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E Chapter 146: Somar

[WARNING! Depiction of cruelty ahead, read at your own risk]


In the poorly lighted area, there are multiple bodies heaped on top of one another and a severely injured individual gathering on the side.

They gaze upon Somar with trepidation.

“This… what the hell is this?”

Somar exclaimed while squeezing his fist hard, his eyes reddened by the horrifying image he had just witnessed. He waited for a response from his subordinate while staring with hostility at the daughter of the Latreia household.


“Fucking hell! This is the estate of a religious aristocracy! How could they do anything so cruel!”

Somar yelled at her before calling his subordinate for the report and tending to the victim.

“Therese, it’s not that I wish to blame you for the misdeeds of others, but you know how powerful the Latreia family is in this kingdom. Not to add that this noble is under the leadership of the Latreia party; as the daughter of the Latreia household, you should be able to subdue them, even if they are from the faction of the Archbishop…”

“Somar, I…”

“No, I don’t want to hear your justifications… It’s been three years already! Consider them! The body below is already decomposing, and the odor is enough to drive us insane, let alone the victims! Based only on the undamaged bodies, there are already sixty people there! Not to mention those already shattered, do you comprehend the gravity of this sin?”

Therese could not help but glance down since she cannot speak.

Two years have passed since Under A and Milshion Kingdom collaborated; nevertheless, only Under A and Therese are currently working together. Under the direction of Miko, they are truly cooperating to find further Metastasis disaster survivors.

Initially, Therese observed a group of children attempting to portray themselves as heroes and searching for people in the slump and slave traders.

However, the longer she knew them, the more admiration she felt for them.

Somar is a child from the same village as Zenith and Paul, which first shocks her greatly. She even chuckled when Paul and Somar met; they were so awkward that Charles had to intervene for them to assist in the search for further survivors.

Due to the fact that Under A had a different command center than Arbalest, it is more difficult for her to connect with the nation. The unpleasant and dark tasks that should be performed by adults are being performed by children of the age of her nephew.

A sad sight to behold.

However, she believes she should assist. She continued to work with them and occasionally joined forces with the children to battle the faction of the Arc bishop who purchased slaves for their own needs. She overlooked that there are dissenting opinions even within the same faction. Thus, forgot to check on them.

“This is the result of my carelessness… I shall perform better from now on…”

“Nay, Therese… We do not need a better job. We have made every effort, yet something is missing… I’m sorry for my quick outburst, but I need to get home and discuss this problem with Charles.”

Therese felt better upon hearing the teen’s apology. However, she saw that the adolescent did not view her as a reliable person, and this hurt her a little.

Therese stayed to observe the horrifying scene as Somar departed.

After some time, she began to assist the others in counting the deceased beneath the stacked bodies.


“What are your thoughts, mother?”

Therese questioned her mother, the current leader of Latreia’s house. Regarding the status of the case she was currently handling.

One week after the previous event, she cannot help but be scared by the absurdity of the religious nation’s aristocrats.

Death after death and evil act after evil act actually transpired under her gaze. Even if she is only nominally a faction leader. She would never suspect that her followers harbored this dark secret.

Even her mother was unaware of this.

“Is this child from Paul’s hometown truly that remarkable?”

“In fact, mama, I believed he was dependent on Charles. However, he is directing the probe himself…”

“Are you certain he belongs to that Cloud God?”

“That… based on what we know, the Cloud deity is Paul’s former student.”

“That’s ludicrous; do you really expect me to think that Paul is tutoring a prodigy of that magnitude?”

“I have it directly from Charles himself…”

“I… sigh, even dung can promote the growth of a flower. I did not anticipate that the village Paul ran to would yield treasures. I cannot help but look down on the inhabitants of the Asura Kingdom. To ignore the skills right beneath their noses”

“It’s actually fortunate, mama…”

“Indeed, I cannot conceive of what the future might be like if that Silvertoad prime minister made those individuals his subordinates…”

Therese’s mother could not help but sigh and glance at her daughter as she considered this.

“what do you think about the child getting married?”


“You and the Somar youth.”

“I… Are you serious, Mother? He is a member of my nephew’s generation.”

“Do not worry, our religion merely forbids us to marry more than one person and a demis.  Not a younger individual”

“However, mother!”

“Therese… Although there are other ways to handle the situation, the most effective one for us is to establish a connection with a reliable individual. Charles would in no way oppose our matchmaking efforts. He has no true allegiance to the kingdom to begin with.”

Therese agrees with her mother’s explanation upon hearing it. Since Charles never blink at her in the first place, and based on the structure. Somar holds a higher position than even Charles.

Therese is bewildered by the thought that she must marry someone her nephew’s age.

“Therese, it’s not like you have a fiancée, and the lad is a very trustworthy individual. I highly doubt he would engage in an affair…”

“Are you sure about this, mother?”

“I may not, but it is vital to have a trustworthy person in this house. We may be too weak to command this faction, as too many maggots have infiltrated it.”

“However… will he even agree?”

“It would be simpler for him to accept the authority than to strive to usurp it or to raise it from the ground…”

“I’ll first discuss this with him”

She caressed her daughter’s hand while holding it.

“It’s okay, I think that young man will make a nice husband”





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