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E Chapter 151: Perugius

Armored Dragon King, Perugius Dola.

The hero that defeat and seal the Demon God, Laplace.

A Dragon species that came into being on the day the world was destroyed by the Human God, the descendent of the deceased Dragon ruler.

A God ranked Summoner, and a God ranked barrier master.

He was typically docile and only concerned himself with defeating the sealed Demon God Laplace.

To complete what he had previously failed to do, he wandered the continent until the day the seal became obsolete.

On a sunny day as usual, he traversed the land in his favorite mode of transportation, the flying castle.

But suddenly.

“My master! There is an attack!”

“What?! How could that be?”

“They have unexpectedly appeared, and we are currently attempting to capture them!”

“Okay, direct me to their positions. I’ll visit the location later…”



“This is bad, this is dreadful!”

The old man panicked as they approached the mysterious location he had only heard about in legends.

He never imagined that he would one day infiltrate the Armored flying castle via invasion, while Mud he hugged was smiling from the thrill of being pursued by golems.

“How could you possibly know the teleportation device’s activation code?”

Lucas yelled as he blocked a golem’s strike.

Tring, tring.

The Minstrel, who was strumming his instrument and smiling calmly as he evaded every attack directed at him, did not respond to his question.

“Now all that remains is to see the castle’s owner and ask him about the Devil!”

“how?!” The elderly guy inquired, and Mud responded.

“by being arrested!”

“NO!” Lynn denied.

“I am aware that you seek adrenaline, boy. However, it is possible to be thrown without having the opportunity to ask the question. For the time being, we can only search and find the owner ourselves!”

As they fled from the golems, they suddenly heard a huge explosion, followed by the sound of glass shattering.

“what is that?”  The elderly man screamed in alarm.

This mana aura is… Mud thickly seized the elderly man’s clothing as Lucas mumbled. Feeling dread at the chaos that is closing up on them.

“Hahaha! Arumanfi of the light, is this your best effort?”

They quickly heard the next voice.

“Oh my goodness, is that your boss?” Lynn stated to Lucas.



A person emerged from the damaged wall; inside the dust, they noticed a man wearing a mask imbedded in the wall in front of them.

As the sound of a person’s footsteps causes the mud to clatter, he slowly reveals himself, yet what others see differs from what the youngster witnessed.

A chaotic external force, distinct from what he normally observed.

Having two distinct powers within a single body could be interpreted as a yin-yang symbol, but it is not.

The boy observes two fierce snakes attempting to devour each other while battling to defeat the other.

A chaotic aura that repelled all attempts to obstruct them.

“What is that…”

Mud could not help but grumble at seeing the bizarre scene.

“Hmmm, Undertaker. What are you doing here?”

Claude asked as he observed the individual he never anticipated meeting.

“Woah! What a step forward! As predicted by your horrifying prophecy, Cloud King! You become more powerful each time I see you!”

“Minstrel? What the hell?”

Claude could not help but be perplexed by the sudden appearance of the Minstrel, whom they had been unable to locate despite using every available resource.

However, even before he could inquire. The castle’s owner appeared.

“Is it not impolite for you to ruin another’s residence, Cloud God?”

Some of Perugius’ elementals were stronger than Arumanfil, while others were weaker; nevertheless, Claude did not know the names of the elementals other than Arumanfi. However, he knew that they could not defeat him, especially with Lucas by his side.

“I am merely counterattacking his sudden murderous intent; it would be impolite of me to barge into other people’s homes. You don’t even have a bell for me to ring! Make it at least possible for me to knock on your door! ”

“I’ll heed your advise; since it’s impolite to let the guests waiting in the hallway… follow me, let’s proceed to another room.”


In the reception area, the five of them are seated on the sofa opposite Perugius. The entourage of the dragon king stands directly behind him, as did Lucas behind Claude.

Mud did not fear Claude’s aura because it became tamer after he stopped using them.

“Before our discussion, I suppose I never met you, Minstrel… so, how could you use the teleportation gate at the Strife zone?”

Perugius sudden remark astonish both Reida and Claude.

As Claude observed Lucas, the latter gave him a nod.

Despite the fact that one of the most important questions he wanted to ask Perugius had already been answered, he still needs Perugius’ permission to use the teleportation gate or study them.

“I just know, anyway… I will not respond even if you threaten me; let’s move on to the main matter. Don’t bother something small like those!”

The minstrel stated that he overlooked the fact that the teleportation gate is a personal gadget of Perugius.

Neither Claude nor the other responding towards the minstrel’s refusal to answer, since they already know he hid something none of them knew.

“Alright, we can go back to that matter later… Now, please explain your impolite intrusion inside my fortress, minstrel…”

Perugius stated as he poured himself a cup of tea and sipped it carefully while waiting for the minstrel to respond.

Lynn, Mud, and the elderly man had the same viewpoint as they looked at one another. Thus, the elderly guy assumed command and began to recount tales…

“Everything began several years ago…”

The old man tell his first time meeting the miraculous baby that can survive in the harsh environment, and even with his harsher condition. Observing the child’s development and providing ample opportunities for the child to lead a normal childhood.

Obviously, some doubt the child’s talent and even the old man’s stories.

“I see, given the information provided by the minstrel. You believe the boy’s parent used sacrifice magic to conjure the devil?”

While contemplating the old game and comics created by the great artist from Kuro’s homeland, Claude said.

“I can see where’s the minstrel assumption comes from, but, there’s no place that’s prosperous in the strife zone that suddenly appeared within these dozens of years or so…”

Claude said as he attempted to recall every bit of information he had previously read in the study.

“However, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the Devil’s summoning; does Summoning God have anything comparable?”

As the person with the highest rank in summoning magic, Claude inquired of Perugius who summons ancient spirits as his subordinate.

“It appears that I, too, am unaware of this, as none of the ancient spirits dealt with this type of devil… We had never encountered a summoned creature that used a child’s body as an anchor in this realm. However, this is an intriguing topic…”

Arumanfi suddenly appeared next to Perugius alongside an unknown spirit that no one in the room could identify.

Stepping back, the new spirit bends down and whispering something at Perugius.

“I see…”



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