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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 90

090 Bandit Extermination 3


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13 Bandits were apprehended, and 63 hostages were rescued.

Fortunately, no one was enslaved and was saved successfully.

However, a village has been exterminated by the bandits and 3 highly damaged.

Even further damages counted adding the caravans’ attack on the highway.


「my lord, thank you for the help」


A largely build man around the age of 40 thanked me as the representative of the saved citizens.

Following the large man, the others also bow their head.

Because of the bandits’ reason to make them either war slaves or sex slaves, most of them are either young women or healthy men.


「being held by those guys must be hard・・・ there’s some that lose their property and even those that lose their family, I’d help you guys as much possible・・・」


「・・・we are thankful for your consideration」


This is a fact, that none can deny.

There are haggardness and trauma that they can’t hide lies in their face, traumas that can’t be healed using any word of comfort.

When I watch these people, I don’t think I can leave the folly of those from the Saint Orion Nation anymore.


Leaving aside the bandits, the numbers of the protected people is too large, so we as Fort Felk for support.

It’s good to hide in the cave of the bandits for a while but, the captives had bad memories in here and asked to leave this place as soon as possible. So, we only waited until dawn, and move towards Fort Felk.

It was at 3 pm that we meet with the support unit from the Fort and joined with them, while half of them continue towards the bandits’ hideout the other half come back with us to the fort.


The mission of the team which went to the bandits’ hideout was to dispose the corpses and collect the supplies, including the gold.

Left unattended, the corpse will likely become a ghost, while the supplies will be returned to the victims asap.


Because there’s a carriage which was prepared for the people, we unexpectedly arrived on the 2nd day.

From here on out, I’d left it all on Wick.


「you don’t need to worry about the supplies. We’ll take care of them as long as you’re here. If you wish, we’d also give you accommodation in Eastwood because I believe many had lost their family. The choice is yours」


Wick is someone that works like a demon on the battlefield, but, he’s a man that can do clerical work as a manager.

Moreover, although he’s a sadist that forgives no one and murder on the spot towards his enemies on the battlefield, he’s someone which is extremely gentle in peace.

I never imagined something like that.


「of course, what’s about the bandits’ treatment?」


「 imprison them. Be careful that there’s Saint Orion Nation behind them」









Taking out the statues from the hideout in a room at Fort Felk.

Looking at the statue with Divine eyes, I can see the drawn magic circle within.

I can see what’s written there are concealments of mana and a certain amount of sound vibration.

I can’t believe that there’s a sound vibration type magic item in this world.

Moreover, it’s something advanced enough to deceive my radar.

I don’t think there’s anyone that can draw a magic circle this advanced, even if there’s one, I think that person must be a special kind.

The one who made this might be an earthling.

Since I was here, it wouldn’t be strange if there’s someone summoned or reincarnated here.

Still, there’s a possibility where the person isn’t joining Saint Orion religion out of his own conviction but forced, they might need to pay a certain price to do so.

The fact that the creator might be forced to obey the religion should be noted.


While I was busy studying the statue, the door was knocked and I allow the person to enter.

The person entered is Wick and a woman with a small stature, she was probably a dwarf.


「this person said she wishes to see my lord・・・」


She’s a strong woman that can drag Wick around.

Well, Wick’s only a demon on the battlefield, else, he’s just some gentle rugged old man.


「is that so, then who might you be?」


「I, I am Lilia. I’m one of the captives my lord saved in Bandits’ hideout」


I let Wick head back.

There’s only me, Lilia, and Fillia in the room.


「then, what’s Lilia-san wish to talk about?」


「yes・・・let me work under you, my lord」


Lilia put her hand in front of her chest and give me a hopeful gaze.


「working under me, can I know the reason?」


「yes・・・my family was killed by the bandits. In addition, I also heard that my village was wiped out. So, I had nowhere else to go・・・」


Although I sympathize with Lilia, it isn’t mean that I’d accept her.

Let’s check her ability first・・・OK, I accept you!


「it’s alright for me to accept Lilia but, being under me need serious training」


「th, thank you very much! I’m strong so I can do anything」


Lilia bowed to me many times while thanking me.


「Lilia will be Fillia’s subordinate for a while. I’ll leave you to grandfather in Royal capital for a while, so I’ll call him for an arrangement」


「I heartfully understand」


I leave Lilia to Fillia and asked Wick to give her a Private’s equipment.

However, since there’s none at Dwarf’s size, I decided to make one for Lilia.



Why’d I accept Lilia?

It’s because she had a gift called『Peerless swords saint (天下の剣聖)』.

A dwarf’s stature is unfortunately inferior to a hyuman but, this gift will make her easier to acquire swords skill, and her growth is even faster! It’s the best gift a swordsman can have.


But, what is it I wonder?

A Sage and swords saint isn’t it strange that both of the best gifts was born in the same generation as I did?

Furthermore, both of them had an unfortunately mismatched fate, this ・・・I feel that ・・・there’s something weird.

Would there be some hero or a dancer coming too