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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 158: The Devil and The Miko

E Chapter 158: The Devil and The Miko


In the dimly lighted area, the walls are covered with carved data and information.

As the guy in the chamber stood alone and studied the accumulated statistics that were properly structured from beginning to end regarding the Miko of Mana who was still traveling with the Minstrel, he could not help but notice a vocal point that should have the information he desired.

I, the division head of the Intelligence Division, proudly stood in the investigation room containing all the material he desired, obtained from multiple sources in order to link all the possible deductions in order to locate what he desired.

“This, what’s happened to this area again? Why was no information available about this?”

He cannot help but mutter as he is unable to locate any information regarding the area he indicated on the map.

There should be a fief in the area close to Shirone and the Strife zone, where it has stood autonomously without interference from Shirone and the Strife zone.

A location where they intended to establish a second Strife Zone hub.

“Even if it’s unsuccessful, there should be information about them. How is it possible that there is absolutely nothing?”

“There is no knowledge about them, no survivors who came from there, no usable structures on the lands, and not even bodies or tombs have been discovered in that place.  This…”

“It is baffling because nothing remains of the structure that should be there. Is there some sort of magic at work here?”

He spoke to himself while searching for any information about them.


A distinct type of being distinct from the Demons of the Demon continent.

An immaterial being that being close yet distant to Spirits.

A mysterious being that abruptly emerged and then vanished without leaving any trace.

A knowledge that he didn’t have.

“Hahaha! Herein lies the clue! Undoubtedly, something remains from that location! Finally, I discovered the clue!”

Gregory, the head of the Intelligence Division, was delighted by the new information he deduced.

As he sat at the table and mumbled while staring at the wall, he quickly wiped the smile off his face.

“a power capable of erasing anything, including structures and memories… Finding this concealed danger before the Dungeon’s manifestation, eh… This is terrifying…”

As he contemplates what is best for them and how to handle the situation. Gregory snapped his finger, and a figure sprang out of his shadow.

“How may I assist you, Mr. Gregory?”

“You folks from Division U constantly terrify me whenever you make an appearance. Nonetheless, has master Claude responded to my message?”

“Yes, master Claude has authorized you to dispatch personnel from Division E to investigate the whereabouts of the missing territory.”

“Well, send another message to master Claude, it appears that the enemy are people that can use massive memory altering magic. By what I mean massive is, a world altering one…”


Claude and Clara gathered in Claude’s room in the Sword sanctuary residence to discuss the letter provided to them by Gregory.

Upon receiving Gregory’s message, Claude could not help but tremble as he glanced at the sky and contemplated how to handle this type of circumstance.

This is the first time he has ever heard the term ‘memory altering magic,’ but what he didn’t know about mysterious things is irrelevant.

Knowing the future and a different timeline than the one he was in is unfathomable in and of itself.

In addition, a god capable of destroying the world is present, and it is unknown what they are doing. They may constantly observe Claude, or they may not.

In the end, he has no control over the situation and can only develop countermeasures against the unknown…

“This operation is more perilous than I imagined; what strategy should we employ to handle the situation?”

As he asked Clara for her views, Claude stated.

Should we not first report this situation to the Minstrel?

“This adversary was irrelevant to him regardless of the circumstance. In this circumstance, the devils may have already assumed the personality of another individual without our knowledge. This problem must be handled with care…”

“A concealed foe that may be anyone… a world altering spell, what a scary name… is this something a god ranked mage can do?”

“I doubt it is a world-changing event, but the idea that it can effect everyone who knows about it is frightening enough. However, the knowledge that they can die and have the boy’s bodily parts returned is excellent information that the minstrel provided us with.”

Claude sighed and shook his head as he handed Clara letters containing the information he had prepared.

“Send the people to deliver this message to our allies; we do not want anyone from Arbalest or any allied country or area to be attacked from behind by those devils.”

“Understood, master…”

Clara declared as she exited the room.

“The situation is worse than we anticipated…”



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