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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 144: Merchant Mike

E Chapter 144: Merchant Mike

“What about the situation in the east?”

Mike couldn’t help but question Lucas Lumiere, the current leader of Division U, as he sat on his desk and read the paper in his office.

“We’ve dealt with the bastard on the east. There shouldn’t be anyone causing trouble there, and the surrounding land should be safe as well.”

“OK, thanks, Undertaker.”

“I’m merely doing my job.  I’ll take my leave now,” Lucas says as he bows and dives into the shadows.Mike  sighed and rubbed the bridge of his brow.

“That cretin, he devised the idea but threw all the unpleasant details at me?” “How can someone be that irresponsible?”

Mike grumbled as he remembered Claude asking him his opinion one day.

In terms of the impending disaster, they can try all sorts of simulations, but in the end. The issue will not improve simply because their Arbalest has become the strongest existence in the planet.

When an organization grows in strength, it may become a great existence, but for what purpose?

What can a strong group of people do when they stand alone, protecting the weak and sacrificing themselves?

It’s the same as attempting suicide.

Even if they wanted to, neither myself nor Claude would want them to.

Then what about leaving this world?

“Isn’t there still that Hitogami?”

Mike inquired of Claude, who nodded.


“However, does the creature try to get rid of us in the first place?”

Mike expresses his skepticism.

“Didn’t he already instruct that North God to kill me?”

“However, in the end. Isn’t that his only time doing it? It’s possible that he was merely trying to keep us from pushing towards our doom. Since, according to master Fred, a monopoly over a section of our state at the moment may be a time ticking bomb that would undoubtedly hit us in the back…”

“Now that you bring it up…”

“Well. Let’s just bite the bullet and step out of the shadows, and let our boys teach the children; I’d rather leak our knowledge than keep it and risk risking their lives…”

“I see your argument, but won’t that fatten up our adversaries?”

“Dude, having an adversary after the disaster is preferable to being annihilated during the disaster.”

“Okay, I’ll head to Ranoa with Clara then. You can handle the other matter, ciao.”

“Wait a minute!”

Mike never thought that after the conversation, Claude would suddenly vanish, leaving him alone to deal with the huge subject of constructing the connection and building the training center.

Mike finds it bitterly comfortable to centralize development from Asura Kingdom, preferring the Arbalest region.

Even yet, it doesn’t make his job any easier.

The greater his distance from his lands, the more dubious the people would become, not to mention the fact that there were more corrupt feudal lords than necessary during the medieval eras. The fact that giving oppressed people guns makes them fearful of what Mike is attempting to do.

Refusal after refusal came, and those kind of unscrupulous feudal lords did everything they could to prevent Mike from accomplishing his goal.

Mike, as the Fittoa regent’s right hand, is familiar with the inhabitants of the region.

However, dealing with individuals outside of the neighborhood is more difficult for him. Let alone those from other nations.

As a result, they devised a trap to entice those cretins out.

This is precisely Claude’s plan: gather them all at once, lock them up, and force the people to either ransom them or build a connection and govern those houses from the darkness.

This is a terrific alternative in and of itself, with less hassle in the future.

However, if they lack the necessary power to handle them, this type of approach would be difficult.

In Arbalest’s instance, there’s no need to consider the criterion because Claude alone could steamroll a noble home, and with more planning, even groups of Emperor grades practitioners can be easily beaten.

In retrospect, Claude may have planned to reveal the scenario to the whoie globe. But he’s simply waiting for Mike to bring it up so he can throw all the paperwork at him.

Mike is actually better at this type of thing than Claude, thanks to his merchant connections and mentality.

“Call C, and told him to pull some strings in our ghost merchant groups. This Merchant Mike will turn the world upside down and become a legend.”

Days passed and the situation improved as Claude steamrolled the Magic Triumverate and held the headmaster of the Ranoa Magic University prisoner, allowing Jinas to take over as headmaster and making the current C2 the vice headmaster through bribery from Arbalest’s hidden firm.

It’s not such a strange thing because, as a Magic King, she is truly deserving of the title.

Although she isn’t the best in Arbalest because she isn’t a dual, it’s not like she’s a combat-oriented person, and the fact that she’s from the C division will make her better than the people from the university when it comes to dealing with paper.

Although it is unneeded, an undercover worker is nevertheless hidden among the University’s staff and teaching professionals to cope with an unanticipated event.

While doing so, Mike will seek Fred’s advice whenever he suspects something.

“Master Fred, don’t you think this Merchant group did something shady, how should we dealt with them so that we can make the highest profit?”

“Oh, this is a fascinating case, so…”

Thus, their daily tasks are to boost profits and raise funds for both his domain and Arbalest.

For the time being, the capitalist shopkeeper’s screams can be ignored because they are simply unnecessary to be told.



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