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E Chapter 145: Noble Mike

The present society’s youngest and most promising Noble.

Mike is the Noble people’s target since he is the only person who has a link to the Cloud God.

“I’m a hot potato! Oga! Do something!”

Mike yelled at the division A leader, A, Oga.

Mike instantly suggested, while the other individual merely smirked at him.

“Should I make you my heir? Do you not want to retire? Isn’t becoming a noble the ideal reward for someone who wants to retire?”

“Heck, how can you make becoming a noble as the best prize? Are you insane? I don’t want a succession problem or my children killing each other over title… Noble Mike, you can have the title on your own.”

“Dang, Oga… at the very least, assist me in keeping those hyenas off my radar.”

“Do you realize how many people will surround you if I don’t act as your bodyguards?”


“Would you rather have a female or male assassin?  I could give you some if you want them, and there are a variety of races to select from. Isn’t it hot to have a fit assassin in your bed?”

“Wow… that’s kinky.”

“Certainly, there are times when even they exhausted honey trap. However, some insane weirdos place poison on their nether region, so you must exercise caution…”

“I’m fine; you can have your own pleasure.”

“OK, Alright mate. It’s your loss.”

Mike sighed and resumed his paperwork. Throwing away the marriage proposal and placing a report or a notice on the table, or approving the suggestions offered to him.

He had a lot of tedious work stacking up on his desk; it didn’t take long for that to happen, but because he needed to examine the region every now and then, the paperwork couldn’t help but pile up.

“Dang Sauros, doesn’t he realize he has to do his fair amount of work?  How can he leave them to me? At the very least, go inspect them yourself…”

It’s been several years since Sauros train him as his successor.

Sauros, knowing how much the inhabitants of Arbalest despise being put in a difficult situation, never tells Mike.

He’s grooming the child without letting him understand the significance of what Sauros done for the young adult.

Sauros even proposed marrying Eris to Mike, but the young aristocrat flatly refused to take the lovers of his childhood pals.

Mike was irritated by the prospect of marrying Rudeus’ ex-girlfriend, and despite what happened with Somar, he resolved to avoid his childhood friend’s future bride.

“I truly need a wife to make these folks leave and stop proposing marriage to me.  I have more important things to do than go to a ridiculous tea party…”

“Well, there were lots of women in Arbalest. You only need to choose one.” “Oh, please… They are people who have been prepared by Claude to survive alone on a deserted island… I’m not interested in being henpecked.”

“You had a lot of requirements for a wife.”

“Who does not?”

“I don’t”

“Man, you should have a lot of expectations because your wife will be the mother of your children.  What if you chose at random and ended up with a conniving lady who tried to murder you and wanted your fortune?”

“How much fortune do I have? Heck. I don’t even have any money saved…”

“Oh, right… my mistake.”

Oga can readily forage in the woods for any requirement or make one himself. That’s how he used to do things, but now that he’s in the Arbalest, he doesn’t. He can just accept payment anytime he wants or eat at Mike’s house.

He didn’t need to worry about money as a captain of the guard in the mansion. As an example, if he wanted to eat, he could simply go to the kitchen, and if he needed new clothes, he could simply go to the armory.

He won’t be able to wear normal clothing because his training will require him to wear full armor.

“Can I be as liberated as you?”

“You could, but I doubt you’d want to.  Mike, you are innately greedy; as a genuine, gifted merchant, you cannot be satisfied with simply the necessities.”

“You’re correct… Okay, I’ll finish up my task. Having you here will cause my thoughts to wander; please leave the room…”

“sure, holler if there’s anyone suddenly barged in. I’ll head to the kitchen for some grub, want some?”

“No thanks…”

“Oh right, what’s the deal with Somar?”

“Leave him alone, this noble is still unmarried and doesn’t want to deal with love issues,” Mike remarked, waving his hand away at the dual.



After arriving at the location, he briefly adjusted his clothes before entering.

As soon as he was summoned, Mike took a step forward without a smile on his face. Following sending a delegation to Milshion, Mike had to deal with the matter few days after Claude’s first lecture on Ranoa.

“I wonder why the young noble of the Kingdom of Asura is here.”

Ask one of the meeting room’s leaders.

“Shouldn’t the mail arrive just before me?”

“Ah, are you referring to those? Who could ever trust such implausible fairy tales?”

As a leading nobility, the room was filled with ridicule. Even Charles, the current leader of Division C in Milshion, and Oga, who accompanied them, found their patronizing expressions infuriating. Typically, a teenager of his age would become enraged and run amok in the room.

Thankfully, Mike is not a typical adolescent.

With a grin on his face, he instructs his helper to hand each person in the room a basic piece of paper by pointing with his index finger.

There is written their deeds that are currently being probed by C, and Somar’s under A.

The deeds that should not be disseminated were merely dated and summarized, erasing their condescending expressions.

They cease reading the paper and merely gaze with fear at the adolescent in front of them, while a few cleaner ones look at Mike with curiosity.

“Amusingly, it appears that the council of a holy kingdom is not as holy as one might assume, huh?”

Mike took a seat in the middle of the room and looked down on them.

As though being judged personally, Mike crosses his leg and examines each individual. It causes his opponent to look elsewhere, and soon the room is filled with laughter.

The arc bishop who followed the saint chuckled hysterically as he surveyed the council.

“hahaha! a young alligator have come to visit us!”

He yelled loudly as he proclaimed his admiration for Mike.

“as expected, a dragon won’t be accompanied by a lizard! I see why that Cloud God appointed you as his right hand, how marvelous!”

“I’m embarrassed by such adulation”

“Don’t worry, it’s fantastic that such a young individual has so much skill. I’m excited to see what the future holds, but I’m scared that if you guys are sufficiently ambitious, even this kingdom will be devoured by you.”

Mike did not respond to the words, but he continues the conversation.

“similar to what is written in the letter. We, from Arbalest, would want to request collaboration, and as a noble from Asura, I would also like to extend an alliance with the inhabitants of the Millis continent” “would this unidentified disaster be considerably more deadly than the metastasis?”

“if it continues along the same course as what our Miko observes, it will” “Ho… so, milady. What are your thoughts?”

The Arc bishop suddenly asked the saintess, the Miko that can see lies. Even though she is the most powerful person in the kingdom, she cannot make decisions without the consent of the council and the Arc bishop.

“I believe that young Noble Mike’s statements were truthful, and I even sense a great conviction in his comments. I fear that if we do not prepare as soon as possible, we will be consumed by the aforementioned disaster.”

“Since the saintess had said so, the council should say nothing further. I shall rule that the alliance between the Holy Kingdoms of Milshion and Arbalest, as well as the ceasefire with the Kingdom of Asura, shall be approved!”


As soon as the sound of the hammer was heard, the cooperative talk was concluded.

Despite the fact that the decision was reached in a very short amount of time, the preparation for this brief meeting is more frenetic than one could anticipate.

“Oh yes, we also sent a wedding invitation.”

“Hoho, does the Cloud God intend to marry?”

“huh? No, it’s the union between the saintess’ guard from the Latreia manor and our officer…”

Yes, it is Somar and Rudeus’ aunt’s wedding.



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