…

After receiving the information, Perugius tap on his forehead, as if he just received some information from something in his brain.

It is unknown what is truly occurring, but he suddenly grew quiet, suggesting that he has learned something.

“This is… I see…”

Perugius mumbled.

“Have you discovered something?”

The old man can’t help but getting anxious out of care towards the boy, it might be helpful if Perugius just had some information regarding this since the Mud can hopefully had a life like a normal kid had.

As if he understood something, Claude glanced at the boy with a look of wonder, as if he understood something.

“A Miko…” Claude abruptly said.

“Indeed” Perugius answered, and he continued.

“Sigh… Your parents’ decision to sacrifice a Miko is incredibly foolish… I can’t help but questioning, what they wanted to have so much that it is worthy enough to sacrifice a person that held an immeasurable power…”

“I assume the child is a Miko with the capacity to control mana, which explains why he can learn more about it than even the masters, without being taught,” As he continued Perugius’ words, Claude said.

“I believe so, as the devils have taken a fancy to him and can share his body parts as often as they want; I believe they are killing each other without realizing that the body parts and talent will return to the child after the death of his brethren.”

“A foolish act for a hungry scoundrel, indeed a template…”

“That is an undeniable fact. However, this is the first time a Miko of such a powerful element has truly appeared.”

“Has there never been one before?”

“Based on the Mana in his surrounding, they almost had the same weight as mine. But the density is astonishingly dense, even denser than mine…”

“Woah… Mana more powerful than even a dragon, and that’s not even an entire chunk.  This is seriously broken…”

The youngster is frightened by the amused expressions of Claude and Perugius, and he hides behind the old man since he cannot comprehend what the frightening adults are saying.

“Relax, relax, you bunch of sick freaks… explain it to us, so we can understand them” Lynn said, as he stopped Perugius and Claude conversation.

“Would you like a lengthy explanation or an abridged one?”

“The one that can makes me understand them”

“All right, castle master. Please…” Claude said as he offered Perugius his seat.

“A summoning typically requires a sacrifice. I’ve never heard of a living creature being utilized as a material for summoning. However, there are some who have attempted them and failed.” “It has already been indicated in the case file that summoning has occurred. Thus, the components of a baby’s living body were formerly referred to as demons. Which is fairly correct as a substance for summoning, but this is where it went wrong.”

A human bodily component is ineffective.

Or so Perugius said.

Even a baby’s or an adult’s body is of little value to these formless beings, as neither the exterior nor the senses of a live being possess anything worthy of being employed as a vessel.

They must materialize in order to exist in the material world.

The larger their vessel, the greater their might.

It’s a simple concept.

Obviously, the situation is different with Mana. A formless, flexible energy that could help them become anything they desired, provided they had sufficient quantities. Even if they want their greatest and perfect form, it is possible for them to achieve it.

Therefore, they competed for the Miko with the most potent mana.

“In a way, this is fate huh…” Claude said as he regarded the boy.

Having a clear knowledge of the type of tragedy one would experience if they gained power despite common sense…

“I cannot dispute that, despite the fact that a Miko is found once every generation on average. Most of them, almost all of them will have a tragedy on their life”

Even though Lucas did not say anything, he is aware of Milshion’s and Shirone’s Miko pasts, which cannot be described as happy. None of the Miko he knew had experienced a normal childhood.

“Well, youngster, we share the same fate. But we took a different route, and now that at least one of the mysteries has been solved, we may speculate on what is happening to your parents and what you would do if you knew them.”

Claude said, arms akimbo.

“Wait, we’re still in the dark regarding the brat’s parents and the location of the devil exploiting the boy’s body parts…”

Lynn suddenly interrupted.

“In fact, given the devil’s characteristic. It is not difficult to determine that the boy’s parents have been murdered, nor is it difficult to look for a suddenly disappearing fief within a few years of the boy’s birthdate. Hopefully, the old guy remembers the years when he discovered the boy…”

“Of course, I remember that!”

The old man then gave Claude the boy’s birthday.

“Okay, U, enquire C about the information…”

“Yes sir…”

“Let’s now return to the topic…” Claude seemed immediately solemn as he regarded the minstrel.

“Who are you?”


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