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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 147: I need a ride

E Chapter 147: I need a ride

Claude used his wyvern to take a journey in the sky.

As he searches for the quickest route to his destination, there is no possibility that he cannot reach his objective as quickly as possible and return even faster.

Copying the words of Kuro.

This is the realm of magic!

After landing in Asura’s capital and picking up Reida reia, Claude could not help but desire to reach the location as quickly as possible.

“Be patient, boy,” said Reida as she observed the landscape from above.

Even though she has lived so long, this is her first time seeing the world from this perspective. Consequently, she appreciated the view more than even Claude, as Claude had seen numerous such sights in Kuro, Alex, and Fred’s past.

Despite its monotony, Claude enjoys the wind generated by the rides.

Nevertheless, he requires faster transit.

A single second is extremely significant in a conflict. Even if a disaster may strike out of nowhere, he had not yet uncovered other secrets of space magic.

Although he desired to dive deeper into the enigma, preparations for the impending disaster prevented him from doing so.

Both Arbalest and Under A’s hands are currently tied very firmly. Somar’s discovery of evidence of unlawful slavery in Millis reopened the conclusion to the Metastasis tragedy, which should have already been concluded.

This did not disprove the theory that more missing people are being held captive somewhere.

A case that should have been closed must be dredged out once more. Even Mike tries his hardest to use his connections to cope with the intellectual members of the Undertaker division.

“I observe that your folks are becoming increasingly disorderly, Claude”

Reida asked while seated behind Claude and appreciating the view.

“As expected from master, your eyes are still so sharp!”

“Clearly, age has only diminished my muscle mass. Not my brain mass”

“Is that right?”

“I have no idea what will occur in a decade or later, as I am not a hybrid like those North God’s people. Anyway, it’s not as if this elderly lady would be of much assistance, but you can still ask this grandmother-in-law for assistance, you know?”

“I appreciate the words, grandmother. However, my companions had already requested assistance from the dojos. Even the inhabitants of the Sword sanctuary were already aware of the situation; nevertheless, the information conveyed to you may be obstructed due to wedding preparations.”

“I see… so what’s the problem?”

“The victims of metastasis are… We’ve discovered a clue that may lead us to the missing individuals”

After saying that, Claude told Reida what was going on.

“Isn’t this getting a little too complicated?”

“I can’t say otherwise.”

“What was wrong with leaving them alone in the first place? You weren’t required to save them all.”

“I don’t know, but I think somewhere. It told me to save as many people as I could. It could be just me, but I usually trust my instincts, which have been honed by the experiences of my other selves.

“It’s great in a way, but don’t make my granddaughter a widow.”

“Trust me Grandma… I won’t”


With a nod, Reida put an end to the talk.

She already knew that her student was stubborn and that most of the time, his gut feelings were right.

Which means they can really count on it.

As they were flying happily, snow began to fall from the sky.

“It’s getting colder, Grandma. Are you all right?”

“Even though I’m old, I can still use Touki to keep the cold from getting through my skin. You should take better care of yourself and worry less about me.

“For sure”

As they enjoyed the tranquility, they moved from one territory to the next.

Normal people can’t picture what it would be like to fly on a wyvern that can go as fast as a commercial plane.

To get to the destination faster as the pilot. Claude uses all of his mana and Qi to wrap the wyvern in a spell that makes it more aerodynamic and speeds it up to half the speed of a jet.

Since Claude didn’t need to worry about the Water God, Reida reia as his passenger. Claude’s only worry is that his wyvern might get tired or that a random flying monster might block their path.

So, in order to keep the speed up, the pilot had to pay attention to both the air force around him and the obstacles.

Even though he was doing hard things, he still had some time to think of a way to improve Arbalest’s transportation.

It’s not like something bright will appear out of nowhere.


“Oh, that must be the castle of the Armored Dragon King. It’s the first time I’ve seen it so close up…”

Reida is amazed by the majestic way the flying castle flies slowly through the sky.

Reida was amazed when she saw the flying castle, but Claude had a different thought. Claude couldn’t help but mutter as he thought about the trivia and Wiki he learned from Kuro.




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